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The idea for this quilt started with a traditional block known as the Hunter Star. We used a triangle built with a 30-degree angle on one corner and a 60-degree angle on the other corner, then divided it into four sections just like the Hunter Star. I was surprised when we set the triangles together. All of those six pointed stars started circling around the larger twelve pointed stars, creating a new and exciting look, while still showing the Hunter Star.

This quilt is sewn together using foundation paper to build the triangles. If you follow the piecing and pressing instructions step by step you will find all of the opposing seams will interlock when setting this quilt together. This quilt was designed using a pieced border allowing the stars to float into the border. This quilt is an easy quilt to make if you read and follow the instruction. No curved piecing is required. Appliqué is optional.

Quilt Size: 73″ by 82″
Designed by Judy and Bradley Niemeyer
Quilted by Carolyn Kreps
Graphics by Del Niemeyer

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