Judy and Bradley Niemeyer  designed the foundation blocks used in the Farmers Star. The cover quilt layout was designed by Carrie Barone.  The fabrics selected for the quilt on the coversheet are from the Reclaimed West fabric collection, designed by Judy and Judel Niemeyer, by Timeless Treasures.  The cover quilt was pieced by Certified Instructor, Andrea Schnur and quilted by Carrie Barone, as well.

Watch the Digitized Quilting Design page for a series of designs that can fit these blocks.

Replacement Papers are also available to make a second sample or expand this quilt to a Queen Size layout.  Yardage and layout information for a Queen option is included in the pattern.

Pattern Size: 73″ x 85″
Price: $37.00

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Official Samples (Color Changing Quilts)
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