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The Fire Island Hosta quilt pattern was designed by Judy and Bradley Niemeyer.  The cover quilt was made out of a collection of Hoffman Fabrics, released in the Summer of 2013.  It is the first pattern in a new line of Leaf inspired designs that include Judy’s latest paper piecing technique, involving curved-line paper piecing.  How do you trim a quarter-inch seam without an Add-A-Quarter Ruler, and with perfection every time?  Well, this pattern teaches you how!  Find a workshop in your favorite Certified Shop or with your favorite Certified Instructor across the US to learn this technique, and begin curved paper-piecing from one pattern to the next!  You will see much more of this technique in future designs, so it’s one you’ll want to learn!

The quilt shown here includes all the foundation papers and a full set of instructions to make the quilt on the cover, which measures 74″ x 74″.  It includes yardage and exact color references to the coversheet, along with information that will allow you to pick your own colors for the different areas of the quilt. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

In the future (mid-Summer 2014), watch for related products, including a Digitized Quilt Design(s) by Vicki Ibison, which matches the quilt on the coversheet.  To get to a Queen Size design, watch for a new publication that will include ALL the papers to make a Queen Size pattern with a new border concept you haven’t seen before from!  A Queen-Size Expansion set will also be released, but note:  It will significantly alter both the yardage and the final cutting for your background fabric.  As a result, you may want to simply wait for the Queen-Size publication (due out in early Summer 2014), or do not buy/cut the background fabric until you review the Expansion set.  It will require approximately 2 additional yards of background fabric (provided you do not cut the backgrounds to fit the wall quilt size before moving to the Queen).  Our recommendation is to purchase the Queen Size quilt design in a couple of months, if this is the size you are hoping for.

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This pattern is Quiltster Compatible! This means you can color the quilt with your favorite Fabric Collection in Quiltster before you make it and obtain yardage! Click on the logo to the left to be taken directly to the Template page for this design in Quiltster. You may need to log into your account for the link to work. If you do not have a Quiltster account already, you will need to subscribe and log in before this link will work. Subscriptions can be obtained by going to, click on Subscribe!


Click below for a downloadable .PDF of various kitting handouts!

Pattern Price:  $48.50
Pattern Size: 74″ x 74″
Yardage information is included in the Official Samples area below, along with a line drawing to audition colors if you like!
FiH-Wall-Quilt-WF-Kitting-Sheet-1_600 Fire Island Hosta Kitting Information-1 2014 Fire Island Hosta Kitting Sheet-1

FiH-Wall-Quilt-AtP-1pg-KS_600 FiH-Wall-Quilt-JB-1pg-KS_600 Fire-Island-Hosta-Wall-KB-1pg-KS_600

Fire-Island-Hosta-Camelot-1pg-KS-1 11-27-18

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Official Samples (Color Changing Quilts)

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