Janet McNamara Houck
  • 173 Catlin Hill Rd.
  • Owego, New York 13827
  • Phone: (828) 778-9343


Janet has lived in Western NC since 2001. She lives with her husband and their 4 dogs and 3 cats. Janet works full time as a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner.

Janet has been quilting since 2004 when she took a quilting class at her local community college. Janet developed her love for quilts from maternal grandmother in MN. Her grandmother created hand pieced quilts using a frame that would be lowered from the ceiling when she wanted to work on the quilt. Unfortunately, her grandmother lived too far away to teach her and her mother didn’t quilt. She has made numerous quilts for friends and family using a variety of patterns until she took her first Judy Niemeyer Glacier Star quilt with certified shop, Tennessee Quilts. She caught the Judy bug and now makes very few quilts that aren’t from Judy’s patterns. She has imparted her love of Judy’s patterns to her youngest sister who has also traveled to take a class from Judy.

Janet started her journey to become a Certified Instructor in 2010, traveling to Tennessee and Florida to take classes with Judy. She traveled to Montana to attend a retreat and fell in love with the countryside. She has returned to Montana 2 additional times to continue the certification process. Along the way, she has met incredible people, many who have become friends.

Janet has a teaching background which has translated well into teaching quilting. Janet enjoys sharing her love of Judy’s techniques and her passion is watching the students become just as hooked as she is on these beautiful quilts.


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