QU Madeline Island West

Post Date ~ January 25, 2019

Are you ready for MISA West in Tucson!?

We are! In preparation for your trip, we’re re-sending the Retreat Supply List and Retreat Schedule for reference below.

Quilters Market and Quiltworx are presently preparing your patterns for this event! And, many of you will be showing up to class with your pattern prepared for you! 

For the few of you that are working on Rain Forest Blossoms and Prairie Star in your own colorway, you should have already ordered your patterns and be well on your way to preparing the design for the workshop! Also, please remember that you can use Quiltster as a planning tool for your quilt and when you click on the Print Page, then click on Block and Inch Strips in the yardage chart using the drop down menu, you will see strip sizes and fabric references you need to be prepared for class. Find the Rain Forest Blossom and Prairie Star designs in Quiltster to help you with this task! If you would like more information in this regard, please let me know, ASAP! 

If you have any questions regarding rooms and accommodations, please contact Madeline Island School of the Arts to get your questions answered. 

A few details about Tanque Verde Ranch. First, this is a horse ranch so there will be horses on property, in case this is something you weren’t aware of. Second, the accommodations are spread out across the campus. It is a beautiful morning walk to the teaching location. And, if you don’t want to walk, you can simply call the front office and arrange for golf cart pick up. The dining area is just outside the teaching area and serves food throughout the day. There are several special dining events that happen, such as a Wednesday evening cook out, and a morning breakfast at the old homestead with blueberry pancakes. The property is absolutely wonderful and we are so excited to be able to offer this event here. For more information, including how to get to Tanque Verde Ranch, please check out the Tanque Verde website.

We can’t wait to see you! ~ Sincerely, the Quiltworx University Team


Retreat Supply List

You’ll need to bring the following items with you to class: 

  • 3″ by 12″ piece of Template Plastic (3″ by 12″ piece)
  • 3-1/2″ by 18″ piece piece of Template Plastic
  • 12″ Add-a-quarter ruler
  • 18″ Add-a-quarter ruler
  • Purple Thang (optional) 
  • 6″ by 12″ ruler 
  • Medium size cutting mat (18” by 24”) 
  • Rotary cutter 45mm or 60 mm 
  • New rotary blade 
  • Size 70 needles (Microtex recommended) 
  • Scissors 
  • Seam ripper
  • Small Extension Cords (May not be necessary)  
  • Fabric glue UHU stic 
  • Glue Pen (Fons and Porter, Sewline, or Avery recommended) 
  • High quality cotton sewing thread 
  • Flower pins 
  • Scotch Tape 
  • Large Ziploc Bags 
  • Stapler 
  • Binder Clips (medium and small) 
  • Large Paper Clips 

Sewing Machines (Bernina 475 QE) will be provided at no extra charge for this event. We kindly ask that you leave your personal machines at home so that we can assure power will be adequate to meet the needs of each student! The machines are provided by The Quilt Basket, in Tucson, AZ and there will be shop employees available at scheduled times throughout the week with information on special event pricing, tutorials, and assistance if you need it.  

Pressing stations will be included in each room that you can share (1 table for 10 students). We will also have movable design walls available when you are ready to layout your quilt and see how it’s coming along! However, please be respectful of others and not consume a design board the entire time. There are a limited number available and there is not a lot of extra wall space in the classroom due to windows and door placement to allow for the design walls to be out the entire time.

The venue has done a great job assuring that power requirements are available for the machines and ironing stations, along with everything that is needed to keep us all *on the grid*. While there are several pressing and cutting stations located around the room, much of the cutting you will be doing can be done at your own station and there is enough space on each 6 foot table for your machine and a cutting space. There is also some available wattage for you to have lights and small travel irons at your space. But, PLEASE adhere to the following guidelines below.

OPTIONAL: You are also able to bring a small iron (less than 40 Watts, please. Anything greater will not be allowed), to press seams while at your seat. 

Some options might be:

As a courtesy to other students, extra table extensions will not be allowed. Please understand that these extensions make it difficult to move through the aisles and also increase the amount of space you are likely to encroach on your neighbors. We also ask that any storage containers that are too large to fit beneath your own sewing station be stored in your vehicles or in your room during the week.  

In addition, some students like extra light. LED Lighting Kits for sewing machines are allowable, but please do not bring magnifying glass combos. Some of those shown below might give you an idea of options that seem to work well in retreats at Quiltworx. Since we will be providing machines at this event that may be purchased by other customers in the future, please do not bring a light that needs to permanently attach to your machine unless you plan on taking it home with you!


