The Compass Rose Table Runner Pattern was designed using the Center to the 2013 Technique of the Month, the Mariner’s Compass.  This block is also used in our Captain’s Wheel (publication August 2013), our new Charm Elements Pack #1 (publication in July of 2013), to be used with the Janet’s Tote to make a purse, and will continue to be utilized in other designs in the future!

The pattern contains enough papers to make TWO 22″ x 69″ Table Runners.  Replacement packs are available that include only papers so you can make more if you please!  A wonderful stand alone pattern, or one that can be used to compliment any of our other larger quilts using the same design, the Compass Rose Table Runner is a great addition to any paper piecing pattern collection!

We would like to extend a special thank you to Hoffman Fabrics for the donation of the fabrics used to make the coversheet samples.  In addition, thank you to Carrie Barone, who completed the quilting of the pattern.  Check our Digitized Quilting Designs page in the coming weeks for a digitized download of the quilting pattern used for the cover sheet as well!

Quilt Size: 22″ x 69″
Retail Price: $26.50

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