Diana Simkins
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Diana Simkins lives in Fort Shaw, MT and has been quilting for-let just say a long, long time-and teaching for over 12-years. She is actively involved in her local quilt guilds and has taught classes in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and throughout Montana.

Diana is always searching for new techniques that help quilters succeed and not be frustrated in their attempts. She applied to be a Certified Instructor for Judy after taking several workshops from her and believing that Judy’s technique is one of the most solid techniques available for allowing quilters to tackle beautiful and complicated designs that they truly love, regardless of their level of expertise.

She believes that the techniques are often challenging and daunting to quilters who have a difficult time with instructions or who are making one of the patterns for the first time. However, with a little instruction and demonstration, even first-timers can pick it up quickly, be highly successful, and finish a complex pattern in less than a lifetime.

After taking classes from Judy, learning to teach Judy’s techniques in a way that simply demonstrates how it works is something Diana feels strongly about passing on to her students. Se also simply enjoys the company of quilters, which lends to repeat events, long-lasting relationships, and an infectious desire to stay connected, involved, and on the cutting edge of the quilting industry.

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