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I was only 10 when I discovered my love for sewing. I started with simple projects but it wasn’t long before I began sewing clothes for myself, then for family and friends. My first job was as close to heaven as I could imagine, working in a fabric store where I happily used my employee discount. Although my time spent sewing took a back seat to my hours focused on nursing school, I soon found myself in Colorado, newly graduated, a degree in my hand, putting in some all-nighters at my machine making my uniforms and other clothing. My interests in sewing expanded when I met another RN who introduced me to the world of hand-pieced quilts. I was intrigued so much that I began teaching myself how to machine piece. This was nearly 30 years ago, before I knew about rotary cutters, rulers and mats. Out of desire to learn more, I signed up for my very first quilting class in 1988. My quilting interest quickly surpassed intrigue and developed into a life passion for me. As they say….”The rest is history!”

Over my quilting life, I became acutely aware of how much I truly loved being involved in every aspect of quilting, from beginning to end. So much so, I purchased a Gammil Statler long arm. I also realized how much I appreciated all the knowledge that had been passed onto me over the years and how much I wished to contribute to others. I wanted to be a part of helping “newbie” quilters, as well as experienced quilters, develop and expand their knowledge, precision and love for quilting. Apparently I was not the only one recognizing these qualities in me as a local quilt shop reached out to me in 2005, launching by teaching career.

My love for precision is what initially attracted me to paper piecing. Converting template and traditional patterns to paper pieced patterns also grabbed my attention. Then, Judy Niemeyer came into focus. Naturally, I gravitated towards her beautiful and sometimes challenging patterns. Judy Niemeyer raised my paper piecing world up to a whole new level, which later included certification.

The mere excitement of helping other quilters choose fabrics that reflect color, texture and value to take full advantage of the intricate patterns, to show them the techniques to create their own masterpieces, to be a part of the joy that a student can discover for the first time or once again, I not only find incredibly rewarding…it’s what I love to share.  Perhaps, now is the time when I can share my time and knowledge with you.

I look forward to creating with you in the near future,

Donna Mather – Certified Judy Niemeyer Instructor


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