To find the newest release of this pattern click here:  Bali Wedding Star 2014

The Bali Wedding Star is a newly designed and updated version of our very first pattern known to many individuals as the Wedding Star. The Wedding Star pattern was designed for foundation paper piecing back in 1996 by Bradley and Judy Niemeyer. A few years ago I started teaching my students a new technique using strip piecing to complete the foundation piecing on the arcs. We also redesigned the stars with floating points. This last year, in the process of redrafting the stars, we decided to add Template Layout Sheets to speed up the cutting process for the stars and background pieces. Those of you who have worked with the old Wedding Star pattern (copyright Sept. 1997) will find these new upgrades to the Bali Wedding Star pattern very pleasant.

A collection of fabrics designed by Hoffman Fabrics of California were used to make the sample shown on the cover page. A sewing technique called foundation paper piecing is used when sewing the pieces onto the foundation units. Curved piecing and traditional piecing skills are required to join the units after the foundation piecing is completed.

To download Hoffman fabric kit information of the Hoffman fabrics used in this quilt, click each of these three links:

Arc fabric Groups 1 thru 6
Arc fabric Groups 7 thru 11
Star, Corner and Background fabrics

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