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Judy Niemeyer

Teaching Region: United States, Canada, and selected Foreign Countries

Judy Niemeyer is an international instructor known for her foundation paper piecing techniques and quilt patterns. Her company, Judy Niemeyer Quilting Inc., has published over 100 foundation paper pieced quilt patterns over the last 15 years. Her quilts a..Read More

Ana Blickenderfer

Teaching Region: Iowa, willing to go anywhere

Ana started sewing clothing at the age of 9 for 4-H. At age 16, she started hand quilting and binding. By 21, she had started a scrapbooking and quilting business. Making quilts and quilting on commission was in higher demand, so in 2010 she decided to fo..Read More

Celeste Akre

Teaching Region: Midwest

My name is Celeste Akre. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I began quilting when my teenage daughter came home from school one day and told me I would really enjoy quilting because of the math and geometry used in designing and creati..Read More

Connie Lange

Teaching Region: Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Kansas & Missouri

Connie inherited her love of fabrics and textiles from her mother. When Connie was eight her mother taught her to sew. Connie ’s journey with fabrics began through learning how to construct garments for 4-H. Connie started with sewing a trick skirt and ..Read More

Debbie Dison

Teaching Region: Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, willing to travel

Debbie's quilting journey begain in 2014 when her mother-in-law passed away and left her some sewing machines, tons of fabric, thread, notions AND pieces to 15 quilts (with no directions!!!) A lifelong sewer, she transitioned to a quilter. In 2016 Debb..Read More

Donna Mather

Teaching Region: Wisconsin and beyond, willing to travel

I was only 10 when I discovered my love for sewing. I started with simple projects but it wasn’t long before I began sewing clothes for myself, then for family and friends. My first job was as close to heaven as I could imagine, working in a fabric stor..Read More

Jackie Holkum

Teaching Region: Oklahoma, Texas, surrounding states and beyond

I began my love affair with sewing at the tender age of 9 under the tutelage of my mother.  Throughout my school, college, and early professional years, I made a lot of my own clothing.  Then in 1991, at the urging (again) of my mother, I went to my fir..Read More

Jodie Madison

Teaching Region: Wisconsin. Minnesota, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota

I am a Judy Niemeyer Certified Instructor from Bloomer, Wisconsin, a small town in Western Wisconsin.  Bloomer is located approximately two hours east of St. Paul/Minneapolis.   I graduated from the U..Read More

Julie Arrowood

Teaching Region: Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa

Julie Arrowood lives in the Minneapolis, MN area and has been making quilts for many year. After trying various paper piecing patterns, taking classes, and testing out new techniques, she has commented that there was a time she felt paper piecing just was..Read More

Julie Connell

Teaching Region: Missouri, Iowa, Tennessee, Illinois

Julie has been sewing and making garments since 6th grade learning the craft from her Mom. Her passion for textiles has never faltered as she went on to study Textile Design at the University of Iowa, and designed her own dress patterns. Throughout raisin..Read More

Kristen Bender

Teaching Region: Minnesota and Beyond

Kristen Bender has been teaching since 2011 and is thrilled to share Judy’s techniques, tips & tricks with others. She loves to see students’ eyes light up with excitement when they learn about them for the first time. Her passion for sewing began..Read More

May Black

Teaching Region: Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Illinois, Arkansas, Minnesota, Louisiana, Texas, Kansas

I was born and raised in Minnesota. Missouri has been my home for the last 20 years. I started working with color when I was very young. Growing up, I loved to do crafts of all kinds. I was teaching crocheting at 12 years old. My Grandma made quilts and I..Read More

Nancy Kloster

Teaching Region: Everywhere, loves to travel

“Let grace rule your life …”

Vicar Jeremy Ashley

Nancy has been quilting for more than 30 years.  Nancy was drawn to the effici..Read More

Rosie Lysinger

Teaching Region: Kentucky, Indiana, Southern Ohio

Rosie began quilting in 2005, after her sister, Frankie enticed her to be a part of quilting following two years of effort.  Buying a new sewing machine, the next five years brought an educational journ..Read More

Tammy Gardner

Teaching Region: MIdwest and willing to travel

Tammy began quilt making in 1989 as a way to continue her great-grandmother’s legacy.  She has always been a lover of puzzles and math so quilt making was a perfect fit for herRead More

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