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Quiltworx University - Tucson 2023

Here’s Your Supply List & Schedule!

In preparation for your trip, we’re sending the Retreat Supply List and Retreat Schedule for reference below.

Quiltworx and Quilter’s Market have been busily working on compiling supplies and fabrics for your Quiltworx University experience in Tucson, AZ at the Tanque Verde Ranch in just a few short weeks! We can’t wait to see all your creative projects come to life and share lots of fun Quiltworx inspired kits and tools with you when we are together.   

The purpose of this email is to help you gather last minute supplies and also give you an idea of the schedule for the week.

If you have any questions regarding rooms and accommodations, please contact Madeline Island School of the Arts at erin@madelineschool.com

We hope you enjoy quilting adventures in sunny Tucson, and we can’t wait to experience it with you! ~ Sincerely, the Quiltworx University Team


Retreat Supply List

You’ll need to bring the following items with you to class: 

  • 3″ by 12″ piece of Template Plastic (3″ by 12″ piece)
  • 3-1/2″ by 18″ piece piece of Template Plastic
  • 12″ Add-a-quarter ruler
  • 18″ Add-a-quarter ruler
  • Purple Thang (optional) 
  • 6″ by 12″ ruler 
  • Medium size (or travel size) cutting mat (18” by 24” preferred) If you cannot provide your own cutting mat, let us know. We have several to bring, but not enough for every single table. 
  • Rotary cutter 45mm or 60 mm 
  • New rotary blade 
  • Size 70 needles (Microtex recommended) 
  • Scissors 
  • Seam ripper
  • Small Extension Cords and a surge protector strip if you plan to bring your own iron and sewing light, or at-station mobile device charger. 
  • Fabric glue UHU stic 
  • Glue Pen (Fons and Porter, Sewline, or Avery recommended) 
  • High quality cotton sewing thread 
  • Repositionable Glue (Judy prefers Scotch Brand)
  • 12” Creative Grids Wave Ruler or the Curved Diamond Cutting and Trimming Ruler (This was in the Dinner Plate Dahlia pattern, or can be purchased from Quiltworx.com or at the event). Also, please consider the Leaf Ruler from Quiltworx.com, especially if you are doing the Broken Wheel Border that was used on the Copper Pennies quilt! The tighter radius will help with the cutting and trimming. This ruler was in the Coral Reef pattern, so if you have already purchased that, bring it along! If not, we will have them for sale at the event, or you can find them on the Quiltworx.com website.  
  • Flower pins 
  • Scotch Tape 
  • Large Ziploc Bags 
  • Stapler 
  • Binder Clips (medium and small) 
  • The Acorn Starch Pen and Starch Refill (available at the event if you don’t already have it)
  • Large Paper Clips 

If you do not have any of the above supplies (or if you forget something!), the shop will have many of these items on hand for you to purchase.  You can also contact The Quilter’s Market and purchase supplies in advance!

Judy will be bringing machines that we use at our Retreat Center in Montana, and MISA will be bringing machines they rent for their events at Madeline Island School of the Arts, on Madeline Island, in Wisconsin to make up the difference. These are Bernina 475 and 350s and will come with 1/4” feet.


Sewing Station Information:

First, we will have assigned seating at this event. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to sit with your best friends, it simply means that if you have not already done so, we would appreciate you contacting us with requests for sitting with friends in advance of the event. Thank you for helping us establish a quick and easy check-in process with this communication!

Every student will have ample sewing space and their own 5-ft sewing station and a padded, conference style seat. If you cannot carry a cutting mat with you for the event, please let us know. If you can bring your own cutting mat to use at your sewing station, this will be helpful. If you would like to bring a rolling chair of your own, you are welcome to do so. There is one plug-in per station and you are welcome to bring your own small travel iron and light, however, we ask that you please bring small extension cords and surge protector strips as these are not guaranteed to be provided. Quiltworx will bring some extra and the Ranch has some as well. If we need more, it will be helpful if you bring one with you to help with supply.   

Pressing and cutting stations will be located in the classroom if you would like to stand while cutting or pressing your projects. The shop will be located in in the Wrangler’s Roost room, which is next door, but in a different building than the classroom.

There will be lots of space to spread out. Most of your pressing and cutting can be done at your own table. But, we understand that it is sometimes more comfortable to cut at a standing station. There will also be (3) teaching stations at different corners of the classroom. You may be moving between teaching stations throughout the week to watch demonstrations, but the instructors will be moving back and forth to assist with one-on-one help as well.  

