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These patterns are now available for purchase on our website, and the fabric lines are available in a quilt shop near you! There will also be digitized quilting designs available in the near future.

Many of these patterns are also being prepared for the Quiltster App! If you’ve never heard of Quiltster, it’s an incredible fabric auditioning software that allows you to pick and choose fabrics before you spend money. Look for the Quiltster Compatible logo on the patterns below, and click the quilt images or links to learn more about each pattern, find replacement papers, see samples made by Quiltworx.com and others, find kitting information, and purchase the pattern!

Wholesale purchases are available to those approved with a wholesale account. Visit our wholesale page to order (minimum purchase of 3 and advance approval of wholesale account is required).


Ribbons and Bows Wedding Ring

54″x68″ • Fabrics: Natural Beauty by Amy Butler with Free Spirit

Ribbons and Bows

The Ribbons and Bows pattern was created in 2018 as a smaller version of Grandma’s Wedding Ring. The quilt uses a wedding ring assembly technique that requires construction in horizontal rows, instead of diagonal rows. In addition to an alternative assembly technique, this pattern also includes instructions for assembly of the center block as a 4-Patch instead of a block cut on the diagonal or cut as a solid piece. Also, check out the Creative Grids Templates that make trimming these blocks a breeze!


Arizona Cactus

42″x42″ • Fabrics: Mandarin Grove and Wallflowers by

Judy and Judel Niemeyer with Timeless Treasures

Arizona Cactus

Here’s excellent beginner project using a 6″ Cactus block that’s been featured in several other Quiltworx patterns in a variety of layouts. With the release of this new version, we’ve updated the instructions to include Smart Corners and all of the other features you’ve come to expect from our patterns.


Cactus Flower Table Runners

17″x51″ • Fabrics: (White) Montana Sapphire & Wallflowers, (Light Blue) Montana Sapphire, Emerald, Mandarin Grove & Wallflowers, (Dark Blue) Tonga Jewels – Jade & Wallflowers

Cactus Flower Table Runners

This is a wonderful beginner pattern with the same 6″ cactus block featured in the Arizona Cactus pattern above. Cactus Flower Table Runner has been updated to our latest design standards as well.


Watermelon Placemats

18″x13″ • Fabrics: Mandarin Grove by Judy and Judel Niemeyer with

Timeless Treasures, and Java Blenders

Watermelon Placemats

Get ready for summer with these delectable placemats! Watermelon Placemats is a quick and easy project that is perfect for both veteran paper piecers, and those wanting to learn new techniques.


Yogo Sapphire Wall

80″x80″ • Fabrics: Montana Sapphire and Wallflowers by

Judy and Judel Niemeyer with Timeless Treasures

Yogo Sapphire Wall

Yogo Sapphire was designed as a beginner pattern to introduce quilters to paper piecing and constructing an exploded star quilt layout. It is easily expandable to 99″x99″ with several different border designs by replacing Group C (pieced border) with Group D larger corner blocks. We used the Princess Tiara in this example:

Yogo Sapphire Queen

This design is also versatile because rotating the diamond blocks can create a completely new look! It’s super fun to play with the layout on the design wall or in Quiltster! Here are a few examples:

Rotation 1
Rotation 2
Rotation 3
Rotation 4

Also, check out the digitized quilting design ready to go for your wall-sized Yogo Sapphires! Click the image for more information.

Yogo Sapphire Wall Digitized Quilting Design
New Certified Instructor Wiwik Ninarni
Wiwik Winarni

Kemang Pratama 2, Jl. Kemang Melati 10 no. S-27,

Bekasi , Jawa Barat 17116

Phone: +62 877 7601 4572


Available for classes, lectures and trunk shows in both shops and guilds. Contact me for details.

Hallo, I’m Wiwik from Bekasi, Indonesia.

