Julie Burger
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Who is Julie Burger?  I am a wife of 36 years and a mother of four grown children. After 34 years as an educator, I retired in 2014 from teaching both children and adults as a public elementary teacher, teacher leader at the district level and elementary principal.  I have led and trained adults through many tough educational changes. Sewing is in my blood!  My mom was a seamstress and my dad a tailor, so I have been sewing since I was a very little girl.  I started quilting in the 1990’s with my daughter Laura when she was a teenager and have not stopped since!   I have established my own quilting instruction business called Quilt With Passion, specializing in Judy Niemeyer quilts and techniques, teach quilt classes at local quilt shops, do workshops and trunk shows and retreats for groups and guilds. I co-own a successful longarm quilting business over the  past 14 years called Quilts Complete!, and also have a quilting studio with five dear friends where I get to laugh, relax and social sew on a regular basis.   I consider myself a very lucky woman who can take all of my training as an educator and educational leader and put them together with my passion for quilting to teach classes to both new and experienced quilters!

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