The Tuscan Sunset Layout was designed by Judy and Bradley Niemeyer. It includes four sections referred to as Group BF, B, C and D.

In 2024, Quiltworx released it’s first ever Quarterly Quiltworx Box Program. Tuscan Sunset was designed for this event. As a result, online video instruction for this design will be available on the Quiltworx YouTube channel as follows:

  • Group BF being taught in early March 6, 2024
  • Group B being taught in early June 5, 2024
  • Group C being taught in early September 4, 2024
  • Group D in early December 4, 2024

If you subscribe to the Quiltworx YouTube channel and set your subscription to notify you of new video content, you will see when the videos are released.

If you have purchased this pattern after the live workshops, you can simply visit the YouTube channel and see them once you are ready to start the pattern. Once the patterns are there, they will be there forever.

If you are planning on making a king size Tuscan Sunset, you will need to purchase the 68″ version of the pattern in order for the king borders to be compatible.
You will need:
(1) Tuscan Sunset 68″ Pattern
(1) 281-D Border
(1) 277-H Border

These are all available when you click the Buy Now button.

If you want to experiment and mix and match the pieces included here with those from other designs, Quiltster is the perfect tool for you to make a quilt completely your own. Likewise, you can use many of the groups in this pattern to make other layouts as well. At the time of publication, the Group A blocks also fit the Meadow Star layouts. The Group B blocks are exclusive to the Courtyard Fountain Layouts (and there are three different sizes). Group C blocks can be used in the Cattail Mixers and Solstice Queen Mixers as well! Group D blocks can be used to expand a variety of Quiltworx designs and are also used in the Solstice Queen Mixer, Meadow Star Mixers, and Cattail Mixers. Explore each of these layouts to learn new ways to incorporate these blocks into future projects as well!

This pattern is available in Quiltster! This means you can color the quilt with your favorite fabric collections in Quiltster before you make it. Quiltster will even provide you with yardage!  You can also purchase kits designed by Quiltster Sellers right in the application!

Click on the Project button to access the pattern templates and begin coloring with fabrics uploaded from your stash and/or fabric collections from across the industry! A Quiltster account is required to use the coloring tool.  If you do not have a Quiltster account already, you will need to subscribe and log in before these links will work. Subscriptions can be obtained by going to, click on Subscribe!

If you’d like to purchase a kit from a Quiltster Seller, click the Marketplace button! A subscription is not needed in Quiltster to purchase a kit through the Marketplace.

Click below for a downloadable .PDF of various kitting handouts!

Pattern Size: 99″ x 99″
Price: $100.00
Pattern Includes: Instructions, Cover Sheet, Yardage Information, Foundation Papers, King Expansion Assembly Information

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