Program Schedule

The general program schedule is provided below if you are interested in how your day to day will work! Your week will include special events, check-in, and check-out information!

Wednesday, February 6th: 

  • 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Check In. Get situated in your room and set up your sewing station. Receive machine instructions and meet instructors to get started on cutting papers for your first workshop
  • 5:30 p.m. Cowboy Cookout Night! 
  • 7:30 p.m. Continue with Machine demos, meeting instructors, and learn basic cutting techniques for Thursday’s first workshop

Note: There are two separate rooms that this even will be held in. One will hold 49 students, the other holds 20. Every station has its own 6 foot table, and, each room is outfitted with several ironing and pressing stations. You will not be able to have an iron that does not meet the class requirements set forth above at your own personal station. However, even if you must get out of your seat to iron, your sewing station can accommodate much of your trimming needed during the paper piecing process.

Don’t forget, you are invited to arrive to a station that has already been set up with a sewing machine (so there’s no need to haul your own). These complimentary machines are provided from Bernina and the Quilt Basket, your exclusive Bernina Dealer for this event! 

Staff from Quilters Market, your exclusive Certified Shop for the event. Not only will there be pajama parties at the store throughout the week (only a short 15 minute drive from the Ranch), but they will have an on-site store for replacement notions, kits, fabrics, and all your Quiltworx needs! 

Daily Schedule (February 7th, Thursday, to 11th, Monday):

  • 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.: Breakfast
  • 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.: Morning Workshop
  • 11:30 a.m.to 1:00 p.m.: Lunch
  • 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.: Afternoon Workshop
  • 3:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.: Afternoon Break (The workshop is over at 4:00 p.m. on Monday, the 11th)
  • 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.: Afternoon Programs or Free Sew (Optional)

In general, we will work on the following sections of your quilts on the following days:

  • Thursday: Center Diamonds
  • Friday: Wall Hanging and Wall Quilt Borders
  • Saturday: Queen Borders
  • Sunday: 16” Squares
  • Monday: King Borders and General Quilt Assembly

Quiltster demonstrations will be provided for interested students in the shop area, located on the main floor of the main teaching room.

  • Trunk Show from Instructors and students will be held either in one of the classrooms or outside over a balcony above the main teaching studio throughout the week if you are interested. Feel free to bring a few projects to show off if you can spare the space! We’d love to see your special touches to Quiltworx projects you’ve made over the years!

Judy will be available for demonstrations on other techniques beyond just those used in the units for the workshop.

  • The Certified Shop will be available throughout the week for supplies, quilt kits, fabric, and anything else you may need to satisfy your quilting desires! In general, the shop will close at 10 p.m. and open at 8:00 a.m. each day  
  • On Monday, class will end at 4:00 p.m. Students can check out early and head home, or stay and sew for the evening (please make arrangements with us ahead of Monday so we know who will be doing this. You may end up moving your sewing station), or hang out around Tucson! If you do, make sure to visit the our machine sponsoring local quilt shop,the Quilt Basket! They have arranged for a special discount during the event!   
  • 6:00 p.m.: Dinner (all other nights it will be in the Dining room, which begins serving dinner from 5 to 9 p.m.).
  • Evening: Dog House Saloon: Open from 4 to 10 p.m. There is a saloon on site with snacks a drinks as well! All purchases will be charged to the credit card on file.

Monday, February 11th, 4:00 p.m.: Official Check-out


Meet Our Team!

Judy Niemeyer

Kalispell, MT

Judy is an international instructor known for her foundation paper piecing techniques and quilt patterns. Her company, Judy Niemeyer Quilting Inc., has published over 100 foundation paper pieced quilt patterns over the last 15 years. Her quilts and patterns have become well-known both nationally and internationally among quilters and quilt shop owners. The patterns include many sewing techniques commonly referred to as foundation paper piecing, traditional piecing, curved piecing, strip piecing, and appliqué.

Jenny Clark
Eileen Urbanek
Kay Crandall
Kelly Grant

Jenny Clark

Kalispell, MT

Jenny is from Judy’s hometown of Kalispell, MT and currently works at our Certified Shop, Glacier Quilts in Kalispell. She caught the Quiltworx bug when a customer brought in a Bali Wedding Star quilt to show and tell at the shop. She was instantly inspired to make her first Quiltworx quilt, the Desert Sky. After that, she was hooked. Jenny believes that her students should leave her workshops with the confidence to complete their projects.


Eileen Urbanek

Lewisville, TX

Eileen has been teaching in shops and guilds around Texas for over eight years. She first became interested in Judy’s patterns when she realized how organized and efficient Judy’s sewing process was.

