Bali Wedding Star Construction Tutorial

Tutorial and photos by CI Sue Wilson

I spent a lot of time with Judy this summer working through the construction of the Bali Wedding Star. First thing I learned… the blocks DON’T end up square! Don’t square them up! Ease them, and they will actually fit and when four of them are joined together, they will be square.

Construction hints I learned from Judy.  First of all, pressing is very important in this project.  Notice how my B arcs are pressed out and A arcs are pressed in.


Next, do not square up your blocks!  They tend to be football shaped, longer in the direction of the tape measure.  But when you assemble the quilt this does not seem to be an issue.

Here’s that picture.


Next, you will line up and match the two blocks you are sewing together in four places. Because of the pressing, these match points have opposing seams and should lock together.

The pins will help you see the exact match points. Judy told me that the fabric between pin 1 and pin 2 frequently has to be eased . You can see from this photo that my red is shorter than the black underneath.


Sew in the direction of the arrow, sewing as straight a line as possible.  Matching the edges of the fabric is not as important as matching the pinned match points.



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