We kindly ask that for the maneuverability of all of our students, that you leave your table extensions at home for this event. The orientation of the tables at the workshop requires that students pass by each other to access teachers and pressing and cutting stations, along with getting up to go attend to personal needs. We also ask that any storage containers that are too large to fit beneath your own sewing station be stored in your vehicles or in your room during the week.  

In addition, some students like extra light. LED Lighting Kits for sewing machines are allowable, but please do not bring magnifying glass combos as these have been known to start fires, particularly in hot southern climates!  

January 29th to February 3rd, 2023

Program Schedule

The general program schedule is provided below if you are interested in how your day to day will work! Your week will include special events, check-in, and check-out information!

Sunday, January 29th: 

  • 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Check-In. Early check-in to the sewing area will not be allowed. Thank you for your understanding and patience. During check-in, you will get situated in your room, then come to the main Conference building and find your sewing station. Instruction and tutorials on using your machines will be provided if you are using a machine from Quiltworx or Madeline Island. You will also meet your instructors to get started on cutting papers for your first workshop, which will start on Monday.
  • 7:30 p.m. Welcome Reception: Dinner will be provided at 6:00 p.m. in the dining hall on Sunday evening. At 7:30 p.m, we will meet back at the class room to do a small Trunk Show with Judy and learn a little more about the week that you will be spending with us!
  • 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.: Continue with machine demos, meeting instructors, and cutting your papers in preparation for Monday’s first workshop. This is the only evening of the event that there will not be free sewing as we would like everyone to be at class on time, Monday morning and also be starting at the same place as the other students for Monday’s workshop. A teacher will not be in the classroom after 9 p.m. on Sunday either, given that Monday is a busy day for everyone!

Onsite Quilt Shop!:

One of the most amazing parts of this event is the onsite quilt shop, which will have hundreds of bolts of fabric, kits, paper piecing tools, and more available for you throughout the week. Staff from Quiltworx Certified Shop, The Quilter’s Market (Tucson, AZ) will be on site for the event. Not only will there be store specials and exciting shopping promotions in the onsite store, but the store will also be helping, with Judel Niemeyer, to create custom kits of Quiltworx patterns using Quiltster during the week. There will also be lots of fun surprises from the shop Monday through Friday, so make sure to listen up for details to win!

Special Dietary Needs:  

Please don’t forget to share this information with MISA staff. Tanque Verde Ranch has a large selection of options for most of our meals that can accommodate almost any dietary needs of the group. They do their very best to accommodate dietary challenges, but can only help with this if we are aware of the situation. Please understand that they cannot accommodate dietary “restrictions”, dislikes, or dietary choices beyond the menu options that are provided for the event. However, they would like to know about allergies so this can be addressed as appropriate.   

Daily Schedule* (January 30th to February 3rd, Monday to Friday):

  • 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.: Breakfast will be held in the Dining Hall.  
  • 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.: Morning Workshop 
  • 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.: Lunch will be held in the Dining Hall. 
  • 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.: Afternoon Workshop 
  • 3:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.: Afternoon Break (The workshop is over at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, June 11th.) 
  • 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.: Afternoon programs, Quiltster demonstrations, trunk shows, or free sew (optional). We will need to work with the Ranch to find a space to offer Quiltster Demonstrations. So, stay tuned on where we will offer them! Last time we offered these in the foyer of the class room. This is something we will likely be able to do again.
  • Dinner 6:00 p.m.: Dinner will be served in the Dining Hall.
  • Check-Out on Friday: 4:00 p.m. from the workshop. (If you are leaving on Friday, please verify room checkout with the Ranch and take time for this during the day as appropriate). If you are not checking out until Saturday, sewing will be allowed in your rooms in the evening. Quiltworx and Madeline Island must pack up the machines they have brought and begin their travels home and the room will be needed for other events at the ranch. If you are traveling out of the state and did not bring your own sewing machine, we can make recommendations on local rentals, or you may be able to discuss options with MISA.   
  • Late Sew: The sewing studio will be open 24 hours a day. There will only be teachers available in the evening hours on certain nights and until 10:00 p.m. Please understand that the teachers need their sleep to be prepared for the following days classes. More information on late/early sewing responsibilities (turning off irons/machines/lights/closing the sewing studio doors/contacting the front office for lockup or unlock in the morning) will be provided on Sunday evening.  
  • Beverages: There will be a beverage station on the teaching floor with conference style beverages provided by the Ranch.

