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A native born Texan, I did not stumble upon quilting until working in a downtown Houston law firm where several of the ladies worked on hand quilting projects during lunch.  Watching their work got me curious.  A church confirmation class for my son afforded me the opportunity to indulge my curiosity.  His class was far enough away from home and short of enough in time that I would, literally, be pulling into my driveway only to immediate back out and head back to church to pick him up if I were to go home after dropping him off.  So, I visited Great Expectations, the quilt store fairly close to church.  That is all it took.

That fateful Saturday I enrolled in Minay Sirois’ Beginning Quilting class to be held in February, 1999, and thus began my quilting career.  Minay taught the class in the traditional piecing and quilting method – by “traditional,” I mean “by hand.”  Actually, the “by hand” served me well as I began taking projects with me everywhere I went – and I joined the ladies at work who quilted during the lunch hour (my first “bee”).

Over the years I have been privileged to take classes from extremely talented local teaches as well as such nationally recognized teachers as Judy Niemeyer, Jan Krentz, Judy Mathieson, and Helen Frost.  I traveled to Lewisville, Texas to take my first class from Judy.  After that week, I had an appreciation for paper piecing and Judy’s technique in particular.

My preference is for learning a process or technique which can enlarge my quilting experience rather than a specific project that, once done, is done unless I want to make another of the same project.  Judy’s designs naturally lend themselves to technique driven quilting.  Learning her techniques builds quilt making skills that translate to any number of projects, whether paper or traditional piecing.

My teaching began in 2003 when Quilt Impressions in Stafford, Texas was looking for a Beginning Quilting teacher to teach hand piecing and hand quilting.  I taught the Beginning Quilting classes at Quilt Impressions for three (3) years.  It was during this period I developed a passion for teaching.  Being with someone through the learning process and then see their success in their finished project is awesome.  Quilt students have become some of my best friends.

I look forward to the opportunity Judy has given me to build a teaching schedule that shares her amazing talent, quilting techniques, and develops the fundamentals.  To learn more about me and my teaching schedule, please visit my new website at http://www.jkmquilting.com

Happy quilting!

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