As a Quilt Pattern Company, the core of everything we do is driven by the patterns we create.  On this page, you'll find a list of all of our patterns published along with information about each pattern that goes beyond simply purchasing one.  When you click on each pattern, you'll see:

  • Quilt samples made by,
  • A gallery of quilts that have been made by our customers (thank you to all of you who have shared with us!),
  • A list of products that are related to each pattern,
  • A calendar that includes workshops for each pattern,
  • Color changing quilt features,
  • Corrections ~ Click on your pattern below to see if there are any corrections.  If there are any, it will be in the right column of the pattern list!
  • A list of techniques that each pattern uses, along with tutorials on those techniques, and
  • Ordering information!

The small calendar to the left of each pattern thumbnail provides a link to a teaching calendar specific to that pattern.  The Buy Now button takes you straight to a page where you can add the product to your cart and find related products that are available (extra foundations, quilting designs, unique tools, etc.).  If you click on the pattern, you will find extra information, samples, and a list of related products, incuding Extra Foundation Papers, Adjustable Borders, and Complimentary Tools.  Enjoy browsing through our patterns and THANK YOU for your business!  ~

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