*Please note that as we get closer to the dates (or even during the week), the times for meals may be adjusted slightly to optimize sewing time and help the staff manage the number of people in the dining hall at the same time.

In general, we will work on the following sections of your quilts on the following days. When you get to the event, there will be a box with your schedule, pattern, and fabrics at each station. There will also be a schedule near each door that outlines which classes each teacher will be teaching throughout the day in case you want to attend another class. Please reference your personal schedules to learn which instructors are teaching each workshop on each day. There will be a morning and afternoon session of each class, unless all students show up for the morning (some groups are smaller than others). So, if you feel the class is large or want to see it again, or possibly have multiple workshops on the same day because you have purchased more than one kit, do not worry! We will have plenty of time to teach you what you need to know:

  • Monday – Group A: Some of your classes may not be first thing in the morning. However, you can use this time to cut papers, or visit the store!
  • Tuesday Morning – Group B
  • Tuesday Afternoon – Group D King/H
  • Wednesday Morning – Group 16×16
  • Wednesday Afternoon – Group 10×10
  • Thursday Morning – Group C
  • Thursday Afternoon – Group D Queen
  • Friday – Quilt Assembly Tricks and Tips 

Quiltster demonstrations will be provided for interested students at a location to be determined at the event. We will run these throughout the week until every interested student has attended.  

  • Custom Kits! Throughout the week, Judel will be working with the shop to create custom kits for customers using fabrics available at the On-Site Quilt Shop. She will take custom orders through Wednesday night late, so if you are hoping for a special kit project to take home with you of your favorite Quiltworx design, please think about it and come prepared with some ideas! She will use Quiltster, then send the project information to your Quiltster accounts and also to the shop so they can kit! This event, Judel is flying out on Friday morning to accommodate other family scheduling needs. So, the Wednesday night deadline is important! She will do her best to get all the quilt requests designed and approved before she leaves. The shop may need to ship some of the later projects after the event.  
  • Trunk Shows from instructors and students will be held either in one of the classrooms or outside over a balcony throughout the week if you are interested. Feel free to bring a few projects to show off if you can spare the space! We’d love to see your special touches to Quiltworx projects you’ve made over the years!

We are hopeful that Vanessa Fromm, from Fabric Confetti will be onsite during the event to show you her digitized embroidery techniques! Some of you have chosen blocks that use the embroidery for your projects and others will be purchasing kits that use these designs as well! We will share more information on Monday of Vanessa’s schedule. I am hopeful she will be able to meet with us on Tuesday afternoon (as this is a time frame when many of you will not have classes in the afternoon, then be able to stay through Wednesday in the morning/early afternoon. This way, she will have time to demonstrate her techniques to anyone interested. This is definitely something you all should take advantage of! She is a wealth of amazing information, the accuracy and efficiency of her method is unmatched, and the final outcome is just beautiful. We have many designs that use her companion patterns as well!

Judy will be available for demonstrations on other techniques beyond just those used in the units for the workshop as time permits. She will also be in the teaching room on most nights (perhaps not all) after dinner, to discuss workshop needs in general.

  • The Certified Shop will be available throughout the week for supplies, quilt kits, fabric, and anything else you may need to satisfy your quilting desires! In general, the shop will close at 10 p.m. and open at 8:00 a.m. each day.  
  • On Friday, class will end at 4:00 p.m. Students can check out early and head home, or stay for the duration of class, but this year, we ask that you begin taking apart your sewing station at 4 p.m. Checking out at the store will take place beginning Thursday evening and into Friday morning. We will be packing up and preparing for the end of class throughout the day as appropriate. With a limited window to clear the area, this is important for us to accomplish.

Meet Our Team!

Judy Niemeyer, Owner

Judy Niemeyer

Kalispell, MT

Judy is an international instructor known for her foundation paper piecing techniques and quilt patterns. Her company, Judy Niemeyer Quilting Inc., has published over 100 foundation paper pieced quilt patterns over the last 15 years. Her quilts and patterns have become well-known both nationally and internationally among quilters and quilt shop owners. The patterns include many sewing techniques commonly referred to as foundation paper piecing, traditional piecing, curved piecing, strip piecing, and appliqué.

Michele Everts

Michele Everts

Fort Laramie, WY

My quilting journey began when my son was born. I had an overwhelming desire to make something for him that he could treasure his entire life. After that first quilt, I was hooked and have been quilting ever since. I am constantly striving to continue learning and perfecting my skills.

