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Forever Yours Table Runner Instructions
Forever Yours Table Runner
Judy Niemeyer Quilting

Pre-cutting the fabrics is a mandatory requirement prior to taking this course. Please begin preparing for class at least 3-WEEKS prior to the class to make sure that you are able to get familiar with your pattern and complete the pre-cutting before hand. We always recommend reading through your entire pattern before beginning.

Fabric Selection: There are two different colorway options on this pattern. One colorway uses Bali Pops, which will give a varied appearance to your tablerunner. The other option is choosing 8 fabrics to be repeated in every arc, which will provide a more uniform look to your tablerunner. Please refer to the Yardage chart on the back of your pattern for the required fabric amounts!

Preparing your Foundation Papers: Please read and follow the instructions for ‘Foundation Papers and Templates’ on page 1 of your pattern.

Cutting Instructions: Follow the Cutting instructions on page 2 of your pattern. Place fabrics into the bags specified in the cutting instructions.

The following items will be used in class:

Sewing Machine with a quarter-inch foot and Accessories
Steam Iron
Ironing Board
Two pieces of Template Plastic (3″ by 18″ piece and 3″ by 12″ piece)
12″ Add-a-quarter ruler
18″ Add-a-quarter ruler (optional)
Purple Thang (optional)
6″ by 12″ ruler
Medium size cutting mat (18″ by 24″)
Rotary cutter 45mm or 60 mm
New rotary blade
Size 70 needles (Microtex recommended)
Seam ripper
Surge protectors
Extension cords
Fabric glue UHU stic
Glue Pen (Fons and Porter, Sewline, or Avery recommended)
High quality cotton sewing thread
Flower pins
Scotch Tape
Large Ziploc Bags
Binder Clips
Large Paper Clips

If you have any questions regarding this class, please contact your instructor directly. Contact information for Judy and her Certified Instructors is available on our website at http://quiltworx.com. Please include your correct email address, phone number, and name. You may also want to check out our website www.quiltworx.com and our facebook page quiltworx.com prior to selecting fabrics. There are many samples, slide shows, and color-changing quilts available for you to enjoy. We also have corrections and helpful hints posted for most of the patterns we have published.


Judy Niemeyer and the Certified Instructors

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