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2018 Retreat Openings!

Quilting with the Experts!
Pick a date and join us in 2018!

Whether you’re interested in fulfilling the retreat requirements to become a Certified Instructor, or just a fan of patterns and would love to experience a first class retreat with Judy Niemeyer and her teaching staff, there’s a retreat for you at our Quiltworx Training Center, located in Somers, Montana.


  • All retreats will now be exclusively operated through the Quiltworx Training Facility
  • We are excited to welcome Jennifer Eubank as our permanent On-Site Educator and Studio Manager, in collaboration with Judy!
  • Retreat offerings now include 3-day, 4-day, and 5-day events!
  • Rent the training center for your own private retreat with your closest sewing friends (whether there’s 2, or 10 of you…we have options)!  You can customize your event with options for food, teaching, and total number of days!
These retreats are open events, meaning you are free to bring any pattern to work on while attending your retreat.  Please take a look at the different retreats, what we have to offer in each, and get familiar with our policies on the Training Center web page. Read below for more information regarding the 2018 changes to Quiltworx Retreat Programs!



Many of you are aware that Quiltworx has operated two separate facilities for retreats in years past, one overlooking Flathead Lake south of Somers and one adjacent to the Warehouse and Sewing Studio just north of Somers.  It is now time to consolidate these two properties into one so we have time to bring other exciting teaching events to our fans and grow our company in new ways.  We have placed the Retreat House in Somers up for sale and in 2018, ALL of our events will be held at the Training Center, adjacent to the Quiltworx Warehouse! 

The Training Center is a state of the art retreat facility for 10 people (up to 11 with 1 off-site space available), including five bedrooms, each room with a well-appointed bathroom.  The facility is handicap accessible, all one level, and has an additional handicap accessible bathroom for your comfort, if needed! The facility has a full kitchen and dining area and a wonderful sewing studio designed by Judy with her students in mind.  Its location, immediately adjacent to the warehouse, gives retreaters full access to our entire pattern collection, notions, and whatever they need to have a wonderful week at their retreat! 


Another new feature this year, is the addition of an on-site Certified Instructor, Jennifer Eubank.  Jennifer is a native Alaskan that has affiliated herself with Quiltworx over the past four years out of sheer enthusiasm and spunk.  She has taught the entire Island of Kodiak, Alaska to quilt using Quiltworx methods and has spent her summers in Montana for three years, helping Judy teach workshops at the Retreat and Training Center.  She has recently retired from her career as a Special Education Teacher in Kodiak and has moved to Montana full-time!  In her off-time from teaching, she is the Studio Manager at Quiltworx, helping keep samples moving, fabric collections organized, quilts quilted, and meeting the needs across the quilting industry for Quiltworx products.  She is available for off-site booking during non-retreat weeks as well, and is also an integral part of providing training for Quiltworx University events for the foreseeable future!  We are thrilled to have Jennifer here and offer retreats where she is teaching independently and also with Judy throughout the year. 


In recent years, many of our attendees have asked for more options regarding the number of days for each event.  Often times, it is hard to get away from work or family for a full week and can also be a challenge to find enough vacation time for more than a day or two!  To answer these requests, you will see a range of retreat options available including 3-day, 4-day, and 5-day events.  All of these include food, and the instructors for each option will be listed in the retreat description.  And, Judy and Quiltworx Staff will provide a Trunk Show on the night of check-in, regardless of the retreat! 


We are also excited to announce that this year, the Training Center will be available for booking by any number of people for any amount of time during non-retreat weeks!  If it’s not booked, you can book it!  The cost is $125 a night.  If there is less than 6 in your group, we will keep the venue open for others to book available rooms during your stay.  For groups over 6, please see our Private Booking information.  Booking your own stay at the Training Center cannot be booked online, but a simple call to Quiltworx at 406-393-2646 will help you get started.  Check the calendar for openings before you call so you can be ready with your dates in mind!  These bookings will not include food, so make plans to bring or have transportation to get your own. 


All retreats include training center lodging and three meals a day, plus dinner on the night of check-in.  Extra nights and sewing machine rental are not included, but can be accommodated.  Some retreats (as noted) include a free sew day.  There are 10 onsite spaces and 1 off-site space available at each retreat (cost is less $175).  7% Boarding Tax (billed at time of check-out for the associated room fee for the event will be charged), and includes:

  • 3-Day event ~ TOTAL = $810+ applicable tax:
    • Programs Fee: $285 per student
      • 4 days of instruction from a Certified Instructor
      • A class limit of 11 students so you have lots of one on one time and attention
      • Trunk Show with Judy Niemeyer of current and upcoming projects (Night of check-in and before workshop starts)
      • A tour of Judy’s design studio/warehouse/training center
      • Quiltster training event
      • You will be able to work on the project of your choosing from any Quiltworx pattern (unless otherwise noted)
      • Shopping at local quilt shops will be on your own time
    • All meals are provided and the retreat is fully staffed with Quiltworx employees (7:30 a.m. to about 8 p.m. daily) to assist with all of your comfort needs ($150 value).
    • Lodging Fee:  $375.00 + 7% Boarding Tax.
  • 4-Day EVENT ~ TOTAL = $1,100 + applicable tax:
    • Programs Fee: $400 per student
      • 4 days of instruction from a Certified Instructor
      • A class limit of 11 students so you have lots of one on one time and attention
      • Trunk Show with Judy Niemeyer of current and upcoming projects (Night of check-in and before workshop starts)
      • Shopping at locally owned Certified Quilt Shops and take a tour of Judy’s design studio/warehouse/training center
      • Quiltster training event
      • You will be able to work on the project of your choosing from any Quiltworx pattern (unless otherwise noted)
    • All meals are provided and the retreat is fully staffed with Quiltworx employees (7:30 a.m. to about 8 p.m. daily) to assist with all of your comfort needs ($200 value).
    • Lodging Fee:  $500.00 + 7% Boarding Tax.
  • 5-Day Event ~ TOTAL = $1450 + applicable tax ($1500 for Judy, only):
    • Programs Fee: $575 ($625 for Judy, only) per student
      • 4 days of instruction from Judy and a Certified Instructor
      • A class limit of 11 students so you have lots of one on one time and attention
      • 1 free sew day
      • Trunk Show with Judy Niemeyer of current and upcoming projects (Night of check-in and before workshop starts)
      • Shopping at locally owned Certified Quilt Shops and take a tour of Judy’s design studio/warehouse/training center
      • Quiltster training event
      • You will be able to work on the project of your choosing from any Quiltworx pattern (unless otherwise noted)
    • All meals are provided and the retreat is fully staffed with Quiltworx employees (7:30 a.m. to about 8 p.m. daily) to assist with all of your comfort needs ($250 value).
    • Lodging Fee:  $625.00 + 7% Boarding Tax.


Just click on the highlighted retreat date below for the specific retreat you wish to attend.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at  Thank you and enjoy!!!


Click on the links below for more information and to sign up.  There are a limited number of off-site spaces available, so please contact us if you’re interested in an off-site space for a particular retreat.

  • January #1January 10 – January 14, 2018
    Jennifer Eubank
    Cost:  $810
    Check-in: 1/10/2018 at 3:00 p.m.
    Teaching Days: 1/11/2018 to 1/13/2018
    Check-out: 1/14/2018 at 11:00 a.m.
  • February #1February 8 – February 12, 2018
    Jennifer Eubank
    Cost:  $810
    Check-in: 2/8/2018
    Teaching Days:  2/9/2018 to 2/11/2018

    Check-out: 2/12/2018
  • March #1: March 8 – March 14, 2018
    Judy Niemeyer
    Cost:  $1500

    Check-in: 3/8/2018 
    at 3:00 p.m.
    Teaching: 3/9/2018 to 3/13/2018 – 4 days of teaching, 1 free sew day
    Check-out: 3/14/2018 at 11:00 a.m.
  • April #1:  April 12 – April 16, 2018
    Jennifer Eubank
    Cost:  $810

    Check-in: 4/12/2018 at 3:00 p.m.
    Teaching: 4/13/2018 to 4/15/2018
    Check-out: 4/16/2018 11:00 a.m.
  • April #2:  April 23 – April 29, 2018
    Judy Niemeyer & Jennifer Eubank
    Cost:  $1450

    Check-in: 4/23/2018
    Teaching: 4/24/2018 to 4/28/2018 – 4 days of teaching, 1 free sew day
    Check-out: 4/29/2018 11:00 a.m.
  • May #1:  May 30 – June 4, 2018
    Jennifer Eubank
    Cost:  $1100
    Check-in: 5/30/2018
     3:00 p.m.
    Teaching: 5/31/2018 to 6/3/2018
    Check-out: 6/4/2018 
    11:00 a.m.
  • June #2:  June 26 – July 2, 2018
    Jennifer Eubank
    Cost:  $1100
    Check-in: 6/26/2018
     3:00 p.m.
    Teaching: 6/27/2018 to 7/1/2018
    Check-out: 7/2/2018 
    11:00 a.m.
  • July #1:  July 9 – July 15, 2018
    Judy Niemeyer & Jennifer Eubank
    Cost:  $1450

    Check-in: 7/9/2018 3:00 p.m.
    Teaching: 7/10/2018 to 7/14/2018 – 4 days of teaching, 1 free sew day
    Check-out: 7/15/2018 11:00 a.m.
  • August #1:  August 5 – August 11, 2018
    Judy Niemeyer & Jennifer Eubank
    Cost:  $1450

    Check-in: 8/5/2018 3:00 p.m.
    Teaching: 8/6/2018 to 8/10/2018 – 4 days of teaching, 1 free sew day
    Check-out: 8/11/2018 11:00 a.m.

What's New in June!

New Patterns Hot Off the Press!