Upon seeing my first “Judy” quilt, I was eager to learn to create such an intricate design. When I took my first Judy class, I was impressed by the organization of the process and accuracy of the finished product. Judy’s process takes what looks like an extremely complicated quilt and breaks it down into a set of easily taught techniques that give highly accurate results. I have now completed dozens and dozens of Judy Quilts with many more in the works.

I have always enjoyed helping others, and teaching quilting allows me to incorporate two things I love to do. I continually strive to connect with each student and give them personal attention. My goal is for each student to feel at ease and enjoy the process. I possess a positive, upbeat attitude and I bring that energy into the classroom. Asking questions is how we learn, so I never tire of student’s questions. Helping others achieve their goals is a top priority for me. Each student comes with a different vision for their project. From choosing a pattern, color selection, piecing and assembly, I am excited to help students with each step of their journey. The greatest joy for me as a quilting instructor is to see the smile on the faces of my students when they have completed their projects and realize what they have accomplished.

Pam DiSalvo

Pam DiSalvo

Long Beach, CA

It was 2017 when I joined a sewing group where I saw someone working on a Judy Niemeyer quilt. A week later, I was signed up for a class and two months later, I had created my very first Judy Quilt (Glacier Star). I was hooked!

Due to my work schedule, I had a difficult time attending classes on a regular basis. With only an occasional class here and there, I became skilled at “seeing” the quilt before creation, not at first knowing about that wonderful tool, Quiltster. The logic, the simplicity, the exactness of Judy’s process just clicked with me, and made perfect sense. My “ah-ha” moment came quickly. Thirty-two quilt projects later, 16 more kitted, three Quiltworx University retreats and three trips to the training center in Montana later to learn the “right” way to teach Judy’s process, I am ready to share what I know.  

I love going to retreats and without fail, when I bring out a Judy project, it peaks interest. I love watching how someone goes from “I could never do that” when they first see the pattern, to studying the progress I make as time passes and saying by the end of the week, “I think I really COULD do that!”. My goal as an instructor is to have you find success, to give you the skills necessary to create and finish one of your own.


See you soon!

POSTED 10/18/2022

Quiltworx University - Tucson 2023 - Ready, Set, Plan Your Projects!

Ready, Set, Plan Your Projects!

Hello everyone! We’re beyond excited about this upcoming retreat, and the beautiful design options Judy and Brad have created especially for you! We’re pleased to present your exclusive project, the Arctic Star and Arctic Meadow mixers which can be purchased for this workshop through Quiltster, and will be supplied by our partner shop at this event, The Quilter’s Market.

Quiltster Account Info

As part of your sign up, you receive 6 months of Quiltster to plan and order your project.

A coupon will be sent via email after you’ve signed up for the event.

Click here for step by step instructions on how to get started with Quiltster:


Quiltworx University Tucson 2023

Quiltworx University Tucson 2023

To keep up to date on what’s happening for this retreat and to communicate with fellow attendees and our hosts, please join the Quiltworx University Shipshewana 2023 Facebook Group.


There are three options for selecting the pattern and your fabrics:

OPTION 1 – PURCHASE A PUBLISHED PATTERN AND PREPARE YOUR OWN PROJECT: Purchase the Andromeda pattern for $64.50. It can be purchased through Quiltworx or The Quilter’s Market. If you would like to use Quiltster to design your quilt, templates are available. Once you have purchased your pattern, you will choose your own fabrics from your stash or as desired. With this option, you will be responsible for cutting your fabrics to the strip size, labeling them, and bagging them so that you are ready for class.  

OPTION 2 – CHOOSE A PRE-DESIGNED KIT: Select one of the Arctic Star or Arctic Meadow mixer kits, exclusive for this event!  There are several pre-designed kit options that have been created for you to choose from. You will have a Quiltster account for six months (from sign up) as part of your event and will need to use it to purchase your project if you choose one of these options. 

OPTION 3 – DESIGN YOUR OWN CUSTOM QUILT:  Create your own completely customized quilt, where you pick the combination of blocks for your quilt and your favorite fabric collections from the list offered by The Quilters Market! If you haven’t received it already, any day (or upon sign-up!) you’ll receive a 6 month subscription to Quiltster, allowing you the opportunity to mix and match blocks and fabrics in 4 different quilt sizes to achieve your perfectly unique quilt!  You may use Quiltster, or contact Judel Niemeyer for an additional design fee to help you create your perfect quilt.

