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My name is Sandy Lueth. I live in Windsor, a small town in northern Colorado. I have two grown children, two wonderful grandsons and I share my life with a very special man and three happy dogs. My mother taught me how to sew at quite a young age, but I have to admit that I learned to make quilts from a very elite group. There are seven of us Lueth cousins and the “Lovin’ Quiltin’ Cousins” squad is truly the source of my quilting gene. I’ve taught quilting for fifteen years, from Arizona to South Dakota to Colorado.

My sewing skills have allowed me to give back to my Colorado community and to the world. I’m proud to have spearheaded the project of making bright and colorful pillowcases for the Pediatric ICU at Children’s Hospital in Denver. Also, Dress A Girl Around the World has agreed to publish my dress pattern which I hope will ultimately provide every girl around the world the joy of owning at least one dress.

Several years ago, I began sewing purses and totes in addition to continuing my quilting. After about 80 purses from that many different patterns, I developed a tote pattern of my own and “Totes by Sandy” was born. Some 18 published patterns later, my purse and tote designs are a big hit and I am selling my wares in shops all over the USA and Canada. My teaching experiences demonstrated clearly the importance of simple to follow illustrated patterns and instructions. The feedback I’ve received confirms I’ve achieved that goal.

Now to the creme de la creme. The first time I saw a Judy Niemeyer quilt, I was fascinated with the beauty and visual complexity of the work. It truly seemed a new art form to me. After my first exciting retreat in 2010, I’ve done sixteen “Niemeyer” projects! I love the art that blooms from the careful selection of fabrics and the exquisite precision that results from Judy’s piecing vision. The Mariner’s Compass that I worked on in my recent 2012 retreat is truly Judy’s creativity taken to an even higher level. I am honored and excited to be chosen as a certified instructor where I can share this fabulous technique. I get consistently great feedback from my students and I love to teach beginners! If you have basic sewing/quilting skills, I can help you become a successful paper piecer and the creator of a Judy Niemeyer masterpiece!

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