This pattern is only available through our Certified Shops and Instructors.

The Mariner’s Compass is Judy Niemeyer’s second Technique of the Month (TOM) quilt, published in January of 2013.  The goal of our technique of the month program is to design quilts that incorporate a wide range of Judy’s techniques to be taught by our Certified Instructor program and Certified Shops and familiarize quilters with our techniques in a manner that will allow them to pick up any of our patterns and successfully complete them after they have completed one of our TOM patterns.

Although we do not sell this pattern on our retail site, we have included it in our pattern gallery to share information and enable us to use our normal method of making corrections to the pattern possible. To see any corrections, please click on the Corrections listed to the right.

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Note that Judy does not teach this workshop.

Note: Original pattern, $65.00, includes papers to complete one 69″ x 69″ quilt.  The packet for the queen size (98″ x 98″)  must be purchased separately for an additional $30.00. 

The pattern includes instructions for each unique unit, created in Booklet form, 7 cover sheets (8, including the extension package) with various samples, and all of the papers necessary to complete your quilt top!
Click below for a downloadable .PDF of various kitting handouts!
Pattern Size: 69″ x 69″ or 98″ x 98″
Pattern Includes: Instructions, Cover Sheet, Yardage Information

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