To hire Judel, click the link below to pay the Quiltworx University Design Fee of $40.00.  Then send her an email with your request, letting her know the design fee has been paid.  She will then begin work on your project in the order it was received.  It can take a couple of weeks for her to respond to your request, so please take this step as soon as possible.  Pay the $40.00 Design Fee | Judel’s Email

Andromeda Pattern

This pattern can be ordered through Quiltworx or The Quilter’s Market and are available in Quiltster for coloring. Click on the image below to view the kitting sheets and fabric requirements. For this option, you will choose your own fabrics and prepare your own kit. Papers will be sent upon placing your order. If you would like a kit, you can contact The Quilter’s Market directly to create one.

Andromeda 68x68

Andromeda Pattern

68x68 • $64.50

Arctic Star and Arctic Meadow Mixer Kits

If choosing blocks and fabrics seems overwhelming, we’re also offering the following exclusive fabric kits only available to event attendees.

If you select this option, we’ll cut the kit, and prepare it for the class. We’ll bring the kits to the workshop for you so there is no preparation needed! 

To order these options, you’ll need to find the one you want in Quiltster (click on Quilt Planner from your Dashboard, then scroll down to the bottom and click the blue Enter button next to Quiltworx University Tucson 2023 to get started). Once you have opened the desired project (by clicking Customize) and given it a name, save it to your account.

When kits are ready to be purchased, you can click the Add to Cart button and it will walk you through the order submission process. All you need to do then is show up at the event!


Andromeda Wall • 68" Square Timeless Treasures: Raspberry Parfait Mini

Andromeda Wall • 68″ Square

Timeless Treasures: Raspberry Parfait Mini

Cranberry Martini • 68" Square Hoffman: Assorted Collections

Cranberry Martini • 68″ Square

Hoffman: Assorted Collections

The Spanish Fountain 68" Square Tilda Fabrics: Basics & Solids, Chic Escape

The Spanish Fountain

68″ Square

Tilda Fabrics: Basics & Solids, Chic Escape

Tulip Farm • 80" Square Timeless Treasures: Hydrangea, Wallflowers, and Java Blenders Collections

Tulip Farm • 80″ Square

Timeless Treasures: Hydrangea, Wallflowers, and Java Blenders Collections

Shattered Rainbow • 80" Square In the Beginning Fabrics: Dit Dot Evolution Robert Kauffman: Kona Cotton Solids

Shattered Rainbow • 80″ Square

In the Beginning Fabrics:

Dit Dot Evolution

Robert Kauffman:

Kona Cotton Solids

Christmas Quilt • 99" Square Hoffman: Assorted Collections

Christmas Quilt • 99″ Square

Hoffman: Assorted Collections

Copper Pennies • 99" Square Free Spirit: Abandoned 1 & 2 Moda Grunge Basics 2021

Copper Pennies • 99″ Square

Free Spirit: Abandoned 1 & 2

Moda Grunge Basics 2021

Galaxy • 99" Square Timeless Treasures: Blueberry Tart Mini

Galaxy • 99″ Square

Timeless Treasures: Blueberry Tart Mini

To Be Named • 99" Square Timeless Treasures: Hydrangea and Wallflowers Collections

To Be Named • 99″ Square

Timeless Treasures: Hydrangea and Wallflowers Collections

Magical Kingdom • 99" Square Free Spirit: Assorted Tula Pink Collections

Magical Kingdom • 99″ Square

Free Spirit: Assorted Tula Pink Collections

Winter Wedding • 99" Square Tilda Fabrics: Tilda Basics Chambray, Solids Moda: Grunge Basics 2021

Winter Wedding • 99″ Square

Tilda Fabrics: Tilda Basics Chambray, Solids

Moda: Grunge Basics 2021

Spectral Patchwork • 118" Square Timeless Treasures: Assorted Collections Hoffman: 1895

Spectral Patchwork • 118″ Square

Timeless Treasures: Assorted Collections

Hoffman: 1895

The Pebble Garden 118" Square Tilda Fabrics: Basics Solids, Basics Chambray Moda: Grunge Basics 2021

The Pebble Garden

118″ Square

Tilda Fabrics: Basics Solids, Basics Chambray

Moda: Grunge Basics 2021

Pink Starburst • 99" Square Free Spirit: Assorted Collections

The Rusted Pickup Truck

118″ Square

Free Spirit: Assorted

Tim Holtz Collections

Moda: Grunge Basics 2021

Create your own completely customized quilt, by selecting a quilt size and blocks for each section of the quilt shown below along with fabrics from over 45 collections!