These patterns are now available for purchase on our website, and the fabric lines are available in a quilt shop near you!  There will also be digitized quilting designs available in the near future.

Many of these patterns are also being prepared for the Quiltster App which was launched last fall! Quiltster is an incredible fabric auditioning software that allows you to pick and choose fabrics before you spend money.  Look for the Quiltster Compatible logo on the patterns below, and click the quilt images or links to learn more about each pattern, find replacement papers, see samples made by and others, find kitting information, and purchase the pattern!

Wholesale purchases are available to those approved with a wholesale account. Visit our wholesale page to order (minimum purchase of 3 and advance approval of wholesale account is required).

Diamond Wedding Star

It’s here!  The most popular pattern featured at Spring Quilt Market, the Diamond Wedding Star is 96″ x 99″ and is Strip Set Compatible.  It’s made from a collection of fabrics designed by Judy and Judel Niemeyer with Timeless Treasures called the Tonga Strip Heirloom Collection.  This collection includes six groups of eight 2-1/2″ strips of fabrics sorted from lights to darks.   The pattern also is compatible with the Diamond Wedding Ring Creative Grids Template set, making trimming and assembly steps needed for this design a breeze!

Autumn Pines

Autumn Pines at 46″ x 46″ is a wonderful smaller quilt using a similar block to the Diamond Wedding Star and is perfect for introducing two of Judy’s techniques, foundation paper piecing and foundation strip piecing to new and experienced quilters alike.  This pattern is also compatible with the Diamond Wedding Ring Creative Grids Template set. The featured fabric collection is Antique Garage, designed by Judy and Judel Niemeyer, with Timeless Treasures. For alternative colorways, created in Quiltster and using an array of fabrics from the Antique Garage Collection, check out the pattern page.

 Flowers for my Wedding Ring

The Flowers for My Wedding Ring (87″ x 100) has been a staple of our foundation paper piecing designs since the late 1990’s.  The pattern has been through various updates through the years. The most recent includes the incorporation of the Quiltworx 2-1/2″ Strip Set, addition of smart corners to the foundation papers, reformatted instructions that incorporate hints on using the Creative Grids Wedding Ring Templates, and updates to the applique technique.  Check out the article, “Laser Cut Applique” (below) for more information about our newest laser cut applique stabilizer product, the Flowers for my Wedding Ring Quiltworx Impressions. The pattern comes with enough applique stabilizer pieces to complete one full corner of applique or a variety of other corner options shown in the pattern. An additional applique package will need to be purchased separately to complete both corners with applique as shown on the cover sheet.

 Twinkle Star

The Twinkle Star was designed by Judy and Bradley Niemeyer for paper piecing. The pattern includes three distinct groups to create a 38” x 38” quilt.  A lone star center makes up Group A, a series of 7-1/2” blocks nestled in each corner of the lone star makes Group B, and a border squares off the quilt as Group C.  The pattern uses basic paper piecing techniques that can be applied to many of our lone star projects.  This is a great introductory pattern for learning how our lone star quilts are made in a small project that can be completed very quickly.  The quilt featured on the cover showcases fabrics from the Antique Garage Collection designed by Judy and Judel Niemeyer with Timeless Treasures.

 Fractured Paint Box

The Fractured Paint Box has been part of the Quiltworx pattern family for almost 5 years. It was designed as a beginner pattern to introduce quilters to paper piecing and showcase the 48 piece 2-1/2” strip packages that Quiltworx has been creating for several years now. The project is fast, uses only one foundation block, employs simple cutting techniques, and is an affordable and fun way to jump into your first paper piecing project! It is meant to make those new to the process find confidence, understanding, and success!  The cover sheet features quilts created using the Heirloom Strip Set by Timeless Treasures.



Quiltworx has teamed up with Cut Loose Press™ to bring shops introductory paper-piecing block project patterns.

The six projects below are designed for 1-day workshops. Each project uses a Cut Loose Press™ pattern and a Quiltworx Charm Element set of papers. Quiltworx plans to continue the program for several years by releasing new designs and teaching blocks annually. Start developing a new generation of quilters versed in advanced quilting techniques using paper where the limits of the imagination are truly infinite!

Click on the images below to find the patterns and related products necessary to complete each project.  These products can be purchased individually or bundled together.  Fabrics are not included.

Candy Cane Cabin
50″ x 65″ • Fabrics:  Forever Collection

This pattern requires:

Candy Cane Cabin Cut Loose PressTM  Pattern Charm Elements Pack #16

49″ x 71″ • Fabrics:  Antique Garage Collection

This pattern requires:

Clockworx Cut Loose PressTM  Pattern Charm Elements Pack #20

60″ x 66″ • Fabrics:  Antique Garage Collection

This pattern requires:

Labyrinth Cut Loose PressTM Pattern
(2) Charm Elements Pack #19 Stained Glass Window
44″ x 57″ • Fabrics:  Forever Collection

This pattern requires: Stained Glass Window Cut Loose PressTM  Pattern Charm Elements Pack #15

40″ x 40″ • Fabrics:  Cactus Mini Collection

This pattern requires:

Waterwheel Cut Loose PressTM  Pattern Charm Elements Pack #18 & #19

Wicker Basket
52″ x 40″
 • Fabrics:  Heirloom Collection Strip Set

This pattern requires:

Wicker Basket Cut Loose PressTM Pattern Charm Elements Pack #17
Creative Grids® 12″ Wave Ruler


To see the Creative Grids® 12″ Wave Ruler in action, check out this short video featuring Judy Niemeyer as she demonstrates its versatility in adding a quick curve to any traditional or paper-pieced block.



