Mended Hearts Quilting & Boutique
  • 3212 330th Street
  • Ellsworth, Iowa 50075
    Phone: 515-836-4280
About Our Shop

I am often asked about my shop’s name.  Mended Hearts came about because my daughter had a congenital heart defect.  She had open heart surgery when she was 6 days old.  When she was home and doing exceptional at 6 months, my then 2 year old son was also diagnosed with a heart defect.  My children continue to grow and thrive.  We take each day as they come knowing, good or bad, life can change in a split second.  Quilting is my way of mending my heart and giving back.  I took my first quilt class in 2000 and started my long arm quilting business in 2011. When the opportunity arose to open my own quilt shop in 2014, I took a leap of faith.  My goal is to provide you with quality materials and classes so you can create beautiful works of art for your home, family, friends and charities that are close to your heart.

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