The Prickly Pinecones Tree Skirt is a fun variation on giant spiky units laid together with a stem that is foundation curved pieced between the two pinecone sides. With a log cabin inspired star in the middle, this design is sure to bring a rustic, unplugged, mountain retreat feel to any Christmas Celebration. It uses a variety of rich, wintery browns and golds from a Tonga Batik collection called Coffee House, designed by Judy and Judel Niemeyer, with Timeless Treasures. Floating points, smart corners, and template layout sheets are featured in this design and traditional piecing skills are necessary to sew the top together.

There are many ways to expand your Quiltworx designs into larger sizes with compatible border packages by clicking the Buy Now button.  Then, you should select expansion borders of your choice.The following information explains ways to expand your quilt.
  • To expand this Round Tree Skirt from 62″ to 70″, add a 196B Round Expansion Border of your choice listed under the Buy Now button.
  • To square up this Round Tree Skirt, add a 196B Round Expansion Border, then a 196C Square up Border of your choice listed under the Buy Now button.
  • To square up this Round Tree Skirt and expand to a 118″ King, add a 196B Round Expansion Border, a 196C Square up Border, then a 118″ King Border of your choice listed under the Buy Now button.

This pattern is not compatible with the 2015 version which has a 60″ diameter.

This pattern is available in Quiltster! This means you can color the quilt with your favorite fabric collections in Quiltster before you make it. Quiltster will even provide you with yardage!  You can also purchase kits designed by Quiltster Sellers right in the application!

Click on the Project button to access the pattern templates and begin coloring with fabrics uploaded from your stash and/or fabric collections from across the industry! A Quiltster account is required to use the coloring tool.  If you do not have a Quiltster account already, you will need to subscribe and log in before these links will work. Subscriptions can be obtained by going to, click on Subscribe!

If you’d like to purchase a kit from a Quiltster Seller, click the Marketplace button! A subscription is not needed in Quiltster to purchase a kit through the Marketplace.

Click below for a downloadable .PDF of various kitting handouts!

Price: $42.50
Size: 62″ Diameter
Pattern Includes: Instructions, Cover Sheet, Yardage Information, Foundation Papers

2023 Kitting Sheets (62×62)

2015 Kitting Sheets (60×60)
Prickly-Pinecones-Tree-Skirt-SP-KS-1_600 Prickly-Pinecones-TS-Batiks-KS-1_600 Prickly-Pincones-TS-Fire-Mini-KS-1_600 ppts-black-forever-ks_600 ppts-red-rose-ks_600 Prickly-Pinecones-TS-1pg-IB-KS_600


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