It’s been on Judy’s wish list for a long time now…ever since we started designing custom applique for our quilt patterns, actually.  This past Spring, we finally took the plunge and bought our own laser cutter!!!!   It’s now up and running as you can see by the photo above which shows Alice overseeing the production of the applique for our newest pattern update, Flowers for my Wedding Ring.

The applique kits are a turn under applique stabilizer product called Stitch-N-Peel by Bosal, and are designed in such a way that during the machine cutting process, little tabs are left in place which keep the applique neat and organized on the sheet until you cut them apart with a few simple snips.

So far we’ve designed applique for the Flowers for my Wedding Ring pattern.  Each pattern comes with enough applique to make two small corners, one large corner, or four small corners as shown below.  The cover sheet of the pattern features a version with two large corners of applique.  For both corners, the purchase of an additional set of applique (which is available for purchase individually in packages with enough applique to create the second corner) is required.  

Last but not least, the Flowers for my Wedding Ring applique is also compatible with our Diamond Wedding Ring pattern, and we’ve showcased a couple of options for that below as well.


 (Applique included with pattern.)

 (Applique included with pattern.)

 (Applique included with pattern.)

(Requires an additional package of applique.)


 (One package of applique.)

 (One package of applique.)

We’re really excited to put on our creative hats and explore some of the endless possibilities now available to us with our new laser-cutter machine!  Look for lots of new and fun applique designs for some of your favorite quilts and the new patterns coming soon!



New Award Winning Quilts!

The new Award Winning Quilts Album is up on Facebook! Congratulations to the winners, including Stephanie Parks and her Weeping Willow artistically featured above!

If you have an award winning quilt made from a pattern designed by, send a picture to and we will award you a $10.00 gift certificate when the publish our next newsletter!

Judel's Birthday & Memorial Day Sale!


Before we talk about the fun of Judel’s birthday, Quiltworx wishes to take a moment and extend a heartfelt thank you to those whom have left us during service for our country and the family members they have left behind.  We are proud to be an American company with American products and American employees, many of us that have had or have family currently serving in the armed forces.  The protection, security and successes that our country enjoys because of those who have died in service is simply something that can never be repaid.  

Thank you.


Judel turns 41 on May 30th!  To celebrate, we are transferring the tradition of Judy’s Birthday Sale to Judel!  We would like you to enjoy 41% off of the following patterns, all created from our Seasonal Portraits fabric collection.  

Starts Friday, May 26th at noon (MDT)
through Tuesday, May 30th at noon (MDT)!

Click on the images below to be taken to the Pattern Purchase Page. 

To purchase the pattern at the sale price once the sale begins, simply click on the button on each pattern page that says “add to cart“.

Lumina Feathered Star
Originally $81.00

Qty: 75

Winter Wonderland
Originally $25.50

Qty: 50

Seasonal Gatherings
Table Topper

Originally $25.50

Qty: 50

Promise Ring & Charm Elements Pack #14
Originally $12.50
Qty: 10
(Doesn’t include Creative Grids Diamond Wedding Ring Ruler which is required for this pattern.)

Rocky Mountain Bear Claw Table Runner & Pillow
Originally $25.50

Cactus Flower
Table Runners

Originally $28.00

Cozy Cabin Comforts &
Geese Migrations Book

Originally $18.50
Qty: 25

Maple Leaf Flurries
Originally $21.50

Prickly Pinecones Tree Skirt
Originally $34.00

Summer Solstice
Originally $30.00

Leaf Series

Originally $21.00

Celestial Snowfall
Originally $44.50

Looking for fabrics from this collection? 

There are definitely still fabrics available in these collections from shops across the US!  Don’t be afraid to contact your favorite Certified Shop to see what they still have available!  The shops listed below have let us know they still have fabrics on their shelves and would be happy to help you with kitting any of the patterns you might purchase as a part of our sale!

Quilting by the Bay
Wish Upon A Quilt

Want to try the fabrics out in Quiltster?  

Many of the patterns in our sale are available for you to test colorways in Quiltster!  The Seasonal Portaits Fabric Collection is also available for you to use! Check out the following layouts in Quiltster to plan your perfect Seasonal Portraits Colorway.  Subscription is required

  • Celestial Snowfall (Click on the Snowfall Mixer to find the Template for Celestial Snowfall)
  • Maple Leaf Flurries
  • Summer Solstice
  • Cactus Flower Table Runner
  • Prickly Pinecones


Some quantities are limited to what is currently in stock. When applicable, the available quantity is listed below the pattern.  Many of these designs may be off the market for a brief period, so don’t delay! 