Her teaching background is strong, her understanding of Judy’s techniques is spot on, and her interest and excitement for sharing the information with others is energizing.


Kay Crandall

Tucson, AZ

Kay is a Certified Instructor working out of our Certified Shop Quilter’s Market.


Kelly Grant

Surprise, AZ

Kelly began her sewing career at the age of 6 years old. 

Her first sewing machine was a Singer Featherweight and that same machine has been used to create many of her Quiltworx quilts.

Kelly brings experience and fun to her teaching. She especially loves to teach “newbies” the “Judy” technique. She is described by students as patient, organized, calm and fun. 


See you soon!

Post Date ~ September 27, 2018

Hello everyone! We’re beyond excited about this upcoming retreat, and the beautiful design options we’ve developed especially for you! Check them out below and start planning your project today!


First, before choosing your project, please be reminded that your Quiltworx University sign up fees include 6 months of Quiltster, which is a $60 value!

You can sign up monthly for the next 6 months (at which point, a credit card would begin to be billed monthly for the account). Or, you can sign up for an annual subscription and apply a coupon code that will take $60.00 off the subscription amount of $99, giving you 2 additional months for free!

Also, if you set up an annual subscription for this event before the end of September, we also have an ongoing promotion for a free Prismatic Star pattern! Now is a GREAT time to subscribe if you haven’t already!

(Already a Quiltster subscriber and want to take advantage of this promotion as well? No problem! Just send an email to info@quiltster.com and they will help you extend your Quiltster subscription today instead of waiting until your renewal, qualifying you for the Prismatic Star promotion as well!)

In early September, Quiltster sent an email to each of you with information on how to access your accounts and what to look for to begin working on your project, once you did. If you have not signed up, even if you do not think designing a quilt in Quiltster is the project option for you, please log into Quiltster and get your accounts activated. There are lots of ways you can use Quiltster for this project no matter which project you decide to make! And, we’ll show you how!

If you need access to Quiltster, email Judel@quiltworx.com.


We’re excited to present Meadow Mixer in a series of layouts which can be designed and purchased through Quiltster, delivered right to your sewing station at Quiltworx University in the fabrics of your choice and ready to start sewing with your instructor in class! The Quilt Shop sourcing the fabrics for this event is Quilter’s Market, a Certified Shop located in Tucson, AZ!


September 25th to November 7th, you will be primarily designing and creating your project (or projects, as you can order more than one!) in Quiltster.

November 7th, Quiltster will open up ordering! At that point, you will have 2 weeks to order your project for the event. You will use a Buy Now button, available in Quiltster for your project to order. The order will be processed on your credit card, through Quiltster. Yardage, pattern elements, taxes (as appropriate), and a cutting/processing fee to help offset the kit preparation costs will be included in your kit order.  In general, kit pricing is as follows:

  • Fabric is $12.99 a yard.
  • Any kit purchased for the event will be 10% off!
  • A processing and cutting fee will be applied at 17%…so on a $250 purchase, this is roughly $42.50 to have your fabric cut to strips and prepared for class.
  • Backing and binding can be ordered at the time of the kit as well! This add-on yardage will not include a processing fee, and backing and binding yardage will be discounted 25% off, if ordered in conjunction with the kit!
  • Finally, there will be no shipping and handling because we will deliver to the class!
  • Please note that an 8.7% sales tax will be applied to all orders.

If you order your project through Quiltster, there is nothing else you will need to do! Simply watch for a supply email and other relevant correspondence to the event, and we’ll meet you in Tucson! Your project will be prepared for class, ready to begin where your instructors will start teaching. It’s that simple!


There are three options for selecting the pattern and your fabrics:

OPTION 1:  Purchase a Prairie Star ($77.00) or Rain Forest Blossoms ($75.00) pattern, and choose your own fabrics from your stash or as desired. Patterns will not be available for purchase until December 2018. We request you purchase the December 2018 Prairie Star pattern publication as it will be easiest to follow along in class if you have this version of the pattern.

Please prepare your kit prior to class by cutting your fabrics up to the point where you would begin cutting with a Template Layout Sheet (you do not need to cut apart the layout sheets prior to class). This way, you will be prepared to begin working on your project at the steps where the rest of the students will begin.

If you are not having the shop cut your kit, you can still use Quiltster to plan your design! This will help you get yardage, strip cutting information, and your fabric planning underway as soon as today! The patterns can be purchased when available, through Quiltworx. Please let us know by responding to this email if this is your choice so we can contact you when the patterns are ready. 

