Cheryl Martel
  • Somerset, Massachusetts 02726


My name is Cheryl Martel and I am from Somerset, Massachusetts. I have been quilting for about 35 years.


My quilting journey began out of my love for sewing and creating. My first quilt was an appliqué I designed for my sister’s baby shower. My interest grew from there.


About 7 years ago I saw a Bali Wedding Star hanging in my local quilt shop and decided I wanted to do that quilt. I jumped right in with a 104” x 104” Bali and I was hooked. I moved on from that to Glacier Star and then Fire Island Hosta. I kept taking classes and went to Montana to do the rainbow color way for Mariner’s Compass.


I decided since I was already teaching quilting I wanted to add paper piecing to my portfolio. It has become my passion. There is no better feeling than to hear your students tell you they love Judy’s method and want to take more classes.


Judy’s patterns are so pretty and now with the mixers you can design your own quilt. The sky is the limit to what you can do.

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