Rulers, rulers, rulers!

We have rulers that make cutting and trimming our designs easier!

Many of you know and love Quiltworx patterns, but you may not know about all of our high quality rulers designed to help make cutting, trimming, and even quilting easier!

Over the years Judy has designed rulers and templates for all of her wedding ring quilts, along with curved rulers that work with a variety of different patterns including our Coral Reef and Dinner Plate Dahlia technique of the month quilts, and many of our Stella Maris quilts like Macaw, Crimson Poppy, and Silver Shores.

Not only that, but now Michael, of Michael Quilts, has designed a ruler for custom quilting several Quiltworx patterns including Lotus Flower, Mysterious Courtyard, Egyptian Lotus and Dragonflies & Butterflies!

So if finding a ruler that will help make your next Judy project a breeze sounds good, scroll on for products and videos!

Goodnight Star

Templates manufactured by Creative Grids to be used to trim any of Judy Niemeyer Quilting Wedding Ring Patterns including Flowers for my Wedding Ring, Ribbons and Bows, Gemstone Wedding Star, Bali Wedding Star, Bali Bed Runner, Grandma’s Wedding Ring, and Primrose Wedding Ring. They can also be used to cut out basic shapes to create a simplified Double Wedding Ring Quilt. Check out the video below of Judy demonstrating the ruler:

Creative Grids Video Demonstration
Goodnight Star

These templates, designed by Judy Niemeyer, work with the Diamond Wedding Ring, Diamond Wedding Star, and Autumn Pines paper-piecing patterns. Use these templates to cut the segments needed to create other diamond wedding ring quilts as well. Check out the video below of Judy demonstrating the ruler:

Creative Grids Video Demonstration

NEW! Daisy Ditch & Echo Ruler

The first 1/4″ acrylic machine quilting ruler in the

Quiltworx Companion Collection by Michael Quilts!


Daisy Ditch & Echo Ruler by Michael Quilts

The Quiltworx Companion Collection of machine quilting rulers was developed by Michael Quilts for both longarm and domestic machine quilters who either do their own quilting of their personal Judy Niemeyer Quiltworx quilts or who quilt for other people and offer custom, digitized, and combination custom quilting. Even if you use a complete digitized quilting set for Quiltworx quilts, you may want to go the extra step and ditch some of the major shapes that the digitized designs fill. It’s a fantastic extra touch to make those Quiltworx quilts even more spectacular!

DAISY DITCH & ECHO is designed to assist in ditching and echoing the large petal shape that you will find in Quiltworx patterns: The Lotus Flower, Egyptian Lotus, Mysterious Courtyard, and Dragonflies and Butterflies to name a few. The curve is the same on the outside and inside (just as all of Michael Quilts curved rulers are) to offer flexibility in positioning while quilting. Get an accurate outline (ditch) of the main shape and use for echoing with minimal adjustments. 12″ x 4″ x 1/4″

Check out Michael’s video as he demonstrates machine quilting using the Daisy Ditch & Echo:

Daisy Ditch & Echo by Michael Quilts
Curved Diamond Cutting and Trimming Ruler

The ruler in this package can be used as a trimming tool for the Curved Diamond units used in various designs by, including the Candy Coated Snowflakes design, the Dinner Plate Dahlia (one ruler is included in each pattern automatically).

Judy uses this ruler for TONS of her designs, almost any pattern that has curves, like Silver Shores, Macaw, Crimson Poppy, Fields of Aster, Wild Goose Island, Fortune Teller, The Pineapple, and more!

Leaf Ruler


Leaf Ruler

The ruler in this package can be used as a trimming tool for the Sea Leaf units used in various designs by, including the Coral Reef pattern. One ruler is included in each Coral Reef pattern, so if you have one of those, you will not need a stand alone ruler. This ruler is for those who have not ordered the Coral Reef pattern in the past.

Quiltworx has many designs that have curves and a couple other curve ruler options. This ruler is different than Judy’s other rulers as the curved edges are more pronounced, making it a great option for cutting deeper curves in your quilts.

We like this ruler specifically for patterns like Cabin Fever, Country Picnic, The Beach House, Osprey’s Nest Log Cabin, and the Lincoln Log Cabin Table Topper. It is also a great ruler for quilts that use the Fireworks block series, like Riptides, Autumn Wildwoods, Sunflower Illusions, and others.

Digital Quilt Patterns

NEW Digital Quilt Design – Now Available!

If you’re looking for intricate, beautiful, heirloom-quality quilting designs that perfectly drop into the blocks of our patterns, we have them!

Most can be purchased as a complete package (prices listed below) or in individual units, and are compatible with most commercial machines that can read quilting design files. Click on the images and links below for more information.

More designs will be added as we finish them, so visit our site often!

Tequila Lime

Size: 68×68 • Full Design: $50.00

Tequila Lime
Iceberg Ridge Quilting Design

Happy quilting in 2022!

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