Shipping Information

  • All U.S. orders will be shipped Priority Mail. Shipping prices will start at $8.15 and go up from there or UPS, if chosen.
  • All Canadian Postage will start at $25.45 and go up from there.
  • All other Foreign orders will start at $35.45 and go up from there.

Due to the number of orders we process during a sale, we will not be notifying everyone of their shipping charges before we process their orders.  By placing your order, you are agreeing to pay the necessary shipping charges, as outlined above.

Quiltster Updates Have Arrived!

Quiltster’s new searchfilter and favoriting features will help you build the fabric stash of your dreams!   The Fabric Stash features make choosing fabrics for your quilts easier and more efficient than ever before! 

What’s New?

  1. SEARCH Fabric Swatches by Color, SKU, Fabric Company, and more!
  2. Save your FAVORITE fabric swatches to be used for later!
  3. Find drop down menus in the Fabric Stash to filter fabrics by Company and Collection!  
  4. Mouse over a fabric swatch in the block editor to see SKU information!
  5. View yardage by Fabric AND by Block!
  6. Find yardage information in Inches AND yards!
  7. Additional speed and performance improvements have been added!
  8. New fabric collections include:
    • Tula Pink ~ Tabby Road
    • Blossom Batiks ~ Geodes
    • Blossom Batiks ~ Valley


New Patterns and Digitized Designs Available

Hot off the press!

These patterns are now available for purchase on our website, and the fabric lines are available in a quilt shop near you!  There will also be digitized quilting designs available in the near future.

Many of these patterns are also being prepared for the Quiltster App which was launched last fall! Quiltster is an incredible fabric auditioning software that allows you to pick and choose fabrics before you spend money.  Look for the Quiltster Compatible logo on the patterns below, and click the quilt images or links to learn more about each pattern, find replacement papers, see samples made by and others, find kitting information, and purchase the pattern!

Wholesale purchases are available to those approved with a wholesale account. Visit our wholesale page to order (minimum purchase of 3 and advance approval of wholesale account is required).

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden was designed by Judy and Brad Niemeyer as part of the Sunrise Mixer series. It includes three distinct groups to create an 80” x 80” quilt. A circular center sits in the middle of the quilt with a diameter of 62”. A 4” wide ring surrounds the center for a total increased diameter of 70”. Then, a border is added to square the quilt off at 80”.

The pattern teaches many of Judy’s latest techniques for paper piecing and is fully compatible with Quiltster, meaning that you can find the layout in Quiltster and work with the program to develop your own colorway if you like. The A, B, and C groups can also be mixed and matched with other group designs in the Sunrise Mixer series to make a quilt that is truly unique to you!

Quiltster is available on a monthly or annual subscription basis.  You can learn more about it at

The sample above was made from the Shiny Objects fabric collection by Flaurie and Finch with RJR Fabrics.

 Caribbean Starfish

The Caribbean Starfish pattern is part of the Congo Star Mixer Series, which was designed to bring a new look to a pattern that Quiltworx has sold for years called the Amazon Star. The Caribbean Starfish uses a similar layout, slightly smaller than the original. In addition, it incorporates a series of units meant to portray a tropical starfish. This pattern incorporates all of Quiltworx’s latest techniques as well. It is a breeze to put together, easy to modify, and can also be colored in Quiltster before you create the final project!

 Sunsations Magnolia

Sunsations Magnolia was designed by Judy and Brad Niemeyer as part of the Sunrise Mixer series. Like Butterfly Garden above, it includes the three distinct groups (center, ring, border) to create an 80” x 80” quilt.  But look how different they look with the different mix of blocks for each group…the possibilities are endless!

This sample was done in beautifully bright Anthology Fabrics.

 Vintage Compass

Judy and Brad Niemeyer designed the Vintage Compass layout, instructions, and foundation papers for the Vintage Compass.  This pattern is a wonderful example of a beginner pattern building off the outside compass unit in the Mariner’s Compass Pattern.  We highly recommend this pattern for both beginners and instructional workshops. 

Three NEW Digital Quilt Designs – Now Available!

Do you have a Lakeshore Hosta Wall quilt or a Lily Pond ready to be quilted? Well it just so happens that they’re the newest additions to our digital quilting library!  You’ll love these rich, beautiful, heirloom-quality designs that drop in effortlessly.

Most can be purchased as a complete package or in individual units, and are compatible with most commercial machines that can read quilting design files. Refer to the QUILT DESIGN web pages below for details.

Lakeshore Hosta 
Designed and digitized by

Dimension:  74″ x 74″



Lakeshore Hosta Queen
Designed and digitized by

Dimension:  100″ x 100″



Lily Pond
Designed and digitized by

Dimension:  100″ x 100″



Quiltweek, here we come! and Hancock’s of Paducah have partnered to bring a special exhibit to Quiltweek in Paducah, KY!

