Welcome Our Newest CI's

In an effort to bring the skills and techniques of paper piecing our patterns to you and your local quilt shops, we strive to train gifted quilters from around the world who can in turn, come and teach in a quilt shop or guild near you! Now, with over 90 Certified Instructors (CIs) world-wide, it’s easier than ever to find someone near you!

It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to complete our certified program, and we can’t thank our CIs enough for their dedication and enthusiasm. They continuously WOW us, and we can’t wait for them to WOW you!


Please join us in welcoming our the newest Certified Instructors!

Click on the photos below to view more information about each instructor along with their gallery of quilts, and certifications.


Cheryl Martel

Somerset, MA

Cheryl has been quilting for about 35 years, and her quilting journey began with her love for sewing and creating.

Seven years ago she saw a Bali Wedding Star hanging in my local quilt shop and decided she wanted to do that quilt. She jumped right in with a 104” x 104” Bali and was hooked.

From there she moved on to the Glacier Star and then the Fire Island Hosta. She kept taking classes and even came to Montana to do the rainbow color way for Mariner’s Compass. 

Cheryl decided since she was already teaching quilting, she wanted to add paper piecing to her portfolio, and it has become her passion. There is no better feeling than to hear your students tell you they love Judy’s method and want to take more classes. 

Judy’s patterns are so pretty and now with the mixers you can design your own quilt. The sky is the limit to what you can do.


Karen Bryant

Livonia, NY

Karen started quilting in 2004 and really enjoys using fabric to create warm and comforting quilts. She especially likes hand appliqué and paper piecing.

In 2013, her favorite quilt shop started offering classes featuring Judy Niemeyer patterns, and she fell in love with the designs.

Since then, she has made more than 20 of Judy’s quilts. In 2014, she started teaching at the shop, and enjoys helping her students develop proficiency with the techniques.

It is exciting to see the beautiful creations which are produced by the quilters in her classes!


Michele Rondot

Calgary, AB

Michele’s first experience with a Judy Niemeyer quilt was the ‘Bali Wedding Star’. Without any

guidance from a CI, it was a “hard slog, indeed”. Then she had an opportunity to meet Judy in person and with a much clearer understanding of Judy’s techniques, she was hooked.

With over 35 “Judy” quilts made, she then started to share her passion by teaching other quilters.

The organization, the step by step processes, the very logical approach all outlined in Judy’s patterns make these techniques suitable for one and all. Michele fully believes that when an investment in fabric and pattern is made with the hopes of creating a Quiltworx quilt, you deserve having a certified teacher by your side to support and guide your journey.


Sue Alexander

Fernly, NV

Sue, the owner of Certified Shop, A Stitch of Country, was introduced to the Judy Niemeyer paper piecing technique after seeing a pattern in a quilting magazine that she “just had to make!”, and fell in love with the technical and intricate aspect of the Quiltworx’s patterns.

Sue has a passion and eye for selecting colors. Sue is able to design quilts using Quiltster to assist and accommodate her customers’ visions. Since becoming a certified shop, she has furthered her interest by teaching paper piecing classes.

Sue found she had a talent in teaching these methods and wanted to share her enthusiasm with others by becoming a Certified Instructor.

Sue now has the distinction of being dual certified!


These instructors are available to teach classes at any quilt shop and are a resource for our Technique of the Month program. Get unmatched workshop experience by taking a class or booking them in your quilt shop today! Look for an instructor in your area here.


If you’ve already caught the Quiltworx bug, and are interested in more information on becoming a Certified Instructor, click this link for a PDF document that outlines the process and how to contact us.

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