Bradley and Judy Niemeyer designed the layout and foundation pieces for Storybook Pastures. This pattern was previously published as Sand Devils, but with fabrics for Sand Devils being out of stock for some time, we decided to give the pattern a facelift with a new name and a new collection of fabric! The fabric collection used for the cover quilt is called the Reclaimed West Collection designed by Judy and Judel Niemeyer, through Timeless Treasures. The Reclaimed West feature fabric with the cows was an excellent fit for the “window” in the Storybook Pastures design. The name evolved because the quilt design is really like a story quilt, with feature fabrics used in each of the windows, telling a story. The cover quilt was made by Jerie Cooper-Meyer, the owner of Certified Shop, Bolts to Bindings. It was quilted by Betty Colbert. Thank you to both of you for making this project possible so we could share it with everyone! The pattern requires a sewing technique called foundation paper piecing is used when sewing the pieces onto the foundation units. Curved piecing and traditional piecing skills are required to join the units after the foundation piecing is completed.

Click below for a downloadable .PDF of various kitting handouts!

Size: 54″ x 70″
Price: $46.50

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