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Rosie began quilting in 2005, after her sister, Frankie enticed her to be a part of quilting following two years of effort.  Buying a new sewing machine, the next five years brought an educational journey that led her to many new skills, friends, and experiences in the quilting world.   The shop hops in Arizona led Rosie to a class at Quilters Market in 2009 taught by shop owner Lynda Luiten and her staff member, Bonnie.   This was the first Judy Niemeyer Certified Shop that she had ever been in, and the wonderful quilts made with Judy’s patterns were on every wall.  The Hawaiian Star pattern was the first Judy quilt Rosie made, starting in August, 2009 with a class in a shop in Southern Indiana with Lora Nale teaching.

In 2010, Rosie attended her first American Quilt Show (AQS) in Paducah, KY and took her first class with Judy Niemeyer, Stepping Stones.  Joining the Tucson Quilt Guild, meeting and attending lectures with quilting artists increased Rosie’s passion for quilting and added to her tools and knowledge base for choosing fabrics, understanding the use of color, texture, value, and the technical components that are brought to a quilt based on the choices that the quilter made.

In February, 2013 Rosie was able to attend the Judy University that Quilter’s Market hosted in Tucson, AZ with her sister, Mary.  Working on Dragon Star with Judy and Kay Crandall kindled Rosie’s desire to work on more paper piecing and the potential of being a certified instructor was planted.  In September 2014, Rosie’s first trip to a quilting retreat at Quiltworx in Montana sealed her desire to become a certified instructor, officially starting the process in January, 2015 and finishing her certification in 2016.

My goal in working with others who love Judy’s patterns is to create a fun and stress free environment, to foster community among the students, and to help each individual successfully reach their potential in their creations.  I enjoy showing my quilts to gain feedback on what improvements I can continue to make on my own creations, and I hope I can lead my students to the same or better success than I have had.  Rosie is available through facebook, phone, and the quilting and retreat centers where she teaches.

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