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Cyber Monday 2014

In appreciation of our retail customers, we are holding our

5th Annual Cyber Monday Sale ~

December 1st, 2014

from 12:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

MOUNTAIN Standard Time!


How it works:

  • Sale is valid December 1st from 12 a.m. to 4 p.m Mountain Standard Time, Only! Any orders placed over the weekend will not be processed at the sale price. Any orders after 4:00 p.m. MST will also not be processed at the sale price! The sale price is only valid during the sale time.
  • Click on the patterns below to order!
  • Cyber Monday sale prices are only valid on Internet orders! (No Phone Orders Please)  If you are having problems processing your order, please email and we will do our best to assist you in placing the order accordingly.
  • Some of the patterns are on closeout and are only available while supplies last.  Estimated quantities for relevant patterns are listed below.
  • Sale prices are not valid on previous purchases.
  • No Returns – All sales are final!
  • For shipping information, please see the bottom of our newsletter.
  • When ordering, please understand that if you place two orders, you will be charged twice for shipping. With so many orders, and multiple people processing them, we cannot search the orders to combine them during the sale.  

Click on the Links below to be taken to the Pattern Page for each pattern!  The website WILL NOT reflect the sale prices until Midnight on December 1st, so please do not order as the sale price will not be honored.  There, you will see picture galleries, related products, corrections (if there are any), technique help links (that have been completed to date), kitting information (where available), and a calendar of workshops for the pattern!  To purchase the pattern at the sale price once the sale begins, simply click on the button on each pattern page that says: 






Bargain Bin

*There are ONLY 100 patterns available of each pattern unless specified differently below*



 Reg: $16.00                             Reg. $8.00                            Reg: $27.00

Sale:  $2.00                             Sale: $1.00                            Sale: $5.00

                                                                            Available: 200                         Available: 25              



                            Reg: $12.00                                Reg: $16.00                                Reg: $27.00

                            Sale: $3.00                                  Sale: $2.00                                  Sale: $5.00

                                                                              Available: 160                               Available: 25 



                                                        Reg: $18.00                            Reg: $20.00

                                                        Sale: $2.00                              Sale: $5.00

                                                      Available: 75                             Available: 25                      




* Please note that the Primrose Wedding Ring requires the purchase of the Creative Grids Rulers. These rulers are not on sale today, however, they can be found here. *



60% OFF


*There are ONLY 50 patterns available of each pattern unless specified differently below*




Reg: $18.00                                            Reg: $30.00                                    Reg: $39.00

Sale: $7.20                                             Sale: $12.00                                   Sale: $15.60



                Reg: $34.00                                        Reg: $17.00                                        Reg: $18.00

               Sale: $13.60                                         Sale: $6.80                                          Sale: $7.20

               Available: 25                                                                                                   Available: 39



                                        Reg: $48.00                                        Reg: $17.00

                                        Sale: $19.20                                        Sale: $6.80



                                            Reg: $12.00                                       Reg: $25.00 

                                           Sale: $4.80  *                                       Sale: $10.00 

                                                                                                       Available: 30                                      


* Please note that Allisyn’s Wedding Ring requires the purchase of the Creative Grids Rulers. These rulers are not on sale today, however, they can be found here. *



50% OFF


*There are ONLY 50 patterns available of each pattern unless specified differently below*




   Reg: $42.00                                            Reg. $36.00

   Sale: $21.00                                            Sale: $18.00



   Reg: $38.00                                        Reg: $20.00                                      Reg: $25.00

   Sale: $19.00                                        Sale: $10.00                                      Sale: $12.50





                                                    Reg: $25.00                                        Reg: $18.00

                                                    Sale: $12.50                                        Sale: $9.00

                                                                                                               Available: 60



40% OFF


*There are ONLY 50 patterns available of each pattern unless specified differently below*



    Reg: $38.00                                        Reg: $21.00                                     Reg: $39.00

    Sale: $22.80                                        Sale: $12.60                                     Sale: $23.40




                 Reg: $60.00                                        Reg; $20.00                                        Reg: $20.00

                 Sale: $36.00                                        Sale: $12.00                                       Sale: $12.00

                                                                     Available: 75                                       Available: 75               




25% OFF


*There are ONLY 25 patterns available of each pattern below unless specified differently below*



                                               Reg: $31.00                                        Reg: $72.00

                                                 Sale: $23.25                                      Sale: $54.00



                                                   Reg: $22.00                                    Reg: $28.00

                                                   Sale: $16.50                                    Sale: $21.00



Cabin Fever & Log Cabin Cutout Package

These must be purchased together to receive the discount.

