We know you’ve been waiting for this for awhile, particularly those who entered a quilt!  So, the contest is in the voting stages now!  What we want to see?  We want your vote on the Bali Fever quilts that our contestants so faithfully worked on and entered!

All of the quilts in the contest are posted in their own Facebook album, which you can view at the following link, even if you are NOT a user of Facebook!


No personal information is provided on purpose…so the votes are largely anonymous.    We would also like you to keep it this way!  If you’d like to share your favorite with your friends to encourage votes for your favorite, please do so, but if you know who made the quilt, we’d love for you to keep it a secret so these quilts can truly be ranked on their own merit!

Voting will be allowed for one full month…that means, since we started this a couple days late…we’ll extend the votes through the full month and the 2nd of November! Each of you get to vote on your favorite Bali Fever using the Facebook ‘like’ buttons. This will count for 20 percent of the overall vote!

NOTE:  If you do not use facebook, you will not be able to vote there.  However, you will be able to view the album and leave a comment in the “Leave a Reply” section below this post regarding your favorite (just post the Entry # of the picture) and we will consider those votes in the general public vote.  Make sure to click on the quilt and get the entry number because we shuffle the order of the pictures on facebook every day so new ones show  up on our page!

We will get the Certified Instructors to vote (they are disqualified from the competition), the Quiltworx Staff will vote, we are posting a Pinterest album, and Judy, herself, will vote.  Each of these group of votes will count for 20% of the votes, as well!  We will not reveal the votes from these categories until the end of the contest.

The person with the most votes will receive a $300 Gift Certificate to the quilt shop of their choice!! Second place will receive a $100 Gift Certificate to the quilt shop of their choice!

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