If you would like to make either of the above quilts in the original fabrics and have the shop prepare the kit, this is an option as well. To order a kit (Ordering opens November 7th) for Prairie Star or Rain Forest Blossoms, log into Quiltster, click on the Enter Quiltworx University Tucson 2019, then select the color you want to order. You will then select Buy Now and process an order accordingly. We will bring all your project needs to Tucson in February!

OPTION 2: Select one of the Meadow Mixer Kits, exclusive to this event!  There are 13 options that have been created for you to choose from that showcase the different blocks featured for this event, a variety of fabrics, and the endless possible arrangements for this project. You will still have a Quiltster account available to you through mid-March as part of your event, but you will not need to use it to prepare your project if you’ve chosen one of these options.  You will, however, need to use it to purchase the design. 

Starting on November 7th, you will be able to click on the project you want to purchase, save it to your account, then click Buy Now and purchase the kit, which will be cut and prepared for you when you come to Quiltworx University in February!

OPTION 3:  Create your own completely customized quilt, where you pick the combination of blocks for your quilt and your favorite fabric collections from the list shown below!

Quiltster allows you to mix and match blocks and fabrics in 5 different quilt sizes to achieve your perfectly unique quilt! Want a custom quilt, but you want to have someone help? There is also time to contact Judel Niemeyer for an additional design fee ($25/design) to help you create your perfect quilt. She will have you call into Quiltworx to pay your fee, then begin working with you to create a quilt you love!

Again, on November 7th, you will receive an email from us letting you know that ordering is available. You will click on your prepared project, click the Buy Now, and be able to purchase your kit!

Prairie Star or Rain Forest Blossoms Patterns

Purchase either of these patterns and choose your own fabrics.

Official Kits


These are the official kits for these two patterns. If you would like one, they will be shipped in advance of the program in order to allow you time to prepare your kits in advance. If you would like your kit prepared for you, a 10% kit cutting fee will be applied and you can pick up your kit at the event.

Meadow Mixer Kits

If choosing blocks and fabrics seems overwhelming, we’re also offering the following exclusive fabric kits only available to event attendees.  (3 to 5 kits are estimated to be available of each, and will be considered on a first come, first served basis!)

If you select this option, we’ll cut the kit and prepare it, for the class. We will bring the kits to the workshop for you so there is no preparation needed! 

As we work out final yardage, we will let you know the final cost of the kit that you have selected before we prepare it.* 


Cinco de Mayo, 99x99

99″ Square

Kaffe Fassett with Free Spirit

85″ Square

Kaffe Fassett with Free Spirit

97″ Square

Mandarin Grove by Judy & Judel Niemeyer with Timeless Treasures

Cinco de Mayo, 99x99

68″ Square

Tula Pink with Free Spirit

85″ Square

Tula Pink with Free Spirit

68″ Square

Mandarin Grove by Judy & Judel Niemeyer with Timeless Treasures

85″ Square

Mandarin Grove by Judy & Judel Niemeyer with Timeless Treasures

85″ Square

Island Batik & Timeless Treasures Tonga Batiks

99″ Square

Montana Sapphire Mini Collection by Judy & Judel Niemeyer with Timeless Treasures

85″ Square

Emerald and Garnet Mini Collections by Judy & Judel Niemeyer with Timeless Treasures

99″ Square

Mandarin Grove by Judy & Judel Niemeyer with Timeless Treasures

118″ Square

Timeless Treasures Java Blenders

99″ Square

Tonga Batiks and Emerald Mini Collection by Judy & Judel Niemeyer with Timeless Treasures

Create your own completely customized quilt, by selecting a quilt size and blocks for each section of the quilt (Group A, Group B (16″ Squares), Group B (Borders), Group C, & Group D) shown below along with new fabrics from over 15 collections!

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Use Quiltster!  Prior to this event, you’ll receive a 6 month subscription to Quiltster (as part of the fee for attending the event), allowing you the opportunity to mix and match blocks and fabrics in 5 different quilt sizes to achieve your perfectly unique quilt!  
  2. We’ll Design it With You!  For an additional design fee you can work one on one with Judel Niemeyer as she uses Quiltster to mix and match blocks and fabrics to create your one of a kind quilt. You’ll have final approval before your quilt is kitted.

Whether you use Quiltster on your own, or have us do it, your finalized quilt kit will be prepared for you and brought to Quilter’s Market for you to complete! No preparation on your end will be needed!