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Use Quiltster!  Prior to this event, you’ll receive a 6 month subscription to Quiltster (as part of the fee for attending the event), allowing you the opportunity to mix and match blocks and fabrics in 4 different quilt sizes and 4 different layouts to achieve your perfectly unique quilt!  
  2. We’ll Design it With You!  For an additional design fee, you can work one on one with Judel Niemeyer as she uses Quiltster to mix and match blocks and fabrics to create your one of a kind quilt. You’ll have final approval before your quilt is kitted.

To hire Judel, click the link below to pay the Quiltworx University Design Fee of $40.00.  Then send her an email with your request, letting her know the design fee has been paid.  She will then begin work on your project in the order it was received.  It can take a couple of weeks for her to respond to your request, so please take this step as soon as possible.  Pay the $40.00 Design Fee | Judel’s Email

Whether you use Quiltster on your own, or have us do it, your finalized quilt kit will be prepared for you and brought to the event for you to complete! No preparation on your end will be needed!


Your options for blocks and fabrics are shown below. If you have any questions about how to use Quiltster, we strongly encourage you to visit the Quiltster Youtube Channel and watch some tutorials before you get started.

Here’s a valuable video (not directly related to this project, but related to the Quiltworx University Planning process) which gives you a great walk-through of how the program works. While the video below is in an older version of Quiltster that looks slightly different than yours, once you click into the Quilt Editor, the process works the same. Click the image below to watch the tutorial.

Quiltworx University Project Planning Video


4 Layouts • 4 Sizes!


Arctic Star/Arctic Meadow Mixer Layouts


AA Blocks



10×10 BLOCKS

10x10 BLOCKS

16×16 BLOCKS

10x10 BLOCKS




264-D Blocks


281-D Blocks


Group H Border

Fabric Options

The Quilter’s Market is offering you fabrics from the following collections.

NOTE: Click the links below to be taken to the collections in Quiltster. Please know that in some cases the whole collection may not be available to use as part of the workshop. Only the fabrics included in the event will appear when coloring your Tucson workshop quilts.

Anthology Fabrics
Banyan Batiks
Island Batik
Free Spirit
In the Beginning Fabrics
Timeless Treasures
Robert Kaufman
Robert Kaufman
Wilmington Prints

POSTED 3/22/2022

January, 29-February 3, 2023

Madeline Island School of the Arts - Quiltworx is visiting two locations in 2021. Madeline Island and Tucson Campuses



We are very excited to be returning to both the Madeline Island and Tucson campus locations in 2023.

During these Quiltworx University events, you’ll have the unique opportunity to work with Judy and her daughter Judel along with a team of Certified Instructors. You’ll also design a unique quilt (or choose from some already designed projects) using Quiltster. The projects will be cut and prepared for you to be ready at the start of the workshop by a Quiltworx Certified Shop. There will be select options where you can choose to work with your own fabric stash as well, if desired.  

Plan to attend trunk shows, special technique demonstrations and presentations that showcase the latest Quiltworx tips and tricks. Judel will be offering Quiltster demonstrations along with custom designing of quilt kits on site for those who are interested.

You’ll leave the workshop with great skills and new confidence in quilting. Not to mention some brand new friends and an incredible creative experience.

Secure your spot with Judy as soon as possible. We anticipate a great turnout for these very popular Quiltworx University events at these two fantastic venues.

Madeline Island Campus

September 10-15, 2023

MISA Retreat Group Photo

We’re going back to the island! Quiltworx will soon be returning to Madeline Island where you can partake in a sunset boat cruise of the Apostle Islands, and be inspired by the beautiful vistas of Lake Superior and the amazing Island sunsets. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

MISA Retreat Photo Collage

Tanque Verde Ranch Campus

January 29-February 3, 2023

MISA Tucson Retreat Group Photo

Quiltworx is also returning to Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson, AZ where you can explore one of America’s best old-time cattle and guest ranches nestled in the Rincon Mountains and experience our fantastic Cowboy Cookout BBQ dinner experience at Cottonwood Grove.

MISA Tucson Photos

Join us for some Creativity, Friendship, and Fun!

Join the fun!
Quiltworx University
Madeline Island School of the Arts

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