Art-Deco-Sawtooth-Coversheet Marquee

The Art Deco Sawtooth Wedding Ring Quilt is a rendition of the traditional wedding ring quilt, constructed with a modern twist!  Using fabrics inspired by Art Deco architecture of the early 1900s and designed by Hoffman Fabrics of California, this quilt places paper piecing in unexpected places and plays with the placement of corner pieces to achieve a clean, geometric, calm, and stark impression.

The quilt is 68″ x 68″ and the pattern contains enough papers to complete the quilt on the cover.  Expansion papers are available and a chart in the pattern provides instructions on expanding the quilt for larger sizes.

The quilt REQUIRES the use of the Wedding Ring Templates designed to fit Judy Niemeyer’s Wedding Ring series, available either through Creative Grids or Matilda’s Own (an Australian alternative for our friends in the land of Oz!!!).  If you do not have wedding ring templates, please purchase them by clicking on the related product link below!

Pattern Size: 68″ x 68″
Price: $22.50

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