We have discontinued the classic Wedding Star and will be releasing the new and improved version the Bali Wedding Star.

When you love to paper piece as much as I do, you start looking at traditional patterns with the idea of breaking them down so they will lend themselves to paper piecing. In 1995, I asked my son to draw me a Double Wedding Ring pattern to use as teaching tool. By placing a star behind the ring, we were able to create a fresh, new, and striking version of the traditional Wedding Ring pattern. We published this pattern in the fall of 1997. The arcs, melons and centers units are all built using foundation paper. Then the foundation paper is removed and the units are set together using the traditional setting method for the Wedding Ring quilt. I believe you will find this to be the easiest Wedding Ring pattern for accuracy out on the market today. This quilt requires some skills in curved piecing and following instructions.

We no longer offer the Extra Arcs or Extra Stars. We are offering extra foundation packages for the Bali Wedding Star but it should be noted that these are different papers and will not work with the older pattern.


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