What's New in June!

New Patterns Hot Off the Press!

These patterns are now available for purchase on our website, and the fabric lines are available in a quilt shop near you!  There will also be digitized quilting designs available in the near future.

Many of these patterns are also being prepared for the Quiltster App which was launched last fall! Quiltster is an incredible fabric auditioning software that allows you to pick and choose fabrics before you spend money.  Look for the Quiltster Compatible logo on the patterns below, and click the quilt images or links to learn more about each pattern, find replacement papers, see samples made by Quiltworx.com and others, find kitting information, and purchase the pattern!

Wholesale purchases are available to those approved with a wholesale account. Visit our wholesale page to order (minimum purchase of 3 and advance approval of wholesale account is required).

Diamond Wedding Star

It’s here!  The most popular pattern featured at Spring Quilt Market, the Diamond Wedding Star is 96″ x 99″ and is Quiltworx.com Strip Set Compatible.  It’s made from a collection of fabrics designed by Judy and Judel Niemeyer with Timeless Treasures called the Tonga Strip Heirloom Collection.  This collection includes six groups of eight 2-1/2″ strips of fabrics sorted from lights to darks.   The pattern also is compatible with the Diamond Wedding Ring Creative Grids Template set, making trimming and assembly steps needed for this design a breeze!

Autumn Pines

Autumn Pines at 46″ x 46″ is a wonderful smaller quilt using a similar block to the Diamond Wedding Star and is perfect for introducing two of Judy’s techniques, foundation paper piecing and foundation strip piecing to new and experienced quilters alike.  This pattern is also compatible with the Diamond Wedding Ring Creative Grids Template set. The featured fabric collection is Antique Garage, designed by Judy and Judel Niemeyer, with Timeless Treasures. For alternative colorways, created in Quiltster and using an array of fabrics from the Antique Garage Collection, check out the pattern page.

 Flowers for my Wedding Ring

The Flowers for My Wedding Ring (87″ x 100) has been a staple of our foundation paper piecing designs since the late 1990’s.  The pattern has been through various updates through the years. The most recent includes the incorporation of the Quiltworx 2-1/2″ Strip Set, addition of smart corners to the foundation papers, reformatted instructions that incorporate hints on using the Creative Grids Wedding Ring Templates, and updates to the applique technique.  Check out the article, “Laser Cut Applique” (below) for more information about our newest laser cut applique stabilizer product, the Flowers for my Wedding Ring Quiltworx Impressions. The pattern comes with enough applique stabilizer pieces to complete one full corner of applique or a variety of other corner options shown in the pattern. An additional applique package will need to be purchased separately to complete both corners with applique as shown on the cover sheet.

 Twinkle Star

The Twinkle Star was designed by Judy and Bradley Niemeyer for paper piecing. The pattern includes three distinct groups to create a 38” x 38” quilt.  A lone star center makes up Group A, a series of 7-1/2” blocks nestled in each corner of the lone star makes Group B, and a border squares off the quilt as Group C.  The pattern uses basic paper piecing techniques that can be applied to many of our lone star projects.  This is a great introductory pattern for learning how our lone star quilts are made in a small project that can be completed very quickly.  The quilt featured on the cover showcases fabrics from the Antique Garage Collection designed by Judy and Judel Niemeyer with Timeless Treasures.

 Fractured Paint Box

The Fractured Paint Box has been part of the Quiltworx pattern family for almost 5 years. It was designed as a beginner pattern to introduce quilters to paper piecing and showcase the 48 piece 2-1/2” strip packages that Quiltworx has been creating for several years now. The project is fast, uses only one foundation block, employs simple cutting techniques, and is an affordable and fun way to jump into your first paper piecing project! It is meant to make those new to the process find confidence, understanding, and success!  The cover sheet features quilts created using the Heirloom Strip Set by Timeless Treasures.



Quiltworx has teamed up with Cut Loose Press™ to bring shops introductory paper-piecing block project patterns.

The six projects below are designed for 1-day workshops. Each project uses a Cut Loose Press™ pattern and a Quiltworx Charm Element set of papers. Quiltworx plans to continue the program for several years by releasing new designs and teaching blocks annually. Start developing a new generation of quilters versed in advanced quilting techniques using paper where the limits of the imagination are truly infinite!

Click on the images below to find the patterns and related products necessary to complete each project.  These products can be purchased individually or bundled together.  Fabrics are not included.

Candy Cane Cabin
50″ x 65″ • Fabrics:  Forever Collection

This pattern requires:

Candy Cane Cabin Cut Loose PressTM  Pattern
Quiltworx.com Charm Elements Pack #16

49″ x 71″ • Fabrics:  Antique Garage Collection

This pattern requires:

Clockworx Cut Loose PressTM  Pattern
Quiltworx.com Charm Elements Pack #20

60″ x 66″ • Fabrics:  Antique Garage Collection

This pattern requires:

Labyrinth Cut Loose PressTM Pattern
(2) Quiltworx.com Charm Elements Pack #19

Quiltworx.com Stained Glass Window
44″ x 57″ • Fabrics:  Forever Collection

This pattern requires:

Quiltworx.com Stained Glass Window Cut Loose PressTM  Pattern
Quiltworx.com Charm Elements Pack #15

40″ x 40″ • Fabrics:  Cactus Mini Collection

This pattern requires:

Waterwheel Cut Loose PressTM  Pattern
Quiltworx.com Charm Elements Pack #18 & #19

Wicker Basket
52″ x 40″
 • Fabrics:  Heirloom Collection Strip Set

This pattern requires:

Wicker Basket Cut Loose PressTM Pattern
Quiltworx.com Charm Elements Pack #17
Creative Grids® 12″ Wave Ruler


To see the Creative Grids® 12″ Wave Ruler in action, check out this short video featuring Judy Niemeyer as she demonstrates its versatility in adding a quick curve to any traditional or paper-pieced block.



It’s been on Judy’s wish list for a long time now…ever since we started designing custom applique for our quilt patterns, actually.  This past Spring, we finally took the plunge and bought our own laser cutter!!!!   It’s now up and running as you can see by the photo above which shows Alice overseeing the production of the applique for our newest pattern update, Flowers for my Wedding Ring.

The applique kits are a turn under applique stabilizer product called Stitch-N-Peel by Bosal, and are designed in such a way that during the machine cutting process, little tabs are left in place which keep the applique neat and organized on the sheet until you cut them apart with a few simple snips.

So far we’ve designed applique for the Flowers for my Wedding Ring pattern.  Each pattern comes with enough applique to make two small corners, one large corner, or four small corners as shown below.  The cover sheet of the pattern features a version with two large corners of applique.  For both corners, the purchase of an additional set of applique (which is available for purchase individually in packages with enough applique to create the second corner) is required.  

Last but not least, the Flowers for my Wedding Ring applique is also compatible with our Diamond Wedding Ring pattern, and we’ve showcased a couple of options for that below as well.


 (Applique included with pattern.)

 (Applique included with pattern.)

 (Applique included with pattern.)

(Requires an additional package of applique.)


 (One package of applique.)

 (One package of applique.)

We’re really excited to put on our creative hats and explore some of the endless possibilities now available to us with our new laser-cutter machine!  Look for lots of new and fun applique designs for some of your favorite quilts and the new patterns coming soon!



New Award Winning Quilts!

The new Award Winning Quilts Album is up on Facebook! Congratulations to the winners, including Stephanie Parks and her Weeping Willow artistically featured above!

If you have an award winning quilt made from a pattern designed by Quiltworx.com, send a picture to ilyse@quiltworx.com and we will award you a $10.00 gift certificate when the publish our next newsletter!

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