Stop by Hancock’s of Paducah to view a collection of quilts by Judy Niemeyer and others using her designs and her most recent fabric collection, the sophisticated, classic, and timeless, Forever Collection.  Parts of the exhibit will also be on display at the Hotel 1857, if you’re in the area. 

Stop by Hancock’s of Paducah and meet Judel Niemeyer on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, April 26th-28th,  for a host of fun related activities!

Purchase Judy and Judel’s latest book, Redesigned: In Red, White, & Black!  All the books have been shipped to Paducah, signed by Judy, and Judel will be on hand to sign in person!

Attend presentations by Judel Niemeyer at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. each day where she will talk about the Forever fabric collection, their inspiration, the quilts showcased, and also demonstrate the powerful new quilt planning tool called Quiltster! Not only does Quiltster include many of the designs you will see at Hancock’s, but also includes all of the fabrics from Judy and Judel’s latest collections, Forever, Rosè, Passion Fruit, among others!

View a sneak peek of new designs and fabric collections to be released by over the coming year!

See, in person, many of the quilts created using Judy’s fabric collections, Rosè, Passion Fruit, and Forever!

Purchase kits or shop for fabrics for any of the Quiltworx projects on display, and more!

View and purchase a kit for the EXCLUSIVE Hancock’s of Paducah mixer pattern by, called the Snowfall Mixer!  This pattern has been remastered in the Rosè batik collection for a STUNNING presentation!

We are honored to share with you the outstanding efforts set forth by not only Judy and her staff, but also by many of Judy’s Certified Instructors who graciously made a number of Judy’s patterns in her new collections just for this Special Exhibit and Event!

The collection comprises over 30 designs in red, white, and black, alone. Nearly every quilt showcased in the Redesigned book will be on display, in person. These quilts have been quilted and pieced by award winning, innovative quilters across the quilting industry.

To learn more about these instructors and the quilts they’ve made, visit the Quiltweek 2017 web page on

Can’t make it to Paducah, but still want to see this wonderful exhibit of quilts? Tune into the Quiltworx Facebook Page and watch for posts for upcoming live feed of the fun! Follow Judel through Paducah during the week and be sure to visit the Hancock’s of Paducah website where you will have the chance to purchase many of the kits that will be available throughout the show!

Be sure to sign up for alerts on the show from Hancock of Paducah as well!

Pampered Quilting with Jackie & Eileen @ MISA



Check your calendars, because Jackie Kunkel and Eileen Urbanek are teaming up to teach all four of’s Technique of the Month Patterns at one of the most beautiful quilting venues in the country!

Please join us 06/05/17 to 06/09/17!

Instructor Showcase

An instructional workshop with Jackie and Eileen is an experience that no quilter should miss.  Not only will you receive an intimate teaching experience with two quilters that live, breath, and love the quilting industry, you’ll also receive some of the highest quality and experienced instruction in the industry. Certified Instructors are specially trained over a 2 year period by Judy to share her quilting tips and techniques at the thousands of teaching events across the country each year.  Instructors attend regular continuing education workshops and are experts on how these patterns are designed, written, and created.  In the last 4 months combined, Jackie and Eileen have taught a total of 80 days, reaching over 450 students, primarily in the southwestern United States.  We are excited to bring these talented instructors to the upper mid-west!

Jackie Kunkel is truly a powerhouse in the quilting industry. She runs her own online business called Canton Village Quilt Works, has her own line of patterns, she is a book writer, a fabric designer for Island Batik, and a quilter whose passion for advancing the art is endless. Her energy and smile are infectious, her enthusiasm for her student’s success is heartwarming, and her service, both volunteer and as an instructor to the quilting industry, are refreshing. She is creative, hard-working, and visionary. As a quilter, she is definitely a trend-setter and her workshops leave quilters seeking her out and traveling nationally to take in more. Her teaching resume is extensive including workshop at most major quilt shows across the US. You can find her hopping from one end of the country to the other, and as a Certified Instructor, she reaches hundreds of students each year. She maintains a blog on her website, is an active podcaster, and is a Craftsy Instructor with two classes introducing students to beginner techniques including paper-piecing a simple block and sewing curved seams. She has been a Certified Instructor since 2012 and has taught Quiltworx patterns in the New England area well before that. She now resides in the Phoenix, AZ area and teaches and travels throughout the United States.

Eileen Urbanek originally began taking classes with Judy Niemeyer in the early 2000s when Judy began regularly visiting Quilt Country, in Dallas, TX. She and Judy immediately hit it off because Judy noticed her speed, her focus, and the ease with which she understood the process.

When Quiltworx started the Certified Instructor program, Judy immediately thought of Eileen. She became Certified as an Instructor as part of our original group of Instructors in 2010 and hasn’t looked back.

She teaches primarily in Texas and has truly taught East Texas to paper-piece. Her demand is so great that she has actively pursued help from her dedicated students, many of whom have gone on to join the Certified Instructor program themselves.

