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I started quilting in 1970ish.  I hand pieced 9-patch blocks for a doll quilt as part of a history project/book report on quilting.  Needless to say the report was finished on time; the 9-patches are still waiting to be finished many years later (my mom still pesters me to finish it).  My next quilting adventure was a quilt for college made of leftover double knits, backed with pre-quilted fabric and tied.  It won a ribbon at the 1976 New Mexico State Fair, in the Junior Division.  Next I made a jeans quilt to fit a king size bed, also tied. Quilting fell by the wayside as I started working as an oil & gas engineer around the Western US.  I started quilting again in the 1990’s making quilted jackets.  When I moved to Alaska, I began taking classes;  learning good techniques from several wonderful teachers and breaking many self- taught bad habits.  When I moved to SW Kansas in 2003, I began teaching introductory quilting classes at the local quilt shop.

Since moving to Longmont, Colorado in 2008, I have been teaching classes at area quilt shops where I found a wonderful quilting community.  My first Quiltworx adventure was Raindrops at a retreat in Valdez, AK.  Being an engineer in my other life, I really enjoyed the process and precision of paper piecing.  I love teaching others the art of quilting and the precision of paper piecing.  The best moments are when students get “it” or tell me “I didn’t think it would go together BUT it all fit!”

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