A NEW BOOK rethinking designs in a color palette of reds, whites, and blacks. Featuring two Timeless Treasures fabric collections designed by Judy and Judel Niemeyer: Forever and Rosé.

Redesigned not only teaches how to achieve show-stopping results with a paper-pieced pattern and limited color palette, but also pairs a collection of breathtaking quilts with jaw-dropping photography. You’ll pick it up again and again not only to learn, but to appreciate the seduction of red, white, and black.  The book provides enhancements to instructions for 15 different patterns and a photography overview of over 40 designs.  You will need to purchase the instructions and foundation paper packages to make the quilts shown in the book.  But, with the book, adapting your original instructions to the simplified color palette shown here will be a breeze!

Click below for a downloadable .PDF of various kitting handouts!
Book Price: $14.95
bdpm-rose-ks_600 cs-queen-rose-and-forever-ks_600 Clamshell-Wall-Rose-&-Forever-1pg-KS 3-6-17_600 Into-the-Northwoods-(SP)-Forever-1pg-KS 3-6-17_600 lakeshore-hosta-forever-ks_600 ospreys-nest-forever-ks_600 ppts-black-forever-ks_600 ppts-red-rose-ks_600 prismatic-star-forever-ks_600 raindrops-rose-ks_600 sb-rose-ks_600 ww-rose-ks_600 wstt-black-forever-ks_600 wstt-rose-ks_600 Pepperdish-Forever-1pg-KS 3-15-17_600 Sea-Urchins-Forever-1pg-KS_600 6-23-17 Into-the-Northwoods-(PM)-Forever-KS-1Pg_600 6-23-17

Official Samples (Color Changing Quilts)
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