She also teaches regularly in surrounding states, at national quilting events and shows, and has replaced Judy, along with one other Certified Instructor, at Empty Spools, which is a nationally recognized retreat held several weeks each year in Monterey, California. Her classes are a sell out and students return every year.

Madeline Island:  A Quilter’s Retreat Destination that Shines

Combining this level of quilting experience with a retreat center that specializes in your comfort and fulfilling your every need, will leave you hoping this retreat never ends!  Madeline Island has truly created a retreat experience that should fall on any quilter’s bucket list.  Located on a picturesque Island in Lake Superior, it is quiet, peaceful, beautiful, and comfortable.  The staff is there to pamper you, the food is well thought out, the venue leaves you feeling like you just spent a week making memories on the family farm, and the friendships are long-lasting.  

An unlimited cookie jar and beverage station is available in the quilting room, which receives lots of natural light and has top notch quilting station accommodations.  Every student has an individual table, sewing machines are available (even the machines are ones recommended by Judy!) or bring your own, and enough pressing stations, cutting stations, and hanging walls are available to support up to 60 quilters. With a much smaller class size than that, you will have plenty of space to spread out and stay focused on completing your project.  The sleeping rooms and accommodations are comfortable, private, and easily accessible. 

The Projects:

The projects for the workshop will leave you with an heirloom quilt that everyone will adore.  The Technique of the Month patterns are designed to teach students all aspects of sewing a top in an extended workshop. You will learn nearly every technique Judy uses in her patterns during this workshop, which you can then take home and quickly pick up and complete your next quilt pattern from  These designs have become classics in the quilting industry and all of them are in the Top 10 Quilt Patterns of all time for  These are the perfect projects for your Quiltworx-centric getaway, allowing you to leave with the knowledge you need to not only finish the quilt project you started, but to continue on and expand your portfolio in the future. 

Queen: 96″ x 96″ •  Wall: 74″ x 74″
Queen: 97″ x 97″ •  Wall: 76″ x 76″
Queen: 90″ x 90″ •  Wall: 60″ x 60″
Queen: 98″ x 98″ •  Wall: 69″ x 69″

Please join us 06/05/17 to 06/09/17!

We hope you join us for this event.  It is not often to have two Instructors of this caliber instructing in an intimate classroom, paired with a venue dedicated to your every whim in a unique location such as Madeline Island.


We hope to see you there!

Introducing our Newest Certified Shops!

Our Certified Shops are our lifeline to consumers.  At first glance, our quilts often seem too hard and even intimidating, but given the right instruction and support, even first-time quilters have completed our beautiful quilt tops quickly. And that’s where our Certified Shops come in…

Since 2010, has been committed to buidling relationships with quilt shops who are dedicated to teaching, selling, and kitting our products.  Since then, we’ve certified over 97 shops across the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe!   We are thrilled and humbled by the interest in bringing our products to cities all over the world, and are committed to supporting shops and quilters who’ve become addicted to paper-piecing the Quiltworx way.  

Please join us in welcoming our newly certified quilt shops that completed training in March. Click on the links below to view more information about each shop.

Batiks PlusSt. Louis, MO • 800-756-1223

BATIKS PLUS is a fun Mother/Son shop in St. Louis, MO.  Originally an exclusive resource for Hoffman Batiks, still warehousing over 7000 different HOFFMAN Bali Batik fabrics in stock and online, we have recently expanded to incorporate many other popular fabric collections, including Island Batiks, Timeless Treasures, Free Spirit, Benartex, and more! We are committed to stocking the complete line including every 1895 Bali Handpaint Mottle and every HOFFMAN 885 Bali Dot. Labeled generous cuts of fabrics have made our kits famous. After 14 years online, our warehouse is now open to the general public.  We are excited to offer BERNINA machines and proud to be a CERTIFIED JUDY NIEMEYER SHOP. Come and visit or call us!


Park Bench Quilt Shop • Midland, MI • 989-832-5722

With over 20 years of quilting and friendship behind them, owners Patty and Ann opened Park Bench Quilt Shop in 2010 and we haven’t looked back since!  They hope to create a fun, enjoyable atmosphere to share their love of quilting, beautiful fabrics and knowledge of their craft.  The PBQS environment is all about the fun, creativity and friendship that quilting brings.  Each day is a new adventure in the world of fabric and thread and they wouldn’t have it any other way!


Quilt Basket • Pawling, NY • 845-227-7606

The Quilt Basket is a full service quilt shop that opened for business locally in 1989 and online in 1996. We proudly feature over 4000 bolts of high quality, 100% cotton fabrics, a large selection of books and patterns, and notions for every quilting need. We are devoted to serving both our local and Internet customers with the latest, finest quality quilting fabric, notions, books and supplies. We are also sewing machine and longarm quilting machine dealers. Among the many achievements that make us unique, we are most proud of our own patterns. Our creations have already been featured in multiple national quilt magazines and we continue to create dynamic designs that will fit any home decor. Three years ago we began packing our fabric lines into “CUTIE” Collections. We are the home of the CUTIES!


