Pampered Quilting with Jackie & Eileen @ MISA



Check your calendars, because Jackie Kunkel and Eileen Urbanek are teaming up to teach all four of’s Technique of the Month Patterns at one of the most beautiful quilting venues in the country!

Please join us 06/05/17 to 06/09/17!

Instructor Showcase

An instructional workshop with Jackie and Eileen is an experience that no quilter should miss.  Not only will you receive an intimate teaching experience with two quilters that live, breath, and love the quilting industry, you’ll also receive some of the highest quality and experienced instruction in the industry. Certified Instructors are specially trained over a 2 year period by Judy to share her quilting tips and techniques at the thousands of teaching events across the country each year.  Instructors attend regular continuing education workshops and are experts on how these patterns are designed, written, and created.  In the last 4 months combined, Jackie and Eileen have taught a total of 80 days, reaching over 450 students, primarily in the southwestern United States.  We are excited to bring these talented instructors to the upper mid-west!

Jackie Kunkel is truly a powerhouse in the quilting industry. She runs her own online business called Canton Village Quilt Works, has her own line of patterns, she is a book writer, a fabric designer for Island Batik, and a quilter whose passion for advancing the art is endless. Her energy and smile are infectious, her enthusiasm for her student’s success is heartwarming, and her service, both volunteer and as an instructor to the quilting industry, are refreshing. She is creative, hard-working, and visionary. As a quilter, she is definitely a trend-setter and her workshops leave quilters seeking her out and traveling nationally to take in more. Her teaching resume is extensive including workshop at most major quilt shows across the US. You can find her hopping from one end of the country to the other, and as a Certified Instructor, she reaches hundreds of students each year. She maintains a blog on her website, is an active podcaster, and is a Craftsy Instructor with two classes introducing students to beginner techniques including paper-piecing a simple block and sewing curved seams. She has been a Certified Instructor since 2012 and has taught Quiltworx patterns in the New England area well before that. She now resides in the Phoenix, AZ area and teaches and travels throughout the United States.

Eileen Urbanek originally began taking classes with Judy Niemeyer in the early 2000s when Judy began regularly visiting Quilt Country, in Dallas, TX. She and Judy immediately hit it off because Judy noticed her speed, her focus, and the ease with which she understood the process.

When Quiltworx started the Certified Instructor program, Judy immediately thought of Eileen. She became Certified as an Instructor as part of our original group of Instructors in 2010 and hasn’t looked back.

She teaches primarily in Texas and has truly taught East Texas to paper-piece. Her demand is so great that she has actively pursued help from her dedicated students, many of whom have gone on to join the Certified Instructor program themselves.

She also teaches regularly in surrounding states, at national quilting events and shows, and has replaced Judy, along with one other Certified Instructor, at Empty Spools, which is a nationally recognized retreat held several weeks each year in Monterey, California. Her classes are a sell out and students return every year.

Madeline Island:  A Quilter’s Retreat Destination that Shines

Combining this level of quilting experience with a retreat center that specializes in your comfort and fulfilling your every need, will leave you hoping this retreat never ends!  Madeline Island has truly created a retreat experience that should fall on any quilter’s bucket list.  Located on a picturesque Island in Lake Superior, it is quiet, peaceful, beautiful, and comfortable.  The staff is there to pamper you, the food is well thought out, the venue leaves you feeling like you just spent a week making memories on the family farm, and the friendships are long-lasting.  

An unlimited cookie jar and beverage station is available in the quilting room, which receives lots of natural light and has top notch quilting station accommodations.  Every student has an individual table, sewing machines are available (even the machines are ones recommended by Judy!) or bring your own, and enough pressing stations, cutting stations, and hanging walls are available to support up to 60 quilters. With a much smaller class size than that, you will have plenty of space to spread out and stay focused on completing your project.  The sleeping rooms and accommodations are comfortable, private, and easily accessible. 

The Projects:

The projects for the workshop will leave you with an heirloom quilt that everyone will adore.  The Technique of the Month patterns are designed to teach students all aspects of sewing a top in an extended workshop. You will learn nearly every technique Judy uses in her patterns during this workshop, which you can then take home and quickly pick up and complete your next quilt pattern from  These designs have become classics in the quilting industry and all of them are in the Top 10 Quilt Patterns of all time for  These are the perfect projects for your Quiltworx-centric getaway, allowing you to leave with the knowledge you need to not only finish the quilt project you started, but to continue on and expand your portfolio in the future. 

Queen: 96″ x 96″ •  Wall: 74″ x 74″
Queen: 97″ x 97″ •  Wall: 76″ x 76″
Queen: 90″ x 90″ •  Wall: 60″ x 60″
Queen: 98″ x 98″ •  Wall: 69″ x 69″

Please join us 06/05/17 to 06/09/17!

We hope you join us for this event.  It is not often to have two Instructors of this caliber instructing in an intimate classroom, paired with a venue dedicated to your every whim in a unique location such as Madeline Island.


We hope to see you there!

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