Laurence Robaix
  • Le Touquet Paris Plage, France


I was born and grew up north of France, one hour from London, two from Paris and three from Bruxels. This agricultural area is called the crossroad of Europe.

I studied Law at University of Lille and Paris for 9 years, taught law at the University of Paris for 4 years and worked as a lawyer specialized in Business law and later on family law.

I lived abroad with my husband, expatriate for a french company for many years. I disccovered quilts in 1998 in Ghana, created with friends in 2000 the french speaking guild in Cairo (Egypt).
When I stopped working in 2013, I started to take classes and seminars mainly in the US and UK, working with a machine was at that time for most of french quilters unusual and unappropriate if you want to be trust as a true quilter.
I made my first quilt of Judy in 2015 and since then never stopped. Her patterns bring me joy and peace and on top of it helped me to go over my problem of not feeling at all my fingers. To hold a needle was a nightmare.
Judy Niemeyer ‘s patterns are not known in France, even in shops, and taking a class is not at all in the tradition in France, I am called in the quilting guilds and industry : « THE EVANGELIST »

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