Dianne Kinsey
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I have always enjoyed most craft: needlework, sewing, cross stitch, embroidery, beading, tapestry, appliqué and découpage.
After being introduced to patchwork in 2008 I took an interest in the beautiful quilts being pieced by hand and machine. I realized immediately that patchwork was for me and that it was time to do something different; so I set out on the road of discovery making quilts for my home, family and friends and I haven’t looked back.
In 2013 I heard about Judy Niemeyer and her paper foundation techniques; I was intrigued and so I took up the challenge to make my first Quiltworx technique of the month pattern – ‘Glacier Star’. I was captivated and so the Quiltworx passion began.
I have attended the dedicated workshops in Melbourne to complete all the technique of the month quilts as they were released over the years: Mariner’s Compass, Paradise in Blooms, Vintage Rose and Dinner Plate Dahlia.
After making many Quiltworx patterns since then, my transition to teaching these patterns and techniques was inevitable. It is very rewarding to see my classes complete their Quiltworx projects with confidence and pride and as a result to then see them come back for more – and more!
I love these patterns; exacting techniques and the way acute angles are achieved with absolute precision. My portfolio of Quiltworx projects is continually growing!
As the Approved Certified Instructor for Victoria I am available to teach classes wherever the need arises: shops, guilds, retreats and private groups anywhere in metropolitan Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

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