This pattern is now called Spurs.

To find the newest release of this pattern click here:  Spurs 

Judy and Bradley Niemeyer designed the foundation blocks used to make the Log Cabin Cutouts quilt. We offer a special thanks to Hoffman Fabrics of California for designing and providing the fabrics for our quilt.

Log Cabin Cutouts is designed as a companion quilt to the Cabin Fever pattern using the leftover arcs and yardage for the spike and striped-border components for this quilt. If you have not made the Cabin Fever, you can still make this quilt by downloading the alternative directions to the right…listed under the Corrections Heading.  However, we currently do not have individual paper pieced arcs available for purchase.  This may change in the future, but at this time, you will need to reference the information provided on this page to learn how to make your quilt without individual paper pieced arc units.  Note that the pattern also works with the left over arcs from the Osprey’s Nest.  Revised yardage information is required and is available for download to the right…look under the corrections heading for the downloadable .pdf.  Other log cabin patterns we will publish in the future may also provide you with left over arcs for this pattern.  More information on this will be available when the future publications are completed.

The finished quilt is 67″ x 75″

The quilt was quilted by Quiltworx Staff using patterns that will be digitized in the coming months.

The pattern cost is $18.00

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