Sew Many Things • Clinton Township, MI

Sew Many Things opened its doors in the Fall of 2010 as a school of sewing.  The school moved into a new building in March of 2011 and added a small selection of fabric to support the classes being taught. Soon quilters came in asking for quilt fabric, so in order to satisfy them we added several lines of quilt fabric. We soon outgrew the space we expanded two more times to a 1700 square foot space. Some of that space was used to create a spacious classroom.  We added a new partner in the Spring of 2015. With over 15 years of quilting experience, Patti brought a wealth of quilting knowledge and expertise into the partnership. We, at Sew Many Things Sewing Center, are excited to bring Judy Niemeyer’s Foundation Paper Piecing Techniques to Michigan!


Stitch n’ Snip • Garden Valley, ID • 208-462-4602

Fulfilling a life-long dream Rena Hastings founded Stitch n’Snip in October, 2004.  Nestled in the scenic mountains of Idaho, Rena transformed the store into a wonderland of fabric, creating a cozy shop that soon became a main staple for quilters in Garden Valley and beyond, inspiring people to drive long distances for the Stitch n’ Snip experience.  Any one of her customers will tell you that she has a heart of gold. She pours all that she has in to her shop and encourages students to improve their skills by guiding and uplifting them. Seeing the joy and accomplishment of their customers, makes it worth all the work and effort. To provide a great atmosphere that quilters can feel at home and learn new things is what drives them to excel.

If you’re a quilter looking for a quilt shop that supports everything Quiltworx in your area, from patterns to fabrics to notions to classes…click here to find the Certified Shops nearest you!  All of our Certified Shops have online stores as well, so even if there isn’t a shop in your area, you have convenient resources for anything you need.

Stay tuned as we feature our other
Certified Shops in future newsletters!

If you’re a quilt shop and would like to bring the addiction to your location by becoming a Certified Shop, please contact Katie Malinak for more information.

Quiltster March Madness Giveaway

Quiltster is offering a FREE Vintage Compass pattern for all NEW Annual Sign ups through tonight at midnight!  

Click here for more information!

Quiltworx University goes to California!

We’re taking Quiltworx University to the
West Coast and we hope you’ll join us!

Quiltworx University Logo
February 27th –  March 4th, 2018
Pricing:  $1495 includes the program fee + meals.  Lodging is extra. and Thimble Towne are teaming up to bring you this amazing retreat experience featuring 7 Certified Instructors (AND JUDY!), one Certified Shop, and an exclusive mixer-style pattern that will allow you to mix and match blocks and fabrics to create a quilt that’s uniquely you!  

If you love Quiltworx patterns, you’ll love this opportunity to learn from some of the most talented quilters in the industry in a pampered environment with an atmosphere charged with excitement for quilting and teaching!


Thimble Towne will be hosting this retreat at their new location which boasts a 5,500 square foot event center!  They’ll be providing each attendee with their own table and chair, and personal iron, and there will be pressing and cutting stations set up around each of three classrooms.  They’ll also be providing the use of a Babylock sewing machine FREE of charge! There will be unlimited snacks and beverages, a swag bag, lunches, dinners and the cocktail party on the first night.


You’ve likely heard of, or even met some of the talented instructors who will be joining us including:

These ladies will be doing rotating mixer block demonstrations at least 4 times a day, and will be on hand to walk you through each technique needed to create your quilt efficiently and stress free!  



  • Tuesday, February 27th from 4pm-9pm with Cocktail Party and Trunk Show


  • Wednesday, February 28th through Saturday, March 3rd from 6am-Midnight.
  • Sunday, March 4th from 6am-4pm


  • Sunday, March 4th after 4pm OR
  • Morning of Monday, March 5th


Details of the project will be announced later, but as mentioned, it’s a mixer-style pattern.  Kits must be purchased for this workshop from Thimble Towne.  We will provide you with a variety of popular fabric collections to choose from!  Kits will be available exclusively through Thimble Towne, and as part of the program fee you’ll receive a 6 month subscription to Quiltster!  That means you’ll be able to mix and match quilt blocks planned for the Project and fabric from the various collections to see what your finished quilt will look like before you buy a stitch of fabric. Once you’ve designed your perfect quilt, Quiltster generates the kitting information you can then forward to Thimble Towne who will kit it for you!  You’ll end up with an exclusive heirloom quality quilt that is uniquely YOU!


Off-site lodging will be provided by the Holiday Inn Express located approximately 2 miles from Thimble Towne.  They provide FREE hot breakfast daily and the pricing is as follows:

  • Double Occupancy: $223/person with an optional 6th night available at an additional $44.60/person.
  • Single Occupancy: $419.45 with an optional 6th night available at an additional $83.89/person.

HOLIDAY IN EXPRESS • 19480 Quinn Road  • Bakersfield CA 93308



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