Reg: $63.00

Sale: $47.25





Thread SALE


All of our Mettler and MasterPiece thread is 25% during our Cyber Monday sale. To view our colors and order now, click HERE.




Guest Designer: Cindi McCracken of Cindi McCracken Designs is also having a Cyber Monday Sale…Cindi’s patterns range from 40% off to 10% off.




To learn more and/or place an order, please click here.


Shipping Information:


Please note that all boxed patterns will take a larger shipping container and therefore are likely to increase your shipping charges to the next price point.


  • All U.S. orders will be shipped Priority Mail. Shipping prices will start at $7.25 and go up from there or UPS, if chosen.
  • All Canadian Postage will start at $23.95 and go up from there.
  • All other Foreign orders will start at $25.95 and go up from there.

    Due to the number of orders we process during Cyber Monday, we will not be notifying everyone of their shipping charges before we process their orders.  By placing your order, you are agreeing to pay the necessary shipping charges, as outlined above.



100 Lincoln Lane

Kalispell, MT 59901
PHONE: (406) 393.2646  


November 2014 Newsletter


New Pattern!  Ice Crystals

Ice Crystals: A Simple Elements Design is our FIRST pattern release in a new line of pattern products that we refer to as Simple Elements.  With floating units, engulfed in a sea of background fabrics, the Ice Crystals pattern is elegant, yet simple, fast, and affordable for the size of the finished quilt.  The ample background allows us to show off fabrics with fun elements, like the wonderful Tonga Jack Frost batik line with stars, snowflakes, snowy branches, and holly leaves!  In shades of blue, both dark, like the wintery night sky, and light, like an icy lake, this pattern would make a wonderful gift for your granddaughter this year as Icy Princesses are all the rage!  

A replacement paper package is available to make a second sample or expand the size of this quilt to a queen size layout (see the mock-up in the Official Samples section of the pattern page and reference the inside of the pattern for queen-size information).

A digitized quilting design set made by is also available, including the snowflakes we used to quilt two samples for this pattern.

Find Everything in One Place at!

With the new fabric line launched, we’ve created a new Reclaimed West web page gathering all products related our Reclaimed West fabrics in one area whether it be quilt patterns, Quilt Dots, Batiks in Bloom, or Cut Loose Press patterns, and more. 

New exciting patterns and products are added daily so check back often!

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at upcoming products we will be posting online!

Batiks in Bloom – Now in Reclaimed West!

Although flower patterns have been around for a long time, Batiks in Bloom is taking these designs to a whole new level with fully-illustrated, step by step directions for creating flowers and bouquets, one flower design at a time! 

Designer, Barb Niemeyer Fink has over 25 years experience with wreath and floral design work and has successfully translated  her new flower pattern designs!  She has used her flower packs to create a series of wreaths, bouquets, and table arrangements using Reclaimed West fabrics! 

To purchase the individual seed packs, visit our website.  Project sheets showing arrangements of multiple flowers are available under various seed pack listings and Reclaimed West fabrics have been shown as an option to batiks!  Create a flower arrangement that will last forever and matches your quilt! 

Quilt Dots also in Reclaimed West

COMING SOON!  We’ve ordered them and expect them in any day now…pins, magnets and Interchangeable jewelry for quilters…all in Reclaimed West!

Cindi McCraken Designs using Reclaimed West Fabrics

Our own Cindi McCraken has created three wonderful new patterns using our Reclaimed West fabric line!  Fabric and kitting information is included with each pattern.  From left to right, they are:

These can be purchased on our website by clicking on the links above!


It’s that time of year!  Look for our Cyber Monday newsetter on Thanksgiving day to take advantage of amazing sale prices on December 1st!

Do you have an award winning quilt?

The October Award Winning Quilts is up on Facebook! Congratulations to the winners! If you have an award winning quilt made from a pattern designed by, send a picture to and we will award you a $10.00 gift certificate when the publish our next newsletter!

September 2014 Retail Newsletter


Our Leaf Patterns Are Here!