I’ve always thought I’m a bit crafty since young age ;), so when I quit my job and my mom taught me sampler blocks in late ‘90s, I was immediately hooked. At that time, my dad still worked with an American oil company in Sumatera. Some of the expat (American) ladies taught P&Q to the employee wives including my mom.

I picked up more by learning from P&Q magazines & books, and the internet. Paper piecing was one of the techniques I learned and tried by myself (intrigued by those sharp edges) but quickly abandoned because I found it a bit bothersome.

But Judy’s techniques changed my opinion about machine paper piecing. I took a class here in Jakarta with CI Siska Dart in 2015, it was a really great experience and learned a lot. I decided to pursue a qualification with Quiltworx to become Certified Instructor by joining Quiltworx workshops in Melbourne in 2016 & 2018.

I taught P&Q to others since 2006. At first I participated in teaching sewing as life skills to junior high school students and to under-privilege ladies in Bekasi (social movement), then began teaching classes, and to other cities too such as Tangerang, Jakarta, Malang, Surabaya and Singapore.

I founded my studio, Melati Patchwork, to center all my P&Q activities, gather and manage a group of enthusiastic friends/quilters (around 30 active members). And to support demand of quilting service, my mom, my sister and I taught village ladies how to hand-quilt in Garut, West Jawa.

I also have organized/participated as organizer in other events such as:

  • Quiltworx Quilts Exhibition, Halim – Jakarta, 2016, for students who completed their quilts with CI Siska Dart
  • Pameran Merah Putih/Red & White Exhibition, August 2017 at Museum Tekstil Jakarta, a week event (exhibition, classes & product bazaar) with participants from all over Indonesia, to commemorate Indonesia 72th Independence Day.
  • Exhibition at Museum Layang2 Jakarta, 2018, with Kites theme (quilts & other crafts)

My teaching area as a CI, is in Indonesia for sure, but also other countries in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, Brunei, Vietnam) and other Asian countries also interest me if there is opportunity to teach there.

Quiltworx is partnering with Honest Fabric


Quiltworx is Partnering with Honest Fabric

We’re creating ready-to-quilt fabric panels that have all the beauty of Judy’s paper pieced designs, but none of the piecing!

WHY WOULD WE DO THAT, you’ve asked?!?

We know how passionate Judy addicts are about paper piecing…we are too! But, we also realize that there are many quilters out there who have more of a passion for quilting than paper piecing. For those quilters, these quilt top fabric panels are the best of both worlds!

Not only that, but what a great learning tool, right? Quilters who would like to dip their toes into free-motion or custom quilting, can do so without the fear of ruining an expensive and time-consuming pieced top. On the other hand, if a practice run turns out better than expected, you still have a beautiful quilt instead of just a plain piece of fabric…WIN WIN!

Finally, the quality of the printed fabrics is phenomenal. Honest Fabric prints their custom quilt tops with the highest quality polyester. Every piece is completely washing machine safe, will not bleed, and will not unjustly fade. The fabric is soft to begin with, and only gets softer and more buttery with each washing, without compromising the rich, vibrant colors.

On top of all of that, Honest Fabric products are American made, and eco-friendly. We think their product compliments ours beautifully, and fulfills a niche for our business.

With that said, we’re starting with the following two designs. We’re excited to be adding to new and exciting designs soon, so keep your eyes pealed for those along with pictures of finished products we’ll be sharing on Facebook! For now, we give you…

Blooming Lily Light & Dark


Award Winning Quilts

New Award Winning Quilts!

A HUGE thanks to all who submitted quilts…we are really impressed and inspired by your creativity and skill! Enjoy your gift certificates!

Without further ado, the new Award Winning Quilts Album is up on Facebook! Congratulations to the winners, including Kelly Zuber and her Vintage Rose featured artistically above!

If you have an award winning quilt made from a pattern designed by Quiltworx.com, send a picture to ilyse@quiltworx.com and we will award you a $10.00 gift certificate when the publish our next newsletter!

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