Backdoor Quilt Shoppe
  • 712 Carbon Street, Suite A
  • Billings , Montana 59102
    Phone: (406) 655-1001
About Our Shop

We are a mother/daughter team that have a lot of the same interests and enough differences that we can manage to have a shoppe together. We each like different types of fabrics so it definitely gives a variety of choices in our selection. We have designed a few patterns of our own and hope to continue this in the future.

We are currently dealers for Noltings Longarm Quilting Machines and also Pacesetter by Brother sewing and embroidery machines. We’d be happy to answer any questions for you concerning these products. Unfortunately, we can not allow returns on internet orders so if there is a question about colors, sizes of motifs or repeats just email or call us and we’d be happy to clarify.

We will be constantly adding new products so if you do not see an item you’re looking for, please notify us and we’d be happy to check and let you know. Also out of fairness to our customers who have a chance to regularly visit our store, all items on the website are the same price as they are in the store. If we have a current sale, it will be both online and in the store. If you wish to place an order via the website, but want to pick it up, we’d be happy to hold it for you. Just let us know on the order form.

I would like to take a moment to express our thanks to each of the suppliers who have so generously allowed us to use their images for part of our website. Whenever possible, I will identify the designer as well as the supplier. It allows us to bring the items to you in the best color accuracy as possible when I cannot get an accurate picture myself.

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