One – Leaf Series

One - Leaf Series

Four – Leaf Series

Four - Leaf Series

Tea Leaf Table Runner

Tea Leaf Table Runner

Tea Time Placemats

Tea Time Placemats

The One – Leaf Series, Four – Leaf Series, Tea Leaf Table Runner, and Tea Time Placemats patterns are now available for purchase on our website! Click the images or links to learn more about each pattern, find replacement papers, see samples made by and others, find kitting information, and purchase the pattern! Wholesale purchases are available to those approved with a wholesale account. Visit our wholesale page to order (minimum purchase of 3 and advance approval of wholesale account is required).

Introducing the Reclaimed West Collection!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the Facebook reveals of our Reclaimed West Collection over the last few weeks, and the stories that go along with them.  We’re working feverishly as Fall Quilt Market approaches to bring you over a dozen of your favorite patterns (and some new ones!) featuring our rustic fabric collection.

Advance sales begin October 1st, with limited supplies available. will not be selling the fabrics, so visit our Reclaimed West web page for a list of shops that will be carrying the entire line!


Do you have an award winning quilt?

The September Award Winning Quilts Album is up on Facebook! Congratulations to the winners! If you have an award winning quilt made from a pattern designed by, send a picture to and we will award you a $10.00 gift certificate when the publish our next newsletter!

August 2014 Retail Newsletter


Check Out Our Newest Publications!

Summer Solstice
(updated cover sheet only)

Summer Solstice Pattern

Fire Island Hosta Queen

Fire Island Hosta Queen Pattern

Celtic Sunrise

Celtic Sunrise Pattern

Stormy Seas Table Runner

Stormy Seas Table Runner Pattern

The Summer Solstice, Fire Island Hosta Queen, Celtic Sunrise, and Stormy Seas patterns are now available for purchase on our website! Click the images or links to learn more about each pattern, find replacement papers, see samples made by and others, find kitting information, and purchase the pattern! Wholesale purchases are available to those approved with a wholesale account. Visit our wholesale page to order (minimum purchase of 3 and advance approval of wholesale account is required).

Introducing the Reclaimed West Collection!

Together with Timeless Treasures, Judy and Judel are excited to introduce their very first fabric line the “Reclaimed West Collection“!  In anticipation of the release set for November 2014, we’re explaining the story behind each fabric and giving you a sneak peek at each one along with over a dozen quilts created using Reclaimed West fabrics on’s Facebook page.  So visit often and see what inspired Judy and Judel to create this exciting new fabric line!


Do you have an award winning quilt?

The August Award Winning Quilts Album is up on Facebook! Congratulations to the winners! If you have an award winning quilt made from a pattern designed by, send a picture to and we will award you a $10.00 gift certificate when the publish our next newsletter!


2013 Recap

quiltworx logo with JNQ

Happy New Year from!

To bring in 2014, we want to extend a special thank you to our customers and supporters of our company, including our Certified Shops and Instructors!  It has been a fantastic year of continued growth for and we are very fortunate to be a small, family run business that can say that!

I thought I’d give you our own version of a Top 20 counting the ways in which we had such a great year for (in no particular order)!

  1. We published a Record Number of quilt patterns for our company this year, including our second Technique of the Month, Mariner’s Compass, and  20 Additional Patterns!
  2. We expanded our product line to include Fusible Applique Products: Quiltworx Impressions!
  3. We expanded our product line to include Charm Elements!
  4. We used Charm Elements to collaborate with Checker Distributors on 3 Cut Loose Press patterns in addition to the 20 we published above!
  5. We expanded our product line to include Digitized Quilting Designs!
  6. We worked with Hoffman Fabrics to create Quiltworx Bali Pops, a special set of 2-1/2″ strips cut from Bali Batiks, prepackaged in a set of 48, and pre-sorted to build ring sets for our Wedding Ring Series Quilts!
  7. We worked with Robert Kaufman to design the Lumina Feathered Star! A New Pattern Listing on our Website with Modified Papers is coming Soon!
  8. We began carrying products from three great designers, Cindi McCracken Designs, Laundry Basket Quilts, and Totes by Sandy!
  9. We saw our Certified Shops and Instructors work with Timeless Treasures to recreate our favorite designs into new kits!
  10. We broke ground on a new building that will include a dedicated training center and a new 7,000 foot warehouse!
  11. We started a Youtube Channel and have 311 followers since the end of September!
  12. We started an Instagram page!
  13. Our Facebook Page doubled in size to over 20,000 fans!
  14. Our Pinterest page also doubled in size, going to well over 4,000 followers!  And, we started a second Pinterest page dedicated to our Quilting Designs, only!
  15. Our Certified Shop Program grew by 12 Shops!  Click here for the USA...and here, for Canada!  To see an ad for these shops, click here!
  16. Our Certified Instructors were teaching around the US an average of 200 days, each month!
  17. We gave away over $5,000 in gifted quilts for Charity, Contest Prizes, and Gift Certificates for Customers Making Award Winning Quilts!
  18. Judy held her first ever Checker Symposium, introducing 30 new shops to our products, all of which are now regular customers, kittings, teaching, and sharing Quiltworx with their customers!
  19. We were able to Expand our 2014 Retreats Schedule to include workshops with Judy, a team of Judy and Certified Instructors, and some outstanding Certified Instructors alone!
  20. We had our first year of sales with our 30 new Australian Certified Shops and we couldn’t be more proud to be affiliated with such an amazing group of shops and Victorian Textiles!

