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My Name is, Siska Dart I was born in Bitung a small city in North Sulawesi, Indonesia before moving to Jakarta where I met my Australian husband. I am now also Australian and live in Melbourne. I started quilting when I was in Cape Town, South Africa from 2009 until 2012. I learned lots of different techniques in quilting while I was there. I join the Good Hope Quilt Guild and St Saviors quilt group. I did many workshops with the group and I have been a teaching volunteer at the Art school Rut Prowse for making quilts and some others hand crafts. I also taught a group of women at Suurbraak a small town in rural SA where there is a project for disadvantaged women.

After returning to Melbourne in 2013, I went to quilt shop in Blackburn for the Judy Niemeyer pattern classes, I did the Stepping Stone and Glacier Star.
During 2013 and 2014 we returned several times to Indonesia and I did a few workshops with my friends in Jakarta.

In 2014 I have concentrated on finishing my UFO and doing workshops at the Guild, and just last month I did the Workshop with Judy for Certified Instructor.
My plans is to Introduce and teach the Judy Niemeyer patterns in Indonesia, most of the Indonesian quilter have been making the traditional patterns and the Japanese type of quilting but have expressed interest in the new techniques. Jakarta is going to be my first city to teach Judy Niemeyer Patterns.

The Judy Niemeyer patterns are new things in Indonesia as they know about the paper piecing but not with the Judy Niemeyer technique.
I would also be available to teach on invitation or stand in for classes in Melbourne as a substitute if the regular provider was unavailable.

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