Tropical Rainbow, is an exciting new twist to an old favorite, the New York Beauty arc. Floating spikes, curved piecing, traditional  piecing, and Template Layout Sheets are all design elements used to create this quilt for foundation paper piecing.  A collection of fabric designed by Island Batik were used to make the samples on the box cover. The fabrics that were selected to make our quilts are typically the latest lines of fabrics that are supplied by a variety of fabric companies. Fabric companies design new fabric lines on a cycle of approximately every six months and at that time, they discontinue many of the previous lines. As a result, upon publication of our patterns, the same fabrics we use in our quilts on the cover most likely will not be available, unless a shop purchased the fabrics prior to publication, specifically to make fabric kits available for our quilts. However, choosing your own fabrics to make one of our quilts can be very simple. For example, the quilts on the cover were made using fifteen (15) bright fabrics and fifteen (15) dark fabrics.

Quilt Size: 78″ by 78″
Copyright, October 2007
Designed by Bradley and Judy Niemeyer
Drafting and Graphic Layouts: Sarah Brown, Bradley, Billy, and Del Niemeyer
Quilt samples made by Judy Niemeyer and Cindi McCracken
Quilting by Vicki Ibison


In 2012, Judy turned 56 years old and held a special sale on her birthday for 56% off the Tumbleweeds and Tropical Rainbow patterns.  Due to the overwhelming response to this sale, we are nearly OUT of these patterns and we want to see them made into quilts!!!!   At this same time, we also wrapped up our first ever contest for judging quilt tops made by our fans of one of our patterns.  This contest was called the Bali Fever Contest.  The Bali Fever Contest was such a success, we have decided to do another one for 2013, for our Tumbleweeds and Tropical Rainbow patterns.  Both patterns will be judged in the same category and only one group of winners will be selected.  There will not be winners identified separately for each quilt.  Quilts are eligible if they have been made out of these two patterns at any time in the past, but have NOT been shared on our facebook page previously as the submissions must remain anonymous.The contest rules:

  • The pattern MUST be a Tropical Rainbow or Tumbleweeds Pattern.
  • The quilt top MUST be completed by October 1st, 2013 and a photograph of the quilt should be emailed to  Note that our Bali Fever Contest, quality of the picture made a tremendous difference in the voting for the contest.  There was some fantastic quilts that came with blurry pictures, lots of extras in the background, and with poor lighting.  A nice photograph will make a lot of difference!
  • The quilt top does not need to be quilted.
  • Certified Shops and Instructors and Quiltworx Staff are not eligible for the Contest.
  • Judging will take place from October 1st through October 15th on Facebook only, to identify the top 10 semi-finalists.
  • Each semi-finalist will receive a $30.00 gift certificate to
  • The semi-finalists will have a chance to submit a SECOND photograph of their quilt by October 20th.
  • A semi-finalist round will take place from October 20th to October 31st.  The quilts will be ranked by Judy (20%), ranked by Quiltworx Staff (20%), ranked according to the semi-finalist round of voting on facebook (20%), ranked according to the number of original pins on Pinterest (20%), and ranked by our Certified Shops AND Certified Instructors (20%).
  • The winner will receive:  $400.00 to their favorite Quilt Shop.
  • 2nd Place will receive:  $150.00 to their favorite Quilt Shop.
  • 3rd Place will receive:  $50.00 to their favorite Quilt Shop.

So…get creative with color, layout, and concept!  We are excited to see what comes of this contest!  The top three quilts have the option of being sent to to be photographed and used in marketing materials in the future!  Good luck!  We can’t WAIT to see what you dream up to share with us!



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Official Samples (Color Changing Quilts)
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