Bradley Niemeyer, Sheryl Mycroft, and Judy Niemeyer designed the foundation pieces and layout for The Feathered Goose. Fabrics designed by Island Batik were used to make the quilt shown on the cover. The foundation units used in this quilt were designed for a series of quilt designs that we named Northern Migration. A sewing technique called foundation paper piecing is used to assemble the units to make this quilt. Curved piecing and traditional piecing skills are required to join the units after the foundation piecing is completed.

These instructions only include cutting and yardage information for the 60″ by 60″ quilt shown on the cover. If you are interested in designing or creating a larger layout for this quilt, extra foundation papers can be purchased  by contacting our company.

Quilt Size:  60″ X 60″
Copyright, October 2004
Designed by Judy Niemeyer, Sheryl Mycroft and Bradley Niemeyer
Drafting and Graphics: Bradley, Billy, and Del Niemeyer
Quilt samples made by Judy Niemeyer and Cindi McCracken
Quilting by Carolyn Kreps

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Official Samples (Color Changing Quilts)
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