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I started sewing as a participant in 4-H as a 9 year old many years ago.  I sewed clothing for several years and just a couple of very simple quilts to enter in the fair as a teen.  When I was expecting my oldest son (now 24), I made his first quilt – a log cabin.  Since then I have made too many quilts to count.  My background and passion has always revolved around fabric and sewing.  In 2002, my mother and I opened a quilt shop in Billings, MT.  In 2003, Judy stopped in our store and taught a class for us in between other teaching engagements.  That slowly started the transition for us regarding the paper pieced patterns.  Originally my mom made most of our samples and I did fit a few in for myself.  In 2012, I applied to become a certified shop with the introduction of the Technique of the Month patterns.  I have attended two retreats in Kalispell to date and thoroughly enjoy the process, creativity and innovation of the Quiltworx patterns.

My goal with all my students is for them to finish their projects.  It is so rewarding to help them through the process and see the “aha” moment when it all clicks.  Then they can’t get enough! We are also striving to carry the latest patterns and make up samples that will entice anyone to look at all the patterns in a new way.  We work hard to help students select fabrics that will make their masterpiece stand out.

I look forward to many years of being able to share the techniques and beauty of the Quiltworx designs.

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