Your quilt sizes are as follows:


Your block options are as follows:


GROUP B – 16″ Square Layout Only

GROUP B – Border Layouts Only

GROUP C – 85″ Square Layout Only

GROUP D – 99″ Square Layout Only

GROUP D – 99″ Medallion

KING BORDER – 118″x118″

Fabric Options

Fabrics will be guaranteed on all orders prior to December 1st. For orders processed after December 1st, we will do our best to fulfill your yardage requirements, but may need to make substitutions. All substitutions will be discussed with Quiltworx and/or the customer in advance.

Quilter’s Market is offering you the following fabrics:

Timeless Treasures: Tonga Jewels – Amethyst

Timeless Treasures: Tonga Jewels – Jade

Timeless Treasures: Mandarin Grove

Timeless Treasures: Emerald Mini Collection

Timeless Treasures: Garnet Mini Collection

Timeless Treasures: MT Sapphire Mini Collection

Timeless Treasures: Wallflowers

Timeless Treasures: Tonga Batiks

Timeless Treasures: Java Blenders

Free Spirit: Tula Pink All Stars

Free Spirit: Tula Pink Pom Poms & Stripes

Free Spirit: Tula Pink Solids

Free Spirit: Kaffe Fassett

Island Batik

Hoffman Fabrics

Robert Kaufman Kona



Post Date ~ June 5, 2018


We’re opening 20 more spots in February 2019!

There’s still an opportunity to join us for Quiltworx University in February 2019, at the Madeline Island West location in sunny Tucson, AZ! 

With 49 of 50 of our original spaces full, Quiltworx and MISA staff traveled to Tucson to determine if we could find a location to add another classroom!  After going through options with Tanque Verde Ranch, we’re excited to announce that we’re able to expand our winter workshop to 70 spaces!

The breathtaking views of the Arizona desert landscape, are complimented by fabulous sunsets and a warm winter climate. Spacious studios offer sweeping desert and mountain views to inspire quilters from morning to night. 

We’re teaming with The Quilter’s Market and a group of amazing Southern US Instructors (including Judy Niemeyer herself) to bring you a once in a lifetime event at a jaw dropping venue in first class accommodations!  

As always, there will be a new, exclusive project, just for retreat attendees!

We hope you can all come and join the fun February 6-11, 2019, 
and experience quilting at this exceptional location!

We hope to see you there!

Post Date ~ April 11, 2018

Quiltworx & Madeline Island School of the Arts Team Up For Another Great Retreat in February 2019!

With our Summer Quiltworx University at Madeline Island booked, and this past Quiltworx University in Bakersfield a huge success, you’ll want to check out our the next  Quiltworx University in February 2019, at the Madeline Island West location in sunny Tucson, AZ! 

We’ve lowered the class size from 100 participants to 50 participants, and we’re over half way booked.  Now’s the time to secure your spot to enjoy world class instruction, super fun quilting, and great friends in this beautiful setting.

The breathtaking views of the Arizona desert landscape, are complimented by fabulous sunsets and a warm winter climate. Spacious studios offer sweeping desert and mountain views to inspire quilters from morning to night. 

We’re teaming with The Quilter’s Market and a group of amazing Southern US Instructors (including Judy Niemeyer herself) to bring you a once in a lifetime event at a jaw dropping venue in first class accommodations!  

As always, there will be a new, exclusive project, just for retreat attendees!

Please join us 02/06/19 to 02/11/19!

We hope to see you there!

Post Date ~ January 18, 2018

Quiltworx University @ MISA West

Quiltworx & Madeline Island School of the Arts Team Up For Another Great Retreat in February 2019!

With our Summer Quiltworx University at Madaline Island booked, and Quiltworx University in Bakersfield right around the corner, it’s time to announce the next  Quiltworx University event in February 2019, at the Madeline Island West location in sunny Tucscon, AZ! 

The breathtaking views of the Arizona desert landscape, are complimented by fabulous sunsets and a warm winter climate. Spacious studios offer sweeping desert and mountain views to inspire quilters from morning to night. 

We’re teaming with The Quilter’s Market and a group of amazing Southern US Instructors to bring you a once in a lifetime event at a jaw dropping venue in first class accommodations!  

In the past, our MISA retreats have been so popular they’ve filled up quickly and have had long waiting lists, so sign up early to secure your spot! 

As always, there will be a new, exclusive project, just for retreat attendees!

Please join us 02/06/19 to 02/11/19!
(Check-in and Intro Banquet on 2/6/19 at 3:00 p.m.
with 5 days Class 2/7 to 2/11)

We hope to see you there!


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