What's New in April 2020

Here's what's new at Quiltworx for April 2020.

As April rolls on, Quiltworx has been adapting, like many other quilting companies, to a more online business model to ensure the safety of our coworkers, customers, and community. As a result, for the time being, you’ll be seeing a shift from in-person retreats to online video workshops and demonstrations. You’ll see us offering, when possible, downloadable patterns you can purchase, download, and print with a few clicks of your mouse. We’ll also be offering consumers kits of Quiltworx patterns and fabrics to help customers find these resources online so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home! Please also remember that these kits are available through your local quilt shop and other online resources you’ve come to know and trust! So, please check to see what is available through your local resources as well!

All of the Quiltworx kits that are available for sale (below) can be purchased at www.quiltster.com, in the Marketplace, and by clicking on Kits button. A subscription is required, so if you don’t already have one, we are offering 1 month free using the code SPRING2020. To learn more about Quiltster, visit their YouTube Channel and Facebook page. There are lots of Facebook live demonstrations happening every week and also videos on YouTube to help you learn what this program can do for you! SUBSCRIBE HERE

New! FREE YouTube Workshops & Block Demos

NEW! FREE YouTube Workshops & Block Demos
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Valley Blossoms Worx Sessions

Free Valley Blossoms

Worx Sessions

We are pleased to announce our newest in-depth online quilting workshop has just begun, and the classes are FREE! Join Quiltworx.com and Fabric Confetti to learn all the details of making the Valley Blossom quilt pattern in a series of online videos called Worx Sessions. A Pre-Class Planning video and Quiltster Demo will be available April 17th, with the first workshop happening May 16th, and subsequent videos extending through July 2020. Learn paper piecing and turn under applique techniques from Judy Niemeyer and digitized embroidery from Vanessa Fromm in this free workshop series!



COMING SOON! Raindrops FREE Video Tutorial

Free Raindrop Block



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The video will help you understand the paper piecing process behind the Raindrop Block, and is a great introduction to our curved piecing technique which will set the stage for success on many of our designs.

The Raindrop Block is also in:

Raindrops (pictured above) | Kits

Solar Flares |Kits



We have several kits available in the Quiltster Marketplace, or you can just order the patterns from our website (links for each above). OR, you could watch the video and apply many of the techniques shown there to other Quiltworx patterns!


Color Spectrum FREE Video Demonstration

Free Color Spectrum

Block Demonstration

Just like for Raindrops, Judy is creating a unique opportunity to purchase a quilt pattern supported with an “How To” video that demonstrates techniques that help quilters, new to the process, find confidence, understanding, and success!

Again, his video employs techniques used for many of our Quiltworx patterns, and we warn you, once you’ve tried it, you’ll find the process addicting!



New! Downloadable Patterns Have Arrived!

International customers take notice…no shipping required!

We have released our very first ever DOWNLOADABLE pattern with another design planned to release in the next couple weeks. While we can’t do this with most of our designs because the dimensions of our blocks are too large to print on most printers, we hope to release several designs with simple blocks that can be downloaded and printed in the years to come.

This is especially great news for our international customers, who can now purchase everything they need without incurring shipping costs! Wooohooo!

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Color Spectrum now available as a downloadable pattern.

Quiltworx Kits Now Available Through the Quiltster Marketplace

Check them out with a FREE month of Quiltster using promo code SPRING2020.

Quiltworx Kits Available Through the Quiltster Markerplace!

COMING IN MAY: Purchase from the Marketplace without a Quiltster subscription!

If you already have a Quiltster subscription, or you’ve signed up for a free month of Quiltster using the SPRING2020 promo code, click on the images below for details on what’s included in with each kit!

Ballroom Dance Queen 91x91 • 1 Left • $440.00

Ballroom Dance Queen

91×91 • 1 Left • $440.00

Color Spectrum in Gold Dust 73x85 • $210.00

Color Spectrum

in Gold Dust

73×85 • $210.00

Color Spectrum 73x85 • $210.00

Color Spectrum

73×85 • $210.00

Desert Sky Queen 67.5x74 • 1 Left • $199.00

Desert Sky Queen

67.5×74 • 1 Left • $199.00

Diamond Wedding in Star Taffy 96x99 • 1 Left • $315.00

Diamond Wedding

Star in Taffy Strip Set

96×99 • 1 Left • $315.00

Raindrops in Tonga Batiks 70x80 • $205.00

Raindrops in Tonga Batiks

70×80 • $205.00

Raindrops in Tonga Batiks 70x80 • $205.00

Raindrops in Tonga Batiks

70×80 • $205.00

Solar Flares in Taffy Strip Set 72x72 • $180.00

Raindrops in Tonga Batiks

70×80 • $205.00

Solar Flares in Taffy Strip Set 72x72 • $180.00

Solar Flares in

Taffy Strip Set

72×72 • $180.00

Valley Blossoms Video Sample 99x99 • $550.00

Valley Blossoms

Video Sample

99×99 • $550.00

Valley Blossoms in Desert Rose 99x99 • $550.00

Valley Blossoms in

Desert Rose

99×99 • $550.00

Valley Blossoms in Gunpowder 99x99 • $550.00

Valley Blossoms in


99×99 • $550.00

Sunflower Illusions in Desert Rose 62x72 • 1 Left • $160.00

Sunflower Illusions in Desert Rose

62×72 • 1 Left • $160.00

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