A special release of Lakeshore Hosta Queen is now available in our new Fabric Collection, Bohemian Blues!  Fabrics don’t ship until December, but the pattern is ready so you can get your kits!  Only 250 patterns using this coversheet are available, so get yours now!

Judy and Brad Niemeyer designed the layout, instructions, and foundation papers for the Queen size Lakeshore Hosta. A collection of batiks designed by Judy and Judel Niemeyer with Timeless Treasures called Peacock and Copper were selected to make the sample shown on the cover. A sewing technique called foundation paper piecing is used to assemble the units required to make this quilt. Traditional piecing and curved piecing techniques are used to join the units after the foundation piecing is completed.

The blocks in this pattern are also interchangeable with a number of other blocks we have published for various Fire Island Hosta layouts.  Using Quiltster, you can design your own combination of blocks and custom order papers directly from Quiltworx for your own unique quilt pattern!

quiltster-compatible-stamp white


This pattern is Quiltster Compatible! This means you can color the quilt with your favorite Fabric Collection in Quiltster before you make it and obtain yardage! Click on the logo to the left to be taken directly to the Template page for this design in Quiltster. You may need to log into your account for the link to work. If you do not have a Quiltster account already, you will need to subscribe and log in before this link will work. Subscriptions can be obtained by going to http://www.quiltster.com, click on Subscribe!


Click below for a downloadable .PDF of various kitting handouts!
Pattern Size: 100″ x 100″
Price: $81.50
Pattern Includes: Instructions, Cover Sheet, Yardage Information, Foundation Papers
Lakeshore-Hosta-Queen-Mixer-Copper-KS-1_600 Lakeshore-Hosta-Queen-Mixer-BB-1pg-KS_600

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