Bali Pops Bed Runner Small

So…with this in mind:

What do we have in store for you in 2014?!?!

  1. Judy and I are kicking of 2014 with a trip to New York City to begin working with Timeless Treasures on a New Fabric Line designed by Judy and Judel Niemeyer!
  2. Certification of 10 more Certified Instructors!  (Thank you, to these instructors for being so patient as we have found a way to get them Certified, which was no easy task!)
  3. Certification of a “To be Determined” additional Certified Shops! (Thank you to our list of shop owners who are patiently waiting for the opportunity!)
  4. Publication of our First BOOK!  This will be a Pattern Book, comprising over 32 quilt design using our papers by Judy, Judel, and our Certified Shops!  This project will be hitting your favorite facebook page, in full force with highlights and more information as we kick off the new year!
  5. Expansion of our New Digitized Quilting Designs page, including the addition of new designers!  We are presently working on digitizing designs by Vicki Ibison, Angela Walters, and Karen Marchetti!  These will be available by the end of the spring for great patterns like the New Flowers for My Wedding Ring (Karen), the Captain’s Wheel, Bali Wedding Star, and Osprey’s Nest (among others) (Vicki), and the Lumina Feathered Star Queen (Angela).
  6. Certification of New Shops in Austraila!
  7. We have One Australian Certified Instructor in Australia and plan to expand this list in 2014!
  8. We are making a concerted effort to expand the work we do with a wider range of fabric companies due to demand from our Certified Shops, Instructors, Customers, and the Fabric Companies, themselves!  In the next year, we have quilts planned with Hoffman Fabrics, Robert Kaufman, Timeless Treasures, Island Batiks, and the Laundry Basket Fabric Collection by Moda!  We plan to continue expanding these relationships to show our quilts in a wide range of fabric designs and meet our growing customer base needs, where you all have your own taste and favorites in fabric collections and styles!
  9. We will expand our Charm Elements and Cut Loose Press Pattern Line in 2014!
  10. We are designing our next Technique of the Month and will be training instructors and shops on this new design throughout the Summer and Fall of 2014!  Publication will be in early 2015!

Compass Rose Blue Sample Small

There is so much more on our minds…not to mention, our goal to keep up with everyone’s dreams, desires, and wish lists!  We truly are fortunate to have such a wonderful customer base and are looking very forward to 2014!


Thank you ~  Judy, and the Staff at!

Hoffman Fabrics

Adobe Photoshop PDF Loves Our Customers! wants to spread the LOVE…

  Judy Niemeyer Quilting                                                                                                  2/14/2013

This Valentines Day would like to show our fans lots of love. We are putting A Touch of Spring on SALE at 40% off.   In return, we hope you will show Judy some love. She has been nominated for Best Quilt Designer and Best Instructor in the SoCalGal’s Golden Quilter Awards.  Our Certified Shop Stitchin Heaven has also been nominated for Best Store. Please follow the link below to VOTE for Judy and Stitchin Heaven. THANK YOU for supporting Judy and all of our visions. We would be nothing without you!





A Touch of Spring

Take advantage of this special Valentine’s Day offer.
A Touch of Spring is only $15 at 40% off 
through Valentine’s Weekend!


Click on the picture below to buy this pattern.



Please remember to order ONLINE

We will be out the office until Tuesday as we recognize Presidents’ Day




What’s New at


At we are constantly striving to make our website bigger and better. Over the last few months, we have had many new changes. Please take a minute to click on the links and check out how we are always trying to improve ourselves.


US Trunk Show Program

Australian Trunk Show Program

Contest Page

Certified Shops – US

Certified Shops – Canada

Certified Shops – Australia

Completed Quilts for Sale

New Purse Designer – Totes by Sandy
444 Margrethe Road

Kalispell, MT 59901

406 314.4340                                                                                                                

Amazon Star is Back!

  Judy Niemeyer Quilting                                                                                                 1/31/2013


    As January comes to an end and February begins, we are constantly reminded of a little Montanan saying, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.”   Over the last few weeks our weather has been a complete roller coaster ride.  One minute we have had sunshine and the next it is either raining or snowing. With that being said, we have also witnessed much beauty.  We have experienced the crystallized exquisiteness of hoarfrost on our bushes and ice has finally formed in most of the bays of Flathead Lake (making the fisherman happy).  Our highest peaks are coated with a beautiful white snow that will remain untouched by the human hand and snow ghosts tower over our ski resorts.  We are frequently reminded of how lucky we are to live in a place that provides splendor throughout the year and are grateful that calls the Flathead Valley home. 


Amazon Star

To order this pattern, please click on the coversheet above. 

We are proud to re-annouce the Amazon Star.  This pattern has an updated look, including new quilts and front and back coversheets.  Due to increased printing costs this quilt pattern is now $65.00. 

Take a look at the new Fabric Cards for each quilt,click below.




Australian Certified Shops

As many of you know, Judy and her husband Del made the long trek down to Australia to certify thirty new shops during the month of November.  Today, we are proud to announce all of these valuable shops! We hope you enjoy exploring their webpages as much as we have.

All Crafts on Main

Annie’s Cottage Crafts

Creatively Sewn

Dewdrop Inn Patchwork & Craft


Diamond & Pearl Fabric

Hettie’s Patch

Honeysuckle Stained Glass & Patchwork

Isa Creative Fabrics


Jemima’s Creative Quilting


Just One More Stitch

Lily Patches


Lotus Fabrics

Mulberry Lane Quilting


Palm Beach Quilting

Patchwork Fabricator


Patchwork on Pallas

Patchwork Paradise

Patchwork with Gail B


Peter Taylor’s Sewing Centre

Retallacks Creative Sewing Centre


Sew Bright Alpine Quilting


Sew Creative


Sew Superior


Sew This and That

Sewn and Quilted

Shepparton Sewing Centre

Southland Fabric & Sewing


The Quilter’s Patch

The Quilter’s Store


Westside Sewing Center


’s Newest Addition

Our newest feature is our Australian Certified Shop Map

Note: If you are looking in Internet Explorer, only 15 shops may show up – we have 30.


Please click on the map below to visit our Australian Certified Shops





Don’t Forget our Contests



Tumbleweeds & Tropical Rainbow Contests

Click on the pictures below for complete information



Coxcomb Contest

Click on the picture below for complete information


Trunk Show Program

As February 1st nears, pop into your local Trunk Show participants shop and check out their new quilt.


Click on the links to see their webpages and our wonderful quilts


Abigayle’s Quiltery

~ Grandma’s Wedding Ring ~

~ Farmer’s Star ~


Back Door Inc.

~ Feathered Star ~


Quintessential Quilts

~ Log Cabin Cutout ~


Quilting on the Square

~ Cabin Fever ~


Pat’s Creative

~ Coxcomb ~


Quilter’s Market

~ Split Log Cabin ~


Jannilou’s Creations

~ Wedding Ring Bedrunner ~


Tennessee Quilts

~ Arizona Cactus & Cactus Flower Table Runner ~


Crafty Threads

~ Flowers for my Wedding Ring ~


Stitchin’ Heaven

~ Split Log Cabin ~


Scrap Apple Quilts

~ Pepperdish ~





Copyright. All Rights Reserved.


Local Phone: 406-314-4340
444 Margrethe Road, Kalispell MT 59901



Judy Niemeyer Quilting 


Date: November 15th, 2012   

Happy November ladys and gentlemen! We can’t believe that Thanksgiving is a week a way, bring on the turkey (yummy).  As we approach the holiday season, we are reminded of you, our customers.  We are very thankful for all the support that you provide as you help our business become bigger and better.  In appreciation of you, we are holding our 4th annual  Monday Madness sale after Thanksgiving.  You will find some teaser details in this newsletter!    

    We have also been hard at work finishing patterns!  We hope you are as excited as we are to welcome these new gems to our collection!

In This Issue

  • Award Winning Quilts
  • Farmer’s Star
  • Meet our New Certified Shops and Instructors!
  • Ireland Tour
  • Newsletter Lists!
  • Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday Sale

Watch for our Monday Madness Newsletter,  featuring  all of our sale patterns on Thanksgiving! Here are some details . . .


November 26th,

12 a.m. – 12 p.m. MST ONLY!!

Any orders placed over the weekend will not be processed at the sale price.  The sale price is only vaid during the sale time!

(Not valid on previous orders)


Internet only!!!

(NO Phone orders please).


All sales are final!


Please read the shipping information in the Monday Madness Email carefully as it will vary from that listed on the website during ordering!!!


Some of the patterns on the Monday Madness Sale are closeouts and are therefore only available as long as supplies last!


We have added a new feature to our Newsletter sigh-up. Upon sign-up or by editing your current account you can now set a country. This will allow you to receive emails customized to your geographic location.We will be doing special features for the US, Australia, and Canada.

New Certified Instructors

We are proud to announce our NEW Certified Instructors. Please click on their names to learn more about them and their locations.

Andrea Schnur

Catherine Wilson

Cindy Myers

Ginny Radloff

Jackie Kunkel

Jan Mathews

Jodie Madison

Judy Wurm

Karen Conley

Kristen Bender

Lisa McCarthy

May Gunter

Sandy Lueth

Shirley Scott

Tammy Deshayes

Award Winning Quilts

Every month we award $10 Gift Certificates to fans that send us pictures of their award winning quilts!  Congratulations to all of our Award Winners!

Click the pictures for a larger image and more info.

Woven Blanket

Made by Lynn Whitten

Glacier Star

Made by Alice Leisy

Quilted by Jean McDaniel

An adaptation of:

Winter Wonderland Table Runner

Made by Janell Dahms

Quilted by Sherry Reynolds

Glacier Star

Made by Carol Robinson

4th of July

Made by Joan Knight

Thistle Pods

Made by Marilyn Brocklebank

Quilted by Doreen Wilken

Glacier Star

Made by Karen Taylor

Taught by instructor Lucille Amos

Sea Urchins

Made by Patricia Craig

Total Eclipse

Made by Gay Gerl

Glacier Star

Made by Janet Stone

Desert Sky

Made by Candy Mahaffey

Glacier Star

Made by Ruth Ann Hunter

Celtic Wave

Made by Certified Instructor Ginny Radloff

Join Andrea Schnur on a Quilting Adventure of a Lifetime!  Andrea will be hosting the Quilter’s Circle Tour of Ireland as a Certified Instructor for Judy Niemeyer Quilting and!


We are HAPPY to announce that we will be beginning our next Trunk Show Program on December 1st. Every six weeks, participating quilt shops will be featuring a new Judy Niemeyer quilt. Stay tuned for a list of quilts and shops that will be featured.

If your shop is interested in participating in the program please email Carrie at or call 406.314.4340 for more information.

Farmer’s Star



Judy and Bradley Niemeyer designed the foundation blocks used in the Farmers Star. The cover quilt layout was designed by Carrie Barone. A special thanks to Moda Fabrics for providing the Farmer’s Market Collection, designed by Brannock & Patek, for our cover quilt.

Size: 73″ x 85″.
Price: $25.00

New Certified Shops

This summer we had the chance to welcome a few new shops to our Certified Shop Program. To learn more about these wonderful shops follow the links below.

Blue Bamboo

CottonPIcker’s Quilt Shop

Peddler’s Way Quilt Co.

Judy Niemeyer Quilting

444 Margrethe Road – PO Box 5264 – Kalispell, MT 59903                           Local:406-314-4340                                                                                        Email:



578293 3875047632029 768680946 N

Andrea Schnur wants to Take YOU and Quiltworx to Ireland!

 How lucky are you and us, too??? 

The once was a Teacher named Andrea

That took Quilters to Visit Irelandia!!!

With Quilts Everywhere

They visited There

They came home full of amazing Quilting Ideas!

OK, so Quiltworx was not destined to be a poetry writing business, but we are SOOOO excited to let you know of a trip of a lifetime Opportunity in June of 2013, with Certifed Instructor, Andrea Schnur.  Follow this link for more information!  And if you go on this trip, PLEASE take pictures and share with us on Facebook! 

Start your Journey to Ireland by Clicking Here!

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