Leonie de Haas
  • 151 Goldfields Road
  • Castletown, Western Australia 6450
  • Phone: (04) 2792-2373


I have been sewing in one form or another since about the age of eight when I was given a beautiful old singer treadle sewing machine.  Through the years I made clothes for friends and family but never did I consider being a quilter or patchworker!  I think I just fell in to it…  I made rugs for my babies to play on on the floor and was later told they were quilts!
Over the years I have become more involved in sharing my love of all things fabric to numerous groups of people – I have taught Girl Guides, school children and adults to patchwork and to stretch themselves out of their comfort zone to try new methods.
I have now owned my own quilting business and patchwork shop for four years – I love to teach and as a shop owner I came across Judy Niemeyer Quilting and became a Certified Shop.  I have continued down this path as I am passionate about this method of foundation paper piecing and teaching it, I am proud to say that I am now also a Certified Instructor.
I love to travel and would venture anywhere to teach!  I live in Western Australia and plan to use my position as a Certified Instructor to travel – if you want me to teach I will find a way to get there!

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