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The Congo Star mixer layout includes six distinct groups to create a 96” x 96” quilt, creating a radiating star. has designed a series of star and border blocks that fit this layout. These blocks can be mixed and matched to create a quilt that is unique to you.

To mix and match the blocks and create your design, a subscription to Quiltster is required.  Quiltster is a fabric auditioning and design enhancement application. It is available on a monthly or annual subscription basis that allows quilters to play with pre-designed blocks and current fabric collections to find their favorite combination before purchasing the foundation papers and fabrics for their quilt. You can learn more about Quiltster here:

If you have reached this page after already utilizing Quiltster and need help ordering (from the Buy Now page), you can send us an image of your quilt using the Print feature in Quiltster.  Send the image to with what you think you should order and we will check to make sure you have it right!

To find all of the individual components for the mixer and the introduction booklet for all mixers, click the Buy Now Button.  Related products include quilting designs for the Congo Star Layout and patterns that Quiltworx has published using these layouts.  Watch for more to be added over time!

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