Cindy Haddick
  • 12187 South Margaret Rose Drive
  • Riverton, UT 84065
  • Phone: 801-608-1150


Cindy is so excited to be a part of the Quiltworx team of Certified Instructors and share her passion for all things quilting!!

Cindy was born and raised in Minnesota, where she was introduced to sewing at a very young age.  She remembers taking a basic sewing class for summer school, back when summer school was for fun.  That was almost 45 years ago and she hasn’t stopped sewing since.  Cindy had a successful children’s clothing business in Minnesota and Georgia and then she found quilting.  She feels that quilting is her true calling and is VERY passionate about it.

She enjoys all aspects of the quilting process – picking a new pattern, the colors to work with, the right fabrics, piecing, assembly and even the long arm quilting.  She really enjoys making Quiltworx designs because the end result is so detailed and intricate, but the process to get that end product isn’t hard or intimidating.  To date she ahs completed nearly 20 Quiltworx designs with several others in various stages.  In addition to the many Quiltworx designs she’s also completed another 20+ quilts.

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Instagram – cindyjohad

Twitter – @cindy_haddick


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