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In 2010, Quiltworx.com ventured into a new concept in our company to help answer a growing demand for our teaching, which involved Certifying Instructors for our teaching techniques and patterns. While you do not need to be Certified to teach almost all of our patterns (except the Technique of the Month Program patterns...Glacier Star and Mariner's Compass), the program has been a tremendous success and has helped us reach so many shops and students we never would have been able to get to on our own! The feedback we've received from students in classes and shop owners alike can be summed up by no more than a simple...Thank You.

Our Certified Instructors are specifically trained for the following:

  • To Teach Patterns that they have completed and Can Provide Samples of
  • To Conduct Lectures and Trunk Shows with your Quilt Shops and Guilds
  • To Teach at your Quilt Shows and Conferences and Provide a Vendor Booth,
  • To Provide you with Assistance in doing Demonstrations and Kitting for Judy's Products
  • To offer Samples, as they have available, to Advertise your Classes with them
  • To Bring your Judy's Technique of the Month Program

The profiles for each of our instructors are listed below, with contract information and teaching areas avaiable for quick reference! They have all made many of our quilts, taken special training workshops with Judy, and have access to tools and lecture information to provide trunk shows to your groups with uptodate information on our company. You can find their teaching calendars, quilt samples, pictures from various classes they've participated in, and pre-class instructions, as appropriate, in the pages below! If you are a student interested in taking a class, you can also visit our Patterns Page to find your favorite pattern and see if there are workshops for that particular quilt, or contact the Instructor through your guild or a local shop to bring them to you!

Our focus is supplying a teaching network of instructors that are:

  • Highly skilled,
  • Familiar with our company, products, and staff,
  • Interested in teaching workshops that are consistent with those that Judy would teach,
  • Sustaining affordable classes,
  • Promoting flexibility in our teaching program meeting your needs, and
  • Remaining available as Judy, herself, is currently booking two to four years in advance.

European CI Program Coordinator Ada Honders


Patchwork Promotions is the Program Coordinator for the Certified Instructor program in Europe and Ada Honders can put you in touch with the right instructor for your needs. Their contact information is here.  You can also find more information on all of the happenings in Europe by visiting their Facebook page!  A calendar of teaching events are shown for each instructor.  And, other events and workshops with our European Certified Shops can be found on the European Certified Shop page.

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Patchwork Promotions in action...



Judy Niemeyer

Teaching Region: United States, Canada, and selected Foreign Countries

Judy Niemeyer is an international instructor known for her foundation paper piecing techniques and quilt patterns. Her company, Judy Niemeyer Quilting Inc., has published over 100 foundation paper pieced quilt patterns over the last 15 years. Her quilts a..Read More

Cordula Ermler

Teaching Region: Germany

My name is Cordula Ermler. I live in northern Germany, in Mölln – not far from Hamburg. From a very young age I did all kinds of crafts, like knitting, chrocheting and embroidering. 35 years ago I started sewing – at first clothes for my children..Read More

Gundi Kelley

Teaching Region: Germany

I was born in Thuringia, East Germany, in 1967. The wall was still up and I learned how to saw from my grandmother, how was a seamstress back then. My Dad was a carpenter and I got involved in two hobbies, sewing and construction sides. I studied Archite..Read More

Laurence Robaix

Teaching Region: France

I was born and grew up north of France, one hour from London, two from Paris and three from Bruxels. This agricultural area is called the crossroad of Europe. I studied Law at University of Lille and Paris for 9 years, taught law at the University of P..Read More

Marianne Martens-Niemeijer

Teaching Region: Netherlands, Vlaanderen Belgium, United Kingdom

I was born in 1957 with a German Father and a Dutch mother, and grew up in the eastern part of The Netherlands. From early childhood I learned needlework from my grandmother. All aspects of fine needlework were reviewed: knitting, crochet